interview with Björn Darko
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“Content Marketing plays a huge role for online stores nowadays” – interview with Björn Darko (Searchmetrics)
We had an opportunity to chat with Björn Darko, Director Digital Strategies Group at Searchmetrics! He shared with us some insights on SEO and content marketing for e-commerce. What are your main responsibilities as a Director Digital Strategies Group at Searchmetrics? I am leading the professional services department at Searchmetrics, a SaaS Company, headquartered in Berlin.  The Digital Strategies Group is offering Strategic, SEO & Content Consulting. You can find companies from all industries in our client…
interview with Max Bense
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“Digital payment is becoming increasingly popular and consumer habits change faster than ever” – interview with Max Bense (collectAI)
We have another insightful interview for you! Max Bense, Head of Strategic Sales at collectAI, answered our questions. Keep reading to find out what are his five tips for online retailers on their way to payment excellence, and more! How big is your team, and what is it responsible for? As Head of Strategic Sales, I am responsible for a team of six Sales and Account Management professionals. The Sales Team guides…
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“Machines will complement, assist and support us in many (more) fields” – interview with Christian Kahl (CyberSolutions)
We’re happy to publish our interview with Dr Christian Kahl, User Experience Lead at CyberSolutions! Read on to learn about experience-driven design, ubiquitous automation, smart human-machine-interaction and more. What are your main responsibilities in CyberSolutions as a User Experience Lead? At CyberSolutions we are part of the Hubert Burda Media Group and work closely together with different Burda E-Commerce companies (e.g. Cyberport). In my role, I am at the same time…
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“I envision a world where customers get cheaper products and much more holistic, digital support that tailors their needs better than the current infrastructure.” – interview with Sebastian Arendt (A-Z GartenHaus)
We are happy to present insights of Sebastian Arendt, Managing Director at A-Z GartenHaus! Keep reading to learn about A-Z GartenHaus success and customer service trends. What are the main responsibilities of a Managing Director at A-Z GartenHaus on a daily basis? I mainly work with the team in developing the company. We have a very strong project focus and work on around 10 to 15 projects every moment. Currently, we are…
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“Retail media will definitely establish as one of the key digital marketing activities for brands” – interview with Max Melching (Douglas)
Recently we had a chance to chat with Max Melching, Online Marketing Director at Douglas! Read on to learn about the challenges that Max is facing in his work and plans for 2020. You are Online Marketing Director at Douglas. What are your main responsibilities on a daily basis? I’m responsible for three departments at Douglas: The Online Marketing teams (SEA & PSM, SEO, Display, Affiliate) which handle the marketing efforts…
How to rock your Amazon sales?
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How to rock your Amazon sales? Statistics and tips for 2020.
You’re active on Amazon, and you sell a thing or two, but… you’d like more.  You are not active on Amazon anymore: you sold products in the past and got put off back then, but now you feel like you would like to be ready for rumble again. You think about entering Amazon just now, but you need to know more about Amazon sales. No matter which scenario applies to…
6 Common E-Commerce Marketing Mistakes You're Making
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6 Common E-Commerce Marketing Mistakes You’re Making
While e-commerce has become a lucrative industry benefiting a great many people, it isn’t an automatic path to success and profit. A lot of strategies come into play when you’re attempting to gain the attention and loyalty of potential customers online. And while a great product or service can sometimes accomplish some of this on its own, or via word of mouth, good marketing is crucial in order to differentiate…
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29 Multichannel Marketing Statistics To Know in 2020
Gone are those days when customers used to be completely dependent on brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers today shop across multiple channels on multiple devices. This change in consumer behavior forms the core of multi-channel marketing. With a multi-channel marketing strategy in place, a company leverages a number of channels to interact with the customers. Presence across more than one channel helps a brand to fulfil a customer’s needs and wants which…
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E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020 – first speakers announced!
Save the date: the 13th of February of 2020, STATION-Berlin. This is where e-commerce insights combine with business knowledge and one of a kind networking, during the fifth edition on E-commerce Berlin Expo. The first speakers have already been announced – and saying that they are good and solid, is a real understatement. On the 13th of February, more than 7000 visitors, 180 exhibitors and 50 speakers will gather in…
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“Community Management is the magic word” – interview with Daniel Kocher (Prinz Sportlich)
We are more than happy to share with you our interview with Daniel Kocher, Head of Strategic Management & Brand at Prinz Sportlich. Keep on reading to find out what is Daniel’s experience in affiliate marketing and how can it enhance online stores. You are specialized in affiliate marketing. How can this type of marketing help online stores grow? Affiliate marketing was always an important part of the general online-…
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“Data will be the centre of everything” – interview with Dana von der Heide (Parcel Perform)
We had a pleasure to chat with Dana von der Heide, Founder & CCO Parcel Perform, about her professional experience, parcel industry, cooperation with Nespresso, and much more! If you’d have to tell us in one short sentence – what is Parcel Perform? We’ve read that you’ve founded the company. What brought you to this?  We’re the leading carrier-independent parcel tracking software for enterprise clients, with over 600 logistics carriers worldwide integrated on…
Interview with Tina Hartmann
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“Our main goal has always been our customer” – interview with Tino Hartmann (Baby Sweets)
We’ve got another insightful interview for you! Tino Hartmann, CEO of Baby Sweets, answered our questions. Keep reading to find out how to run successful marketing campaigns for an online store. Can you tell us the story about the foundation of Baby Sweets? Tom and I know each other for several years, starting a business collaboration with a browser-based soccer management game which we turned into a small web design agency…