CEE delivery methods: likes, dislikes, and preferences
Delivery methods are not just a logistical concern – they are a pivotal aspect of customer satisfaction and business success. Initially, it was about IF the package is delivered, but now it’s also about HOW and WHEN it’s delivered. E-commerce players are forced to rethink their logistics and check if they are up to par. This is especially true in the diverse market of Central and Eastern Europe.  Here, understanding…
Building a Successful Subscription-Based eCommerce Business
Subscription-Based eCommerce is an exciting business model where customers subscribe to a service and receive products or services regularly at their doorstep.  This business model has gained immense popularity for a good reason. It brings in recurring revenue, which means steady and predictable income for businesses. No more rollercoaster of unpredictable sales! But wait, there’s more! The real magic lies in customer retention. Subscribers become loyal fans who stick around,…