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Have Your Say in the E-commerce Germany Awards: Voting Begins Now!

Join the excitement of the E-commerce Germany Awards – a highlight event eagerly anticipated by many in the industry. With all submissions now gathered, the contest has reached the decisive moment: public voting. It’s your opportunity to influence the outcome and celebrate the best e-commerce service providers – cast your vote today.

What are the E-commerce Germany Awards?

The E-commerce Germany Awards (EGA) is a prestigious event that recognizes quality, creativity, and achievements in the German e-commerce market.  The contest recognizes the most creative and forward-thinking e-commerce service providers in the sector. 

Over the years, it has become a platform for promoting innovative solutions that address real-life challenges faced by online shops.

Thousands of people vote every year to shape the future of e-commerce in Europe and beyond. The actual event includes a contest followed by an Award ceremony, along with a Networking party, both offering a great opportunity for industry recognition and celebration.

E-commerce Germany Awards’ Categories

The E-commerce Germany Awards (EGA) showcases excellence across a diverse range of categories in the e-commerce arena. With hundreds of submissions, these categories display cutting-edge solutions in e-commerce. 

Here are the 12+1 categories for this year’s Awards:

  1. Best Sales & Growth Solution
  2. Best Communication & Engagement Solution
  3. Best Customers Experience Solution
  4. Best Global Expansion Solution
  5. Best Logistics and Shipments Solution
  6. Best Fulfillment and Optimization Solution
  7. Best Platform & ERP
  8. Best Payment Solution
  9. Best Analytics & BI Solution
  10. Best Agency Showcase
  11. Best Omnichannel & Integration Solution
  12. Best Security & IT Solution
  13. Best Tech Evolution & Innovation

Read more at https://ecommercegermanyawards.com/   

How to vote in the E-commerce Germany Awards

Voting in the E-commerce Germany Awards (EGA) is a unique opportunity for the e-commerce community to recognize the best services and solutions in the industry. 

Here’s a simple guide on how to cast your vote:

Step 1: Explore new solutions

  • Visit the EGA website at ecommercegermanyawards.com.
  • Take your time to read about the latest e-commerce innovations coming from various service providers.

Step 2: Understand the criteria

  • Review detailed descriptions of all services and products. 
  • The organizers focused on gathering diverse submissions, but with unique criteria. Key factors to consider for the selection process include innovation, impact on revenue generation, user experience, efficiency in business processes, and overall contribution to the industry’s advancement.

Step 3: Cast your vote

  • You can vote for one participant in each category.
  • Voting is open to anyone with a valid LinkedIn account. As part of the organizers’ mission to ensure the validity of the contest, any activities that are suspicious or/and not genuine will be penalized, and will not count towards the final outcome. 
  • The voting period for EGA 2024 starts on January 8th and ends on January 24th at 3:59 PM CET. 

Step 4: Wait for the results

  • The top 10 companies with the highest points in each category become Nominees. These Nominees advance to the Jury voting phase.
  • A Jury of e-commerce professionals (view the entire Judge panel here) will select the winners in each category.
  • The winners will be announced during a special ceremony in February and will be listed publicly on the Awards website afterward.

Your vote not only supports your favorite service but also helps increase their visibility in the European e-commerce market. It’s an opportunity to help outstanding services and innovative products shine.

Every vote counts. Nominees were sometimes decided by one or two votes – so act now, and cast your vote at https://ecommercegermanyawards.com/.