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How to take high-quality photos of your e-commerce products? Packshot guide.

E-commerce is one of the most trending industry nowadays. To draw customers attention you need a top-notch marketing strategy, but for the most, a perfect website which plays the role of your store. 

You should make sure that the customer journey in your e-store is as convenient and intuitive as possible. Online shop optimisation also means refining detailed product description with all the needed measurements, as well as placing great pictures so that potential consumer can be well informed about desired items. 

Although user experience, as well as user interface aspects, are important, don’t underestimate the role of photos. While you can have great products, you need to expose them adequately. Eventually, pictures sell your products. We realise that could be challenging for e-commerce owners. Fortunately, nowadays you can outsource such services! 

Let’s get familiar with some details on packshots. 

What is packshot?

Packshot is a still or dynamic image of a product that is used for promotion purposes. It should be taken on a white or unitary background so that an item can be better perceived. 

One of the most important aspects of preparing packshot is to make sure that a given product looks as similar to the original as possible. Otherwise, the customer can be disappointed with the purchase. And if they are disappointed, they are likely to return the product and never come back to your store again. Also, they can spread some negative words about your business, e.g. on social media. It all can be caused by just one inadequate photo.

Why is it so essential to show products on the bright and not disturbing background? Neutral and minimalistic surrounding let expose items and their qualities, like shape, colour, details, fabric and texture. You can also use some background remover tools to adjust your background afterwards.

It seems like every packshot looks similarly. You couldn’t be more wrong. Among others, they differ depending on the photographer style, lighting and perspective. Moreover, you can choose from two types of packshots when it comes to exposing a piece of clothing. First one is flat – when a product is placed on the hanger. The second type means the usage of a mannequin so that cloth looks as if it was worn by a ghost. 

Packshots: why is it worth taking them?

  • they expose products with all their essential qualities;
  • it’s easier for the customer to compare products as it’s on the same background and the model doesn’t have any impact on the impression;
  • you can use them while designing marketing materials – packshots are easily applicable in visuals. 

Why details on the photos are significant for e-commerce?

Packshots and descriptions of the products need to replace the visit in a bricks and mortar store. While customers are wandering through alleys in the store, looking at the clothes on a hanger and trying some of them on in a changing room they get a lot of time and information to choose the most suitable items for them. While shopping online – they do not have such an opportunity. In the case of e-commerce customers only rely on the data you present to them and that is a part of trust between a brand and a client. Based on received information shoppers choose what to purchase. 

The devil is in the details.

While taking (or assigning to a professional company) packshots you need to take the aforementioned conclusion. Help your customers to get to know your products almost as accurately as they would be in your brick and mortar store. 

The details also give clothes character and extraordinary style. Thus, if you will not take care of exposing them you will deprive them of their qualities. That is an easy way to lose clients. Do not hesitate to show the full potential and uniqueness of your products. For sure your brand is special and you just need to prove that on the pictures to win customers’ hearts. 

Present the full product but we are also highly focused on showing every important detail, like colours, buttons, zippers, badges, collars, pockets etc. Moreover, even just with pictures, try to express products’ fabric (if it is hard or soft), texture or every other feature that could matter for shoppers. 

Meeting customers’ expectations.

How to avoid complaints and returns? Give your clients the best description and photo which shows details significant while making shopping decisions. 

Once you fulfil the client’s needs during the first shopping – it is highly possible that he will return to your online shop and purchase again. Moreover, satisfied customers are more willing to share their positive experience with a brand (you can make sure of the pleasant customer journey by the number of additional actions like so-called Thank You Page with a discount code for the next shopping). 

While shopping online the Internet users often look for recommendations and opinions. One of the most desired by e-commerce business is to get a comment which stresses that in reality, a product was the same as the photos and description say. The rating system will help you improve your services and get more happy customers that share their opinions. 

The goal of packshots in e-commerce is to show the customer how the given product looks. Additionally, they are supposed to be appealing and present items from the best possible side (without unwanted wrinkles and shadows). Packshots are the only way for you to sell online, as they give the most information about the products that you offer. 

How to take a packshot?

You need to organise a photo session, rent a studio, hire a professional photographer specialised in packshots and prepare your products. While this can be time- and money-consuming, the satisfying effect is not guaranteed. Alternatively, you can outsource this service! Not only that you can be surprised when it comes to photos’ quality, but also how it will relieve you from the whole procedure – you just need to send your products and give your requirements. 

Postproduction is a very important stage when we retouch pictures to improve them. Take a closer look at creases, threads that stick out, as well as visible glue or unwanted asymmetry. Moreover, make sure that colours on the pictures match the reality, so there won’t be any confusion when it comes to customers’ expectations. 

What’s the effect? Products exposed perfectly in a suitable light, in high quality and also as realistic as possible. 

Packshot is a must-have for e-commerce!

Pictures published on the website purpose is to replace the visit in the bricks and mortar store, so based on that client can make a purchasing decision. The first impression plays the most significant role in online shopping – the way that product is presented in e-commerce is the factor that appeals or repels customer from buying. A precise description is only an addition to give more information, but the truth is that pictures sell when it comes to e-stores. 

Packshots shape your e-commerce professional image and make you trustworthy, especially while after one purchasing a person is satisfied with a product (it’s qualities and colours). These pictures are not supposed to be artistic, but they’re made to sell your products.