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Celebrate Innovation and Excellence with the E-commerce Germany Awards

Berlin, Germany – The E-commerce Germany Awards are back, bringing excitement and recognition to the world of online business. This prestigious event, held in the lively city of Berlin, is where the most creative and progressive e-commerce businesses gather to celebrate their achievements.

About E-commerce Germany Awards

The E-commerce Germany Awards stand out as the most important competition in the country for e-commerce service providers. It’s a big event that attracts over 350 contestants and sparks the interest of more than 80,000 people working in the industry. Year after year, it’s a highlight for everyone involved in e-commerce.

Last year’s winners, who set the bar high with their exceptional contributions to the industry, include: Factor-A/ DEPT, True Insights, Everstox, Oxolo, ChannelEngine, Motesque, Speed Kit, Pipedrive, Sendinblue (now Brevo), Mollie, Plytix, SAP.

A list of these names represents the pinnacle of e-commerce achievement from the previous year and serves as inspiration for what’s possible in the digital era.

What’s New at the E-commerce Germany Awards: A Fresh Look with Refined Categories

And in 2024, the E-commerce Germany Awards are back with exciting updates and a bit of a makeover. Here’s what’s fresh this year:

#1 Revamped Categories for Better Recognition

The categories have been rebranded and adjusted to highlight 12 + 1 areas of excellence, ensuring each aspect of e-commerce is represented:

  • Best Sales & Growth Solution
  • Best Platform & ERP
  • Best Payment Solution
  • Best Analytics & BI Solution
  • Best Agency Showcase
  • Best Security & IT Solution
  • Best Omnichannel & Integration Solution
  • Best Global Expansion Solution
  • Best Logistics and Shipments Solution
  • Best Fulfillment and Optimization Solution
  • Best Customers Experience Solution
  • Best Communication & Engagement Solution

And an overarching category that spans all these topics:

  • Best Tech Evolution & Innovation

The organizers want to cover the entire spectrum of e-commerce and update our approach to reflect the current e-commerce landscape. The Best Logistics category is now split into two distinct categories for a more accurate comparison of specialized solutions.  Greater emphasis has also been placed on distinguishing customer experience based on visual impressions and engagement & communication.

#2 Real Solutions, Real Impact

This year, the contest is focusing on solutions. It’s not just about the name you’ve built but the real impact you’ve made. The organizers are calling for entries that tell the true story of your contributions over the past year.  If you’re wondering what it takes to win, that’s your answer.

#3 A Jury That Represents the Industry’s Diversity

We’re thrilled to announce a diverse new panel of jury members, ranging from world-renowned brands to niche players, ensuring fair and balanced evaluation for companies of all sizes. Our jury includes experts from flaconi, Decathlon, Oceansapart, babymarkt.de, Bike24, Dance, heycater!, KoRo, Schiesser, Schleich, Jack Wolfskin, Just Spices, tonies, GREENFORCE, Triumph, Rosental, BLUME2000, yfood Labs, recup.

#4 Refined Voting System for Fairer Outcomes

The organizers have updated the voting format to give the jury more influence – with a 40% public vote and a 60% jury decision. The change ensures a balanced and fair competition, in which the most deserving competitors receive recognition. The organizers committed to a clean voting process and will be vigilant in maintaining the integrity of the public vote.

Winners of the E-commerce Germany Awards will not only receive the honor and recognition of their peers but will also gain increased visibility in the DACH market, attracting new customers and opportunities.

How to Submit Your Entry for the E-commerce Germany Awards

Making waves in the German or DACH region e-commerce market? You’re invited to participate in the E-commerce Germany Awards. Here’s how to enter:

  • Choose your categories. Review the list of categories and select the ones that best fit your company’s strengths. You can choose up to two categories to enter, doubling your chances to shine. 
  • Prepare your submission. Gather all the details about your company’s achievements, innovations, and contributions to the e-commerce market. Your entry should tell the story of your success and why you stand out in the industry.
  • Submit your entry. Follow the submission guidelines on the EGA website to enter your company into the contest. Make sure your entry is complete and showcases the best of what you do.

This is your opportunity to be recognized among the best in the e-commerce industry. 

In the first round, the public is invited to vote (via LinkedIn accounts) for their favorite companies in each category. The ten companies with the biggest amount of votes in each category will move on to the second round, where a panel of experts will choose the final winner in each of the categories.

Key Dates for EGA 2024

  • Kick-off. Application for the contest opens on the 20th of November.
  • Application deadline. You have until the 15th of December to submit your entries and claim your spot in the competition.
  • E-commerce Germany Awards Gala. Circle the date, 21st February 2024, for the final EGA gala and networking event

A Night to Remember: The EGA Gala

The EGA gala is an exclusive invite-only gathering that brings together the who’s who of e-commerce. Service providers, sellers, merchants, and media partners all converge to celebrate the year’s successes and forge new connections. Prepare for an evening full of surprises, where the spirit of e-commerce comes alive in a vibrant networking atmosphere.

Let Your Company Shine at EGA

When you join the E-commerce Germany Awards, you’re becoming part of a community that’s shaping the future of online shopping. This is where you can see innovation in action and meet the people who are making it happen.