Guest Posting

We’re looking for unique knowledge articles (Reports, Case Studies, Interviews, Tips & Techniques) with sales content kept to a minimum.

And we’ll be picky when it comes to its publication.

Our process: 

  • Please choose 2-3 topics that, in your opinion, could be the most interesting for the E-commerce industry (most importantly, from the perspective of a German customer, but not only)
  • Pitch the topics via the form below. If we like any of them, we’ll reach out to you. Please allow us time since we’re getting a lot of submissions on a daily basis. 
  • Once we decide on a topic, we’ll ask you for a detailed outline for us to approve before you proceed with writing 
  • Upon our approval, we’ll schedule the publication and notify your about it

Submit the ideas for topics you would link to write here:

Content Checklist:

  • at least 1500 words, preferably more
  • title should be clear and describe the topic well (Use () and [] brackets if needed
  • featured image size “1170 × 780” (the most important informations closer to the centre of image because sometimes the sides get cut)
  • choose the title which makes you want to click on it 
  • text should be written in conversational voice   
  • use short sentences and paragraphs
  • after the title there should be short description of the article’s content
  • there should be 5+ pictures in article, own pics are a plus, screenshots with arrows are fine
  • if It’s possible use different content – discussions, quotes, tweets, (pricing) tables, graphs, tips, statistics, interesting facts or lists
  • in the text you can mention suggested products that are connected to the topic, we reserve the right to modify that part, though
  • You can add up one external list per 500 words. 

Important information for you:

  • The article will be published within 14 days of sending it
  • Your article will be shared on our profiles on  Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter 
  • You’ll receive confirmation with URL via e-mail
  • We don’t accept texts which include links to anything that we might consider suspicious for Google search engines (gambling, porn ect.)
  • Please send us photo and bio (URL with example of bio and photo – 


Submit the ideas for topics you would link to write here: