Expo and Awards
Celebrate Innovation and Excellence with the E-commerce Germany Awards
Berlin, Germany – The E-commerce Germany Awards are back, bringing excitement and recognition to the world of online business. This prestigious event, held in the lively city of Berlin, is where the most creative and progressive e-commerce businesses gather to celebrate their achievements. About E-commerce Germany Awards The E-commerce Germany Awards stand out as the most important competition in the country for e-commerce service providers. It’s a big event that…
Expo and Awards
The E-commerce Germany Awards 2023 Winners: Speed Kit
This is the E-commerce Germany Awards showcase, where Speed Kit achieved an outstanding victory in the Best IT and Infrastructural Solution category, earning well-earned acclaim and applause. The EGA is a prestigious event, unfolding as a grand gala dedicated to honoring talent, passion, and remarkable accomplishments in the ever-evolving e-commerce industry. It offers a special occasion to celebrate the visionaries who are shaping the industry’s future with their innovative solutions…