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Here’s What’s Up at the E-commerce Berlin Expo’s AI Stage

Something pretty neat is happening at the E-commerce Berlin Expo this year – the introduction of the AI Stage. It’s not just another tech talk but a showcase of how AI is shaking things up in the business world and beyond. Check out the list of talks below to find out what the AI Stage has to offer. 

Diving Into the AI Stage

The AI Stage is this unique spot at the Expo where tech enthusiasts and pros gather to listen and chat about AI. It offers a glimpse into how this tech is reshaping everything from small startups to big corporations – focusing on future tech, predictions, forecasts, and everything that awaits the industry. Metaverse, blockchain, robotisation – you name it!

Who’s Bringing the AI Stage to Life?

The Hosts with the Most

Anna Graf is the one leading the way in Web3/Metaverse at Arvato Systems and also takes the stage as a moderator. Anna’s been all about blockchain and digital assets since 2010. She’s not just tech-savvy but also big on making a difference in areas like sustainability and equality. Additionally, she makes NFTs accessible to a wider audience!

Anna will host the stage along with Lea Horn, Digital Experience Guru at Arvato Systems. Lea’s the brain behind making digital experiences something special. She’s deep into AI, DeepTech, and Web3. Over at Arvato Systems, she’s leading projects that merge customer experiences with the latest tech. She’s also shaping the future of digital economies through her work with the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW).

The Big Sponsor

Amazon Freight is the one backing the AI Stage, demonstrating its commitment to the continuous development of the logistics industry and integrating AI into it.

Talks You Can’t Miss

  • Fiverr – Florian Müller on “Thinking beyond the box – How to amplify human creativity with generative-AI”. Florian will break down how AI is pushing creative boundaries in business.

  • SAP – Sven Haiges on “Exploring SAP’s Dive into Web3, NFTs, and Blockchain”. Sven is chatting about how SAP is exploring new territories like Web3, NFTs, and Blockchain, focusing on customer engagement and loyalty.

  • OMIO – Norman Nielsen on “5 super easy ways to skyrocket your E-Commerce with AI in 2024”. Norman is going to share some easy yet effective ways to use AI to boost your business, complete with case studies and tools.

  • Olution Advisory Services – Robert Hein on “Paradigm Shift – Finding the best Audience for your Product”. Robert will present how AI can help you understand and connect with your audience in new, more effective ways.

  • Ex-Zalando SE – Dr. Anamika Datta on “A Shopping Trip in 2030: Warning – Spoiler alert into the Future!”. Dr. Datta’s giving us a peek at what shopping might look like in 2030, with all the latest in VR, AI shopping assistants, and fashion tech.

See You Later

The AI Stage at the E-commerce Berlin Expo is shaping up to be a real eye-opener for anyone into AI and tech. It’s a look into the future of tech in our lives and businesses. If you’re curious about the direction AI and tech are headed, this is one stage you’ll want to check out. 

Do not forget to check out what else is on offer at other stages as well, though!

See you there!