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Want to see your article on EGN?

We are constantly looking for unique and insightful articles (reports, case studies, tips and tricks, etc.).

We accept some of the proposed articles but we are picky when it comes to publication and the number of guest blog posts is limited during each month.
The article needs to fit the thematic scope of the portal – no gambling and such, just pure e-commerce related topics.
We are not interested in sales pitches and link exchanges and reserve the right not to answer.

If that suits you, reach out to as at [email protected] with topic proposals!

Brief instructions how to prepare a good article:
We will provide you with more guidelines via email.

  • Your article have to be at least 1500 words long, preferably more
  • Title should be clear and describe the topic well (you can use () and [] brackets if needed)
  • You will need a featured image, sized 1170 × 780px, with most important infos in the middle)
  • Text should be written in conversational voice
  • Remember about the short article description at the beginning
  • Please include a couple of pictures into your article, remember about copyrights tho (!)
  • If it is possible use different type of content – discussions, quotes, tweets, diagrams, interesting facts or lists
  • You may add some relevant links to the article – i.e. data. About other link insertions, ask us via email.