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Guide to Excelling in the Call for Papers Contest: Make Your E-commerce Voice Heard

In the heart of Berlin, an annual gathering promises innovation, knowledge, and a close-knit community. 

The E-commerce Berlin Expo, over the years, has transformed into a hub for thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiastic professionals. 

Each year, the event’s Call for Papers contest witnesses an influx of brilliant ideas. But how does one ensure that their proposal stands out, making the cut to the grand stage?

We’ve created a brief guide that can help you with preparations to Call for Papers.

What is the EBE Call for Papers Contest?

The Call for Papers contest is an initiative that seeks cutting-edge insights and actionable strategies from professionals within the e-commerce domain. 

It’s an opportunity for experts, regardless of their stature or brand size, to share their unique perspectives with a broader audience. It is the essence of the E-commerce Berlin Expo – a blend of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and community building. And since EBE24 expects over 10,000 visitors on their one-day yet full-packed event, brands taking part in Call for Papers are in for a treat. 

On the 22nd of February, 2024, the 2023 CFP winners will stand on our grand stages in Berlin. 

The opportunity will be presented for them to appear on stages in front of thousands of retailers and brand representatives, as well as hundreds of exhibitors – all seeing their names on the agenda. Needless to say this goes with marketing buzz too as the agenda is promoted everywhere

Last year, Call for Papers generated over 400 contest entries. This year, we have 7 unique CFP categories for our contestants:

  1. FinTech
  2. Marketing in e-commerce
  3. Analytics and conversion
  4. Crossborder and international expansion
  5. Logistics
  6. Software and platforms
  7. FutureTech and innovations

And this year, we expect even more submissions – including yours! 

Why Should You Participate?

Be Part of a Legacy

By participating, you’re contributing to an esteemed tradition of shared insights.

Our vision to evolve into a meaningful knowledge hub has been shaping well, and your contribution can add another feather to our cap. We’re proud of our contestants and winners and often share info about all the editions for the years to come. So if you win our contest this year, we’ll make sure to mention you in 2045, or even further in the future?

Action Over Fluff

At the E-commerce Berlin Expo, it’s all about actionable insights. Your practical, implementable strategies will find an eager and appreciative audience.

We’re not in the business of promoting sales pitches. Our spotlight is on actionable case studies and pragmatic insights that thousands of our visitors can follow.

Diverse Voices, Unified Vision

We celebrate a diversity of voices and experiences. 

Every voice, irrespective of its origin, finds a stage here. Our goal is to bring a diverse array of speakers in so attendees can resonate with stories from all walks of life.

No matter what, your unique perspective enriches our event and the broader e-commerce community. We’re more than sure about it.

Elevate Your Business

Sharing your expertise doesn’t just elevate your personal profile—it brings attention and respect to your entire organization.

Your success is our story. Showcasing your achievements, your business gets an opportunity to shine, positioning itself as a vital player in the market.

A Win-Win Deal

The best things in life are free, they say. 

So is our Call for Papers contest.

Participating in Call for Papers won’t cost you a cent, but the returns, in terms of exposure, networking, and credibility, are invaluable and difficult to replicate anywhere else. 

How to Prepare Your Submission: Tips to Shine

#1 Honesty is the Best Policy

Clickbaits might be tempting, but honesty lasts longer. And it can be your unique selling proposition! 

An upfront title complemented by an accurate description sets the right expectations, and captures the essence of your talk. The more you cover, the better. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t know how your talk will look like just yet – you’ll have time to polish it. Writing some talking points is always helpful, though. 

It’s the quality and genuineness of your content that will pull the audience in and keep them engaged. Attendance is one thing. Trust is something you can’t just gather

Make it genuine!

#2 Stay Ahead of the Curve

E-commerce is dynamic, always evolving. Address current issues, shed light on emerging trends, and maybe even predict the next big wave?

Choose a topic that applies to today’s trends and challenges. 

What’s the next big thing? 

What challenges are industry players currently facing?

How the technology advancement will impact the e-commerce growth?

The fresher and more relevant your content, the more it resonates. You can’t have a crystal ball to predict the future – but you can give your sneak peek in your submission.

#3 The Magic of Data Storytelling

Real stories make real impacts. Case studies infused with a touch of storytelling and backed by concrete data provide invaluable insights. Not only do they engage, but they also help in better retention and understanding.

Stories engage, captivate and are memorable. Stories are something that the audience will remember for long – maybe forever? 

Marrying your data with your story strengthens your message but also makes it relatable. So that people can feel your challenges, pain points, and resonate. 

Remember though: abstract concepts can cloud clarity. Stick to the concrete.

#4 Spotlight on The Speaker

A presentation is as good as its presenter. And a speaker can be a showstopper! 

A knowledgeable, passionate speaker can take the content to the next level. Their enthusiasm can spark interest, curiosity, and inspiration amongst the audience.

That’s why, for Call for Papers, it’s worth identifying an expert who’s not just knowledgeable but passionate about sharing that knowledge. The audience feeds off their energy, making the whole experience unforgettable.

Take that into consideration when submitting your entry!

#5 Conciseness is Key

We understand that there’s a lot you’d want to share – we really do! – but brevity wins the race here. In a world of information overload, concise yet comprehensive content takes the lead.

With a 25-minute speaking slot, your focus should be razor-sharp. A succinct, well-structured presentation can often be more impactful than an exhaustive one.

Make every moment count. Deliver focused insights that the audience can take away. 

#6 Share Genuine Data

Our audience thrives on authenticity. Sending us relevant assets like logotypes and the speaker’s photo, enhances the credibility of your proposal. And don’t be scared about confidentiality – we ensure crucial data remains within our walls.

We want the submissions to be represented by real people – not avatars. There’s a story behind each speaker and company. Adding real images, logotypes, and info enhances the trust in your submission.

See you soon, shall we?

The E-commerce Berlin Expo’s Call for Papers is more than just a contest. 

It’s a golden opportunity for collaboration, learning, and growth. With the stage set and the audience waiting, will your voice echo in Berlin this year?

Stay tuned for the CFP kick-off. Pencil 4th of September in your calendars.