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E-commerce Berlin Expo Masterclasses: What You Need to Know

The E-commerce Berlin Expo, well known for its forward-thinking approach and innovative content, is re-introducing a series of masterclasses that are set to be one of the major highlights of the event. 

The Concept of Masterclasses

In 2023, masterclasses were offered for the first time, and they were such a success that organizers couldn’t resist adding them to the agenda for 2024.

The idea behind these masterclasses is to provide a more personalized and in-depth exploration of specific topics within the e-commerce and tech industries. Limiting each session to 30 people ensures that each participant gets an opportunity to engage, ask questions, and explore the subject further. 

A special registration for Masterclasses will be open from February 7th to 14th.

Every registered Expo attendee can sign up and express their interest in attending up to three workshops for free. The final decision on who gets to secure their spot will be made by the particular workshop’s organizer, though.

For those looking to gain practical business knowledge and insight on a deeper level, this format is ideal!

Highlights of the 2024 Masterclasses

Attendees can choose from 16 sessions, including those led by:

  • Lemundo GmbH & Adobe | Philip Günther & Volker John, CEO Lemundo & Go-To-Market Lead Adobe on How e-commerce companies boost their profit with AI.

  • 7LearningsFelix Hoffmann, Founder & CEO, on Retail Pricing in 2030.

  • ChannelEngine | Dex Van Hofwegen, Director of Sales EMEA, on Global expansion Blueprint: Discover the steps needed to thrive in multichannel marketplaces

  • DOORFINDER | Ana Llorente, Head of Content on The Power of Search: Insights through Advanced Analytics
  • Sitecore | Brigitte Zillmann & Fabian Kaspereit, Senior Solution Engineer Commerce & Head of Retail and Consumer Goods on Grenzenloser B2X-Commerce: Nachhaltiges Wachstum. Alle Geschäftsmodelle. Eine Plattform.

  • Brevo | Daria Antoniuk, Product Marketing Lead on Beyond Email: building customer value with WhatsApp, and Multi-Channel Magic

  • Kaufland Global Marketplace | Miroslava Biresova, Operational Lead Sales Czech Market on Mastering Marketplace success: Navigating the 4 Pillars of Growth with Kaufland Global Marketplace 

  • ZEOS by Zalando | Stefan Röttger, VP Direct-to-Consumer, Tradebyte Colin Howard, Head of Strategic Sales, ZEOS on Beyond one-size-fits-all: customer convenience in the complex world of fashion and lifestyle operations (with Tradebyte and ZEOS) 

  • Globant | Cornel Fatulescu, CTO for France on How a CTO Can Make or Break Your Business

The Impact of Masterclasses

Since masterclasses include both presentations and Q&A sessions, it is a great place to exchange ideas and develop new strategies. In addition to gaining knowledge, participants will make valuable connections that could shape their professional futures – connections that can only be extended during the rest of the Expo. 


The masterclasses at the E-commerce Berlin Expo represent a unique opportunity for professionals to gain cutting-edge insights in a highly interactive and personal setting. Covering a wide range of topics, these sessions are designed to meet the needs and interests of attendees. For anyone looking to stay ahead in the sector, these masterclasses are an invaluable addition to the Expo experience.