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Industry Specialists’ Insights on e-commerce in 2021
The transition from offline to online shopping in 2020 will undoubtedly remain the primary ecommerce trend of the current year. More and more companies are opening and investing in online shops. In which direction is ecommerce developing, and what should we pay attention to in 2021? We present 25+ tips from industry experts! The best way to leverage social media for your e-commerce in 2021 is to leverage both influencer…
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“If we want to offer customers a unique customer experience each time they visit their favorite online shop, we need to accompany them on each step of their journey through the shop” – interview with Thorsten Mühling (epoq)
Thorsten Mühling, Co-Founder & CEO at epoq, shared with us the story of founding epoq, as well as views on e-commerce trends in 2020. Keep on reading to find out more! Can you share with us your story of how you founded epoq? My business partner Michael Bernhard and I founded our first company back in 2003. Our goal was to bring in an automated self-learning technology for dynamic scoring,…
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“Businesses’ mobile communication is the new window shopping” – interview with Lisa Dauvermann (Facebook)
We’re happy to publish our interview with Lisa Dauvermann, Industry Lead eCommerce at Facebook. Find out how will Facebook’s role change in the e-commerce industry in the next few years. What are your main responsibilities as an Industry Lead eCommerce at Facebook?In my position as Head of Commerce Platforms DACH at Facebook, I lead the team that is working with our eCommerce clients on building sustainable strategies to grow their…
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“Cybercriminals are very opportunistic and will target smaller e-retailers as well as big ones” – interview with Max Laemmle (Fraugster)
We had a pleasure ask a few questions to Max Laemmle, CEO and Founder at Fraugster. Read on to learn how he created Fraugster and how AI can embrace online stores. You’re a Founder of Fraugster. How did you come up with an idea for this company? After years of working in the payments industry, my Co-Founder, Chen Zamir and I experienced first-hand the challenges of fraud for e-commerce merchants.…
interview with Ralph Hünermann
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“Personalization is about to take center stage and will become mainstream in 2020” – interview with Ralph Hünermann (ODOSCOPE)
Ralph Hünermann, a Founder & CEO at ODOSCOPE, shared with us his professional experiences and explained the term situationalization. Keep on reading to find out more! You founded ODOSCOPE in 2015. Long story short: What is your company’s mission? We enable high user experience by delivering relevant content to any user on every digital touchpoint. Which previous professional experience inspired you to found ODOSCOPE? First of all, my PhD in…
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“We’ve identified the feedback of satisfied customers as a new form of online currency” – interview with Remo Fyda (ProvenExpert)
We’re excited to present our interview with Remo Fyda, a CEO at ProvenExpert. Read on to learn about the important role of social proof in the e-commerce industry. You are a CEO and Co-Founder of ProvenExpert. Can you tell us more about the idea and beginnings of the company? I’ve been advising companies across a wide range of sectors on online strategy for over 20 years. When I sold my…
interview with Tom Pham
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“Always pay attention to what consumers say about your products, use this information to improve your service and proposition” – interview with Tom Pham (Beiersdorf)
We’re happy to share with you our interview with Tom Pham, Global Ecommerce Operations Manager at Beiersdorf. Find out how to sell products on Amazon marketplace, and what are the trends in the skincare industry in terms of e-commerce. You are a Global Ecommerce Operations Manager at Beiersdorf. What are your responsibilities on a daily basis? When I started at my position, I was responsible for building up the Amazon…
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“Can there be a new touchpoint, relevant for e-commerce, in the car?” – interview with Isabelle Ette (IBM iX)
We had a pleasure to virtually chat with Isabelle Ette, Digital Strategy Consultant at IBM iX, about her impressive experience in the automotive industry. Read on to find out what will Isabelle talk about during the upcoming E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020! Could you describe your typical workday at IBM iX? What do you do on a daily basis? I work at the IBM iX studio Berlin, which is part of…
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“Today the consumer demand for a more personalized product and service” – interview with Christian Möhring (madeone)
We’re happy to present the next interview with one of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020 speakers! Christian Möhring, CEO & Founder at madeone, shared his insights about the work at the world’s first company offering Customization as a Service (CaaS). What are your main responsibilities at madeone? As CEO I’ll wake up every morning and head into our workspace to bring madeone’s vision to life: We want to change the…
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“Look through the data to see the bigger picture” – interview with Dijana Dimitrovska (Marley Spoon)
We had an opportunity to chat with Dijana Dimitrovska, a Managing Director Marketing at Marley Spoon, about the tips and tricks for online stores, as well as 2020 trends. Read on to find out more! How does your typical day at work look like as a Managing Director Marketing at Marley Spoon? The cool thing about this job – there is no typical day! But what I love about what…
interview with Björn Darko
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“Content Marketing plays a huge role for online stores nowadays” – interview with Björn Darko (Searchmetrics)
We had an opportunity to chat with Björn Darko, Director Digital Strategies Group at Searchmetrics! He shared with us some insights on SEO and content marketing for e-commerce. What are your main responsibilities as a Director Digital Strategies Group at Searchmetrics? I am leading the professional services department at Searchmetrics, a SaaS Company, headquartered in Berlin.  The Digital Strategies Group is offering Strategic, SEO & Content Consulting. You can find companies from all industries in our client…
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“Digital payment is becoming increasingly popular and consumer habits change faster than ever” – interview with Max Bense (collectAI)
We have another insightful interview for you! Max Bense, Head of Strategic Sales at collectAI, answered our questions. Keep reading to find out what are his five tips for online retailers on their way to payment excellence, and more! How big is your team, and what is it responsible for? As Head of Strategic Sales, I am responsible for a team of six Sales and Account Management professionals. The Sales Team guides…