Explore Amazon Marketing Cloud and Measure What Matters

Welcome to the world of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), an invaluable tool designed to enhance your journey on the Amazon platform. The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-friendly, dedicated cloud-based measurement and analytics solution.

Enables holistic overview of campaign performance 

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMC’s flexible environment provides advertisers like you with the ability to generate customized reports on event-level data, across multiple data sets. This includes your own advertiser data as well as key data from Amazon Advertising campaigns. By blending these datasets, AMC offers a comprehensive cross-channel overview of your campaign performance, empowering you to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence.

Protect First-Party Data Privacy

One of the top objectives for eCommerce companies is to maintain consumer data private. This first-party data you obtain from marketplace ad intelligence platforms is crucial for outperforming the competition in your sector.

Amazon Marketing Cloud uses pseudonymization to keep your data safe from third-party access. This ensures that Amazon cannot access your data and may not export it for any reason. Only you may control the dataset uploads, and each report is exported as a CSV file.

AMC provides each advertiser with its own data-clean room environment, ensuring the utmost protection. This cloud-based solution will pull the reins in the appropriate direction as long as you have a knowledgeable technical expert who is familiar with SQL and a live campaign to start working on.

Designed to preserve end-customer privacy 

Amazon Marketing Cloud is designed to preserve end-customer privacy and only returns aggregate analytics. No individual user data is ever returned from the Amazon Marketing Cloud. To protect customer privacy, all aggregations must contain a minimum of one hundred users. Advertisers cannot access Amazon Advertising event-level data directly. Aggregating over a minimum number of users gives advertisers significant, actionable reporting while maintaining end-customer privacy.

Why should Amerge build your AMC solution?

“AMC offers an exciting opportunity to innovate and dive deep on behalf of clients. It allows us to access ‘Log Level Data’. Log Level data in simple terms means you can see any action a customer has taken after interacting with an Ad placement in an anonymized GDPR-compliant way.

We then build a data visualization layer on top of this data so we can clearly showcase to clients their customers’ path to conversion and optimize their strategies accordingly,” said Vitaly Dmitriev, COO & Co-Founder at Amerge. 

Amerge’s Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration solution addresses a critical challenge faced by marketers and e-commerce experts: the need for a unified and streamlined approach to managing Amazon campaigns. 

Thanks to Amazon Marketing Cloud, advertisers on Amazon have access to data about the entire customer journey. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) offers insights into how, when, and in what order shoppers are coming into contact with different campaigns – a revolutionary development in creating your advertising strategy. 

Elevate your campaign management 

“With newly launched Amerge AMC platform, direct clients and partners are now able to pull Amazon Marketing Cloud insights in self-service. An exciting new feature gives you the opportunity to break down the path to purchase analysis on any campaign combination you want to investigate, with any time frame you want to look at. So if you want to just understand what’s the most efficient customer journey in one category during the Black Friday Cyber Monday event period, you can do it! On top, building custom segments based on these insights and using them in Amazon DSP closes the loop between gathered insights, and campaign improvements, ” said Max Rottenaicher, Managing Director for Germany. 

The AMC integration seamlessly organizes campaign management by introducing customizable groupings, allowing businesses to tailor campaigns based on specific objectives and target audiences. This addresses the inherent complexity of navigating Amazon’s diverse advertising landscape, providing a cohesive platform for more efficient campaign oversight.

At the same time, AMC integration solution solves the problem of limited attribution models within Amazon marketing. It introduces advanced attribution models, including linear multi-touch and first-touch attribution, offering a more nuanced understanding of the customer’s journey. This innovation goes beyond the constraints of traditional last-touch attribution prevalent on Amazon, empowering businesses with a comprehensive view of each touchpoint that contributes to a conversion. By breaking down the path to conversion, AMC provides granular insights into customer behavior, enabling marketers to optimize strategies by tailoring campaigns to specific touchpoints that resonate most with their audience.

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Essentially, Amerge’s AMC integration simplifies Amazon’s marketing complexities, offering marketers and e-commerce experts a powerful and customizable tool to enhance campaign management, attribution accuracy, and customer journey analysis. By providing a unified and data-driven approach, the AMC integration solution enables businesses to make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and achieve greater success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) offers an exciting opportunity to innovate and dive deep on behalf of clients. It allows us to access “Log Level Data”. Log Level data in simple terms means you can see any action a customer has taken after interacting with ad placement in an anonymized GDPR-compliant way. 

We then build a data visualization layer on top of this data so we can clearly showcase to clients their customers’ path to conversion and optimize their strategies accordingly. 

AMC accelerated development partner with Amazon Ads

Amerge is an AMC accelerated development partner with Amazon Ads. This provided additional code accelerators and hands-on training, and enabled us to create new market-leading solutions and improve infrastructure and workflow. Not only do we build customized queries and reports, but we also integrate them into proprietary tech dashboard – Amerge View.

Amerge View is proprietary reporting suite which pulls all available Amazon data sources into a powerful and easy-to-read dashboard. It allows you to see everything from individual line item performance to total retail sales and even ad spend and total retail sales down to an individual ASIN level.

It pulls in the following data sources:

Amazon Ads API: All Advertising reporting metrics for Sponsored Ads, DSP, and Branding campaigns.

Selling Partner API: Integrates Total Retail Sales Metrics.

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Amerge’s latest innovation, the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration, introduces a suite of features that elevate the precision and effectiveness of Amazon marketing strategies. 

AMC’s cutting-edge features 

One notable feature is the ability for custom grouping of campaigns, allowing businesses to organize and tailor their campaigns based on unique objectives and target audiences. 

The inclusion of linear multi-touch attribution is a game-changer, providing a holistic view of the buyer journey by assigning credit to each touchpoint that contributes to a conversion. This goes beyond traditional last-touch attribution, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the customer’s path to purchase. 

First touch attribution is another distinctive feature, ensuring that the initial interaction with a customer receives full sales credit, a departure from Amazon’s reporting on the last touch only. Amerge recognizes the importance of breaking down the path to conversion, and AMC facilitates this by providing detailed insights into the customer journey. This feature allows businesses to analyze and understand each step a customer takes before making a purchase, enabling them to tailor their strategies accordingly. 

Moreover, the capability to calculate multi-touch attribution on a campaign group level adds another layer of sophistication. AMC empowers businesses not only to evaluate individual touchpoints but also to assess the collective impact of entire campaign groups on conversions, providing a nuanced and data-driven approach to campaign optimization

In essence, Amerge’s latest product innovations, particularly the custom grouping of campaigns, linear and first-touch attributions, and the granular analysis of the path to conversion, demonstrate a commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of Amazon marketing and achieve success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Customer-centric approach

At Amerge, we always take a consultative approach when working with clients. We want to hear from them. What are their challenges currently? What are their goals? What do you struggle with in how Amazon’s ad solutions work? This allows us to find the best solution to solve their needs and AMC enables us to support clients’ omnichannel strategy and success better than ever before.

Clients selling on Amazon have all sorts of unique challenges that ebb and flow and having the agility to address those challenges as they change is key. We also stay up to date with the trades and trends in the market. The current economic climate has clients even more focused on the performance of their ad spend. Reporting and transparency are incredibly important to navigate successful client relationships and economic challenges.

How can Amazon advertisers use AMC?

  • Campaign dive deep 

AMC allows you to inspect campaign reach, frequency, and total impact across the marketing funnel.

  • Media mix analysis

AMC helps you understand a media channel’s incremental value and the effectiveness of different media combinations.

  • Audience insights

Learn about the composition of ad-exposed audiences and attributes of engaging audience groups.

  • Full customer journey

AMC allows you to analyse the sequence, frequency and types of audience interactions on path to conversion.

  • Custom attribution

Tailor how you credit different touch points to understand the full contribution of different media and campaigns.

  • Omni-channel impact

Evaluate how Amazon Ads campaigns drive engagement and sales on and off Amazon.

  • Customer lifetime value analysis

Analyse AMC Purchase Frequency and Amazon Ads New-to-Brand Data to project Lifetime Value estimates.

What can we expect in 2024?

In 2024 we expect to roll out various custom data sets for clients. As we build learnings with partners, Amerge aim is to drive the upmost transparency with Amazon and Client data when it comes to interaction with ad placements. Whether this is analysing Amazon metrics at a deeper level, customer touch points, attribution, or integrating client-level data.

If you want to elevate your campaigns to the next level and make data-driven decisions leveraging the possibilities that Amazon Marketing Cloud offers, reach out to Amerge via a contact form on their website or at [email protected] We are happy to help you!