"I'm always inspired!": interview with Jon Marks, Head of E-commerce at Polaroid Originals
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“I’m always inspired!”: interview with Jon Marks (Polaroid Originals)
We are excited to present the result of our virtual chat with Jon Marks, Head of E-commerce at Polaroid Originals. Find out what is Jon’s experience in e-commerce and how does his team improve the customer journey. How have your past experiences in different jobs led to the role you are in today?  Very unexpectedly! Around the time I was looking to leave my career in law, an opportunity arose…
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Omnichannel personalization – interview with Anoop Vasisht (Dynamic Yield)
We had the chance to chat with Anoop Vasisht, General Manager Europe at Dynamic Yield, about personalization, behavioral messaging and Artifficial Inteligence behind Dynamic Yield’s technology. What is your role in Dynamic Yield? I am the General Manager for the European team at Dynamic Yield and am responsible for revenue in the region. Our growing team here has worked with over 100 brands including the likes of Mediamarkt, Home24, HRS,…
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Voice commerce and data- drive​n​ decision making as ecommerc​e trends – interview with Deniz Macura (Google)
We had a pleasure to chat with Deniz Macura (Strategic Partner Lead E-commerce – Global Partnerships, EMEA at Google) about his professional experience, e-commerce trends, Google Assistant and more. How does your architecture background help you in your current position? In architecture you’ll face new challenges every day because no building is identical to another – each building requires a new approach and in order to solve the challenges ahead, you…
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Personalization and contextualization will become key for successful e-commerce business – interview with Tobias Schlotter (Akeneo)
Your favourite series of interviews with e-commerce professionals is officially back! We decided to invite Tobias Schlotter (General Manager for Central- & Eastern Europe at Akeneo) for a virtual cup of coffee and talk about a few interesting things related to his role and e-commerce in general. What is your role in Akeneo? I am the General Manager for Central- & Eastern Europe. In that role, I am responsible for…
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“Let’s go global”: interview with Pouya Boland, CEO of Chiquelle
Pouya had a great talk during the E-commerce Warsaw Expo about international expansion, the rules for e-commerce success across the globe and how to expand to more markets quickly. Pouya agreed to share his insights with our readers, and we were thrilled to ask him a few questions! “Leading up a company from 0 to 100 MIL SEK without any financial invests or backups.” This is how you describe your…
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E-commerce will merge experiences with the offline world – interview with Bruno Gorgulho
We invited Bruno Gorgulho, Head of Solutions Exponea, to talk about e-commerce, customer experience and Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy! Attend his session during E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019!   You’re a Head of Solutions at Exponea. What’s your role in the company? Bruno GorgulhoHead of Solutions Exponea My role is two fold, (1) to demonstrate how Exponea can solve problems customers might be facing to reach their objectives and (2) to qualify so that we only work with clients where we believe we can deliver some value. How large…
Soowr interview
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Site search is the hidden gem of conversion optimisation – interview with Kylie Fletcher
Site search seems to be very underrated in the world of e-commerce. We decided to invite Kylie Fletcher, a Creative Content & Marketing at Sooqr, for a virtual cup of coffee and some small talk about site search, but not only. Attend her session during E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019!   You’re a Creative Content & Marketing at Sooqr. How does your usual day at work look like? Kylie FletcherCreative Content…
Facebook interview
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We need to think about an ecosystem of ideas – interview with Christina Keller
We invited Christina Keller, a Regional Head of Creative Shop on Facebook, for a cup of virtual coffee to talk about e-commerce, inspirations and clever mobile architecture.  Attend her session during E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019!   You are a Regional Head of Creative Shop at Facebook. Can you tell us more about your work? What are your responsibilities? Christina KellerRegional Head of Creative Shop Facebook We are a team of former advertising people – copywriters, art directors, filmmakers, planners – with a huge hunger for big and innovative ideas. We are no internal agencies but see…
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Google will continue to adapt to changing user behaviour and evolving environment – interview with Fili Wiese
If you want to know a bit more about SEO, there are two things you simply have to do: first of them, is to read our exclusive interview with Fili Wiese, SEO Expert at Then, you should do nothing but attend his session during E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019!   You are an ex-Google engineer. How do you like to work on the other side, as an SEO Expert? Fili…
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Payment will be quicker than today and invisible – interview with Thomas Ficht
Have you ever heard about an open invoice? Have you ever considered why people abandon their shopping carts? Think no more – read our interview with Thomas Ficht, Head of Payment at MyToys, who shares his insights about payment issues! Since February 2018 you’ve been in charge of payment, risk and receivables at myToys Group. That sounds like a huge responsibility. What kind of challenges do you face in your…
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The potential of reCommerce is enormous – interview with Shimon Koifman, Head of Product at reBuy
What are the main principles of great user experience? What is the future of re-ecommerce? We invited Shimon Koifman, Head of Product at reBuy, for some virtual Americano and cookies to share some insights with us! reBuy is an online marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell used electronics and media. How many users monthly visit reBuy? Does this number grow continuously? Some channels are growing fast, some…