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AR and VR in e-commerce – a tale of two technologies
Have you ever wondered what the commerce of the future would look like? Innovative tools are already here, trying to become your best assistants, while the Internet itself is becoming bigger and bigger each day. Every time we’re convinced that nothing more can surprise us, there’re new technologies knocking on our e-commerce door. AR and VR, we’ve been waiting for you – come in, make yourself comfortable and take us…
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Using Instagram for E-commerce – Best Practices
Can a photo-sharing app attract over 800 million active users a month? Instagram proves that it definitely can. The app is widely used by many brands and online stores across industries, probably because it’s one of the very few social platforms that appreciate products and branded content. If used effectively, Instagram is a great marketing tool, especially for e-commerce. Here’s how to take advantage of Instagram to boost sales in…
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Preparing for the Future with Voice Search
We live in the Digital Age, and new technologies surround us all the time and help us with everyday activities. One of the emerging solutions is voice search. It’s successfully gaining popularity, mainly in the most developed countries, and experts predict that this phenomenon will continue to grow.   Voice search is when a person speaks to the device instead of typing. It’s also seen as a digital assistant. Nowadays…
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DATA, AI, MOBILE: DIGITAL COMMERCE & MARKETING TRENDS 2018 – what’s hot, and what’s not
The value of the German e-commerce increased by 10% in 2017. The year 2018 brought another 10% rise. This business is now worth about 63 Mill. Euro (85 Mill. according to another source). Digital has revolutionized trade in a way, that it’s no longer a question of will, but a question of survival. Not only is it necessary in the retail industry, but other businesses also have to communicate with…
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Understanding Data Science: the basis of a successful AI and Machine Learning strategy
Photo credits to Two words create lots of puzzles right now, and they are no other than Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These two buzzwords always come to mind whenever topics such as Data Science, Big Data and other broader technological terms that are making a wave globally, come up. Even though artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating a scene in our world today, it does…
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Black Friday 2018: key takeaways from the shopping fever
One of the busiest and most long-awaited days of the year has just passed. And it is all about… Brands and shops, both online and offline, started their Black Friday campaigns in October (or even earlier) to inform their customers about all of the special offers they have prepared. Did Black Friday 2018 break the online shopping records regarding the amount of money that shoppers spent? Did it open the…
Payment methods in German Ecommerce
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A guide to payment methods used by German ecommerce businesses
  The German ecommerce market is one of the largest in Europe and is growing rapidly. By 2021, it’s expected to reach an estimated value of €104bn — equal to France and just behind the UK. The opportunities for ecommerce are huge.   But you might be surprised to learn that e-wallet style payments, such as PayPal, and even debit or credit card payments have only started to rise in…
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Awesome speakers are waiting for your votes [LAST DAYS]
The Call For Papers contest of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 attracted more than 250 great submissions. Now there are 15+ presentations taking the lead, but open public voting lasts until 21 October 2018, so your vote can really change the game in those last days! More than 250 speakers have been submitted presentations in 8 different categories: website conversion rate, marketing in e-commerce, e-logistics, international expansion, e-payments, online store…
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CALL FOR PAPERS – Vote for the best speakers!
More than 250 speakers submitted their presentation proposals in August and September to the Call For Papers contest of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019. Now it’s time to vote for the winners and determine who will be on stage on 20 February 2019 at STATION, Berlin.   The expo is returning for the fourth time to Germany’s capital. This time with 150 exhibitors, 40 speakers and more than 5000 visitors.…
Shopsys Roadshow 2018
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Shopsys hits the road to share their technology and know-how in 4 countries
Six cities, four countries, one purpose to share their know-how on creating large ecommerce solutions. Shopsys‘ best developers, project managers, and agile development experts are coming to you to give you their best tips and tricks and to show you how it’s all done at Shopsys. They will also introduce their platform, Shopsys Framework. “Over the course of 15 years, we’ve learned how to create and further develop leading B2B…
Robin von Hein
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E-commerce Folks: Meet Robin von Hein
Time for Robin von Hein from simplesurance GmbH in our “E-commerce Folks” series! In “E-commerce Folks” we introduce e-commerce professionals to our readers through a short questionnaire with all the same 15 short sentences to finish. Short & sweet: no facts and figures, no case studies, no company’s strategies. Just them and their quick insights about e-commerce.   My adventure with e-commerce started when… we founded simplesurance in 2012. …But…
Ranking of Top 100 online retailers in Germany in 2018
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Ranking: Top 100 online retailers in Germany in 2018
German e-commerce sales grow year after year. In 2017, top German 100 e-commerce retailers generated sales worth €30.5 billion. Compared to the previous year with sales at the level of € 27.4 billion, this represents an increase by 11.3 percent. These figures have been revealed the study “E-Commerce Market Germany 2018” conducted by the EHI Retail Institute. The study features a ranking of German online retailers based on their annual…