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Exhibitor’s Guide to Picking the Best Booth (+ Our Picks for EBE2024)

Imagine walking into a bustling conference hall, the air buzzing with excitement and opportunity. Your eyes scan the room, and there it is – your booth, strategically positioned, drawing a crowd, and making connections that could transform your business. 

This isn’t just a dream; it could be your reality as an exhibitor at any conference if you choose the right booth. Today, we’ll show you how to do that – plus, we’ll give you our picks for the best EBE 2024 booths that are still available. 

Why Should You Care About It At All?

Selecting the right booth is not just a logistical decision. It’s a strategic one. 

The location of your booth directly correlates with your brand’s visibility, engagement, and ultimately, your ROI. 

A well-placed booth can be the difference between a forgettable event and a game-changing one. Don’t underestimate the power of location; it’s the real estate of opportunity.

Best Practices for Picking the Booth

#1 Budget Considerations

Know your budget constraints before selecting a booth. Premium spots will cost more but offer better visibility and foot traffic. Remember, sometimes spending a bit more upfront can yield greater returns in the long run.

#2 Proximity to Stages

Booths near the stages generally receive more visitors. However, they can also be crowded, so weigh the pros and cons. Being one of the first booth attendees see can set the tone for their entire conference experience.

#3 Visibility and Layout

Choose a location that is easily visible from multiple angles. Corner booths or those near large landmarks like stages or food courts often get more attention. A well-laid-out booth can serve as an eye-catcher, drawing attendees towards it.

#4 Partner Proximity

Check the floor plan to be closer to direct partners – so you can stand out from the crowd together! Being near a partner can boost your brand’s impact, so choose wisely. 

#5 Traffic Flow

Consider the natural flow of traffic through the venue. Booths near food areas or escalators often see higher foot traffic. These locations can act as unintentional gathering spots, increasing your brand’s exposure.

#6 Booth Size and Dimensions

Make sure the booth size fits your needs in terms of display materials, staff, and interactive elements like kiosks or demos. A very cramped booth can deter visitors, while a spacious one invites them in.

Hot Picks for EBE2024 Booths

Choosing the right booth is crucial, but some spots offer unique advantages that can supercharge your conference experience. Here are our top picks for EBE2024:

#1 Ecommerce Hub

This area is a goldmine for ecommerce giants and their partners. The premium nature of the booths in this hub makes it an ideal location for those looking to make a significant impact. Don’t miss the chance to be at the heart of ecommerce innovation.

Look for booths: E6.2, E6.1, E4.6, E3.6 in HALL 7


#2 F4 Hub

For example, if you’re a Kaufland partner, having a booth in this hub can offer you specific advantages. The audience here might be more likely to be interested in what you have to offer since Kaufland will be your booth neighbour! Secure your spot and connect directly with your target market.

Look for booths: F3.1, F4.1, F4.2, F4.4 in HALL 7

#3 E4 Hub

In this case and for JTL-Software partners, this hub is a no-brainer. The specific benefits and audience alignment make it an ideal choice for maximizing your brand’s exposure. Position yourself among industry leaders and innovators.

Look for booths: E4.1, E4.2, E4.3 in HALL 7

#4 Stage C Booth Hub

Located next to Stage C of the conference and serving as a corridor between hall 3 and hall 7, this hub offers excellent location and traffic flow. Be where the action is and capture the audience as they move between stages.

Look for booths: C1.1, C1.3, C1.4 in HALL 7 (near HALL 3 entry). 

#5 Hall 3 Hub

This hub is particularly beneficial for those who wish to exhibit alongside partners or integrators. With four booths next to each other, it offers a unique opportunity for collaborative exhibiting. Team up and make a collective impact that attendees won’t forget. Plus, it’s next to a coffee point!

Look for booths: A2.1, A2.2, A2.3, A2.4 in HALL 3  

#6 Single Booths

Besides the above booths, there are many other booths that offer good traffic flow and location. We consider them to be hidden gems that offer a balance of visibility and affordability, all located in a triangle between the entrance, stage A and stage B.

Look for booths: A1.5, A3.9, A4.9, A4.7, M1.2, M2.1, M3.2 in HALL 3  

Now is The Time to Book your Booth

You may have noticed that the above maps have a lot of grey spaces? These booths are already sold out!

Don’t wait – the green booths sell like cookies, and might turn grey in no time!

Secure your ideal spot now and set the stage for a transformative experience at EBE2024.