ECOMMERCE ITALIA 2024 – AI-Commerce: the frontiers of Ecommerce with Artificial Intelligence

On April 10th in Milan the presentation event of the 18th edition of Casaleggio Associati’s annual report on the state of Ecommerce in Italy 

Milan – Everything is ready for the eighteenth edition of the “Ecommerce Italia” event by Casaleggio Associati, a key moment to explore the evolution of digital commerce in Italy The appointment is set for Wednesday 10 April from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM in Milan, in via Palestro 2 at the Swiss Chamber and live streaming on and 

Davide Casaleggio will present the new report “Ecommerce Italia 2024“, created thanks to the contribution of numerous companies and which will describe the state of the art of online shopping in Italy: “Our research has now come of age. In these 18 years of analysis of the Ecommerce sector we have seen it establish itself as one of the main growth areas for all retail companies and today also for production. This sector has the ability to innovate every year, leaving a lot of space for those who manage to intercept the trends of the moment. Last year too we saw new entries into the Italian Top 100 thanks to new strategies and original uses of social media and Artificial Intelligence.” explains the president of Casaleggio Associati. 

During the event, new research on the state of Ecommerce in Italy will be presented and the most important issues will be covered, such as digital strategies, new business models, digital relationships with end customers, the impact of artificial intelligence, the evolution of payment, innovations in logistics and shipping services. 

How much will Ecommerce grow in 2024? What will be the impact of new forms of Artificial Intelligence? 

And what are the challenges that companies will face? To answer these questions, experts and managers of leading companies will take turns on stage, together with Davide Casaleggio and Luca Eleuteri, partners of Casaleggio Associati, to talk about their experiences: 

Comune di Milano: Layla Pavone, Council for Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation 

InPost: Leonardo Berlingieri, Head of Commercial 

Mediaworld: Sylvain Querné, Digital & Marketing Director 

Notino: Lukáš Havlásek. Chief Ecommerce & Innovations Officer Barbara Panzeri, Head of Marketing 

Family Nation: Sara Barni, Head of Ecommerce 

Connecteed: Giovanni Fabrocini, Deputy CEO 

Leroy Merlin: Marco Trada, Ecommerce Director 

Sisal: Marco Tiso, Online Managing Director 

Corriere della Sera: Daniele Manca, Deputy Director 

Casaleggio Associati 

CA designs the digital future of companies by combining management consultancy, experience and innovation. The three areas of activity of the company are Digital Research, Digital Strategy and Digital Communication.


In the afternoon, five workshops will be held to talk about developments in Ecommerce and success stories: 

“AI-Commerce in practice” – Davide Casaleggio, CEO & Partner Casaleggio Associati – “The Key to a Successful Omnichannel Strategy” – Diego Santoro, PM Ecommerce Connecteed 

– “Investing 14k to obtain 300,000 in turnover with WhatsApp: the case of Oltresole food ecommerce.” – Giorgio Pagliara, CEO Spoki 

– “Rock your sales at the rate of small quotas– Stefano Cravero, Product Manager AppPago – “Ecommerce Italy ranking: data and statistics on the 6,000 most popular Ecommerce websites in Italy” – Maurizio Benzi, Partner Casaleggio Associati 

The event will be in Italian and is free, but reserved for brands and retailers and on request for invitations for other types of businesses. For more information: click here.