6 tips to nail your Black Friday 2023 pricing strategy 
Maximizing success during the frenzy of Black Friday requires more than just slashing prices—it demands a carefully crafted pricing strategy. In order to outshine the competition and maximize shoppers, retailers must navigate a landscape of discounts, promotions, and consumer expectations.  With the retail battleground set to heat up once again, this article highlights six key tips to master your Black Friday pricing strategy. From setting clear objectives to wielding the…
Expo and Awards
The E-commerce Germany Awards 2023 Winners: Speed Kit
This is the E-commerce Germany Awards showcase, where Speed Kit achieved an outstanding victory in the Best IT and Infrastructural Solution category, earning well-earned acclaim and applause. The EGA is a prestigious event, unfolding as a grand gala dedicated to honoring talent, passion, and remarkable accomplishments in the ever-evolving e-commerce industry. It offers a special occasion to celebrate the visionaries who are shaping the industry’s future with their innovative solutions…
Expo and Awards
E-commerce Berlin Expo Announces Call for Papers Contest for 2024
The E-commerce Berlin Expo, one of the most anticipated events in the e-commerce industry, is thrilled to announce its Call for Papers (CFP) contest for the upcoming 2024 edition. The event, scheduled for the 22nd of February 2024, promises to be a grand gathering with over 10,000 visitors, representing a diverse range of retailers and brands. What is the Call for Papers Contest? The Call for Papers contest is an…
Expo and Awards Trends
The E-commerce Germany Awards 2023 Winners: Mollie
This is our E-commerce Germany Awards showcase with Mollie, who achieved a remarkable victory in the Best Payment Solution category, garnering well-deserved recognition and applause. The EGA is a prestigious event that unfolds as a grand gala, dedicated to celebrating talent, fervor, and remarkable achievements within the dynamic e-commerce industry. It presents a unique opportunity to pay tribute to the innovators who are molding the industry’s tomorrow with their inventive…
Building a Successful Subscription-Based eCommerce Business
Subscription-Based eCommerce is an exciting business model where customers subscribe to a service and receive products or services regularly at their doorstep.  This business model has gained immense popularity for a good reason. It brings in recurring revenue, which means steady and predictable income for businesses. No more rollercoaster of unpredictable sales! But wait, there’s more! The real magic lies in customer retention. Subscribers become loyal fans who stick around,…
Accessibility of Online Shops: News, Guidelines and Tips for Implementation
Campaign Creators – Unsplash Around 80 million citizens in the EU live with impairments such as visual impairment, motor or cognitive disorder, or hearing disability. We’re talking about 10 to 30 percent of the population who can’t fully use websites as a result. Aktion Mensch and Google, in collaboration with the Pfennigparade Foundation and the consulting agency BITV-Consult, have tested the accessibility of the most visited online shops in Germany.…
Notifications in the Post-Purchase Journey Report 2023

Cross-border e-commerce has gained significant popularity in recent years due to the growth of digital technology, globalization, and the increasing consumer demand for access to a wider range of products from different countries. Find out everything you should know about this concept.