Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our portal! Review our guidelines carefully to ensure seamless submission.

Please note that we do not accept free guest posts and content related to sensitive niches, such as gambling, casino or pharmaceuticals as well as sales pitches or link exchanges.

Submission requirements

  • Language: All content must be written in English. 
  • Tone: We prefer a conversational yet professional tone. The content should be engaging, educational and inspiring.
  • Topics: We focus exclusively on e-commerce-related themes like digital marketing strategies, customer engagement techniques, analytics, emerging technologies and best practices.
  • Length and format: Each article must be at least 1500 words. Structure your content with clear headings, subheadings and maintain short paragraphs to enhance readability.
  • Quality content: We expect well-researched, factually accurate and insightful content that demonstrates deep industry knowledge.  You can use engaging elements like quotes, real-world examples, case studies etc. We encourage you to share  your ideas with us before you start writing the article.
  • Originality: We require all articles to be original and previously unpublished. 
  • Links: You may add one external link. We may add up to three internal links to other publications from which correspond to the proposed topic.
  • Images: Include a featured image of 1170×780 px and additional images of 1200×600 px that are relevant to the content. Avoid stock photos; original graphics or licensed images are preferred. You can also embed YouTube videos inside. 
  • Bio: Submit a short bio of 1-3 sentences. We will add it underneath the article, unless you don’t want us to add your bio at all.

How to submit your post

  1. Check existing content. Before submitting your idea, use Google to check if your topic has already been covered on our site by using the search operators: [your topic]
  2. Pitch your idea. Email your pitch to [email protected] with the subject line “[GUEST POST] [Proposed Title]” You can also include a brief about your expertise, proposed topic and links to previous publications if available but it’s not mandatory.
  3. Wait for our response. Due to the volume of submissions, we will respond to pitches within 1-2 weeks.

After submission

  •  Once your idea is accepted, we will ask you for payment based on the proforma invoice. All the details will be provided during the submission process. 
  • After the successful payment, we will send you the final invoice and proceed with the matter. You will be asked for a draft of your article which will undergo a review process to guarantee it meets editorial guidelines.
  • We may require edits in order to better align the content with our website. We will communicate any necessary changes clearly and collaborate with you for the best results – or perform the changes internally after talking to you. 
  • Once approved, your article will be scheduled for publication based on our content calendar. The timeline can vary depending on our editorial queue but usually doesn’t exceed 7-10 days. 
  • After the successful payment, we will send you the final invoice and proceed with the publication.

Our offer & pricing 

Here are different opportunities that we can offer you in order to improve your visibility on the German e-commerce market:

  • a single article on a set topic with one external link inside – 300 EURO
  • a single article on a set topic with one external link inside + promotion in our social media channels + placement in our newsletter – 500 EURO
  • “The Grand Bundle”: 3 articles on our website (each with one external link inside) + social media mentions and placements in our newsletters for all of them + a featured spot for all 3 in our “featured articles” section – 999 EURO
  • “Maximum Visibility Bundle”: It consists of 5 articles, all featured in our newsletter, social media promotion for each of them, a dedicated email sent to a highly-targeted audience and a banner ad on our website for 2 months of your choice as well as offline benefits connected with exhibiting at the E-commerce Berlin Expo  – exclusive offer

Contact for submissions: [email protected]

We are excited for your contributions and look forward to featuring your insights on our website. So make sure to get in touch today!