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How to talk to your customers in 2017

Customers service is becoming more and more important. The reason is simple: Customer Care is a growth factor. If you provide outstanding customer service your customers are more likely to stay with you and tell everyone about their experiences. What are ways to talk to your customers in 2017, when the majority of millennials don’t want to pick up the phone anymore? And can bots help to provide efficient and cost saving customer care?

Ways to get in touch with your customers

Even though call centers are becoming less popular they are still there in 2017. However, they are expensive and can be ineffective in helping customers and providing a great experience.
E-Mail or filling out a form is also still a popular – yet dated – solution. Some companies seem to be hiding their contact information deep in their website structure so less customers get in touch. The result is one more strained customer relationship.

Social Media customer care has been proven very popular in the last years. Even though it also takes some time to draft a message, it feels faster. Furthermore, the customer expectation is that their requests are answered much quicker. A same-day-response is definitely expected here. On Twitter it might be an expected response even within two hours.

In 2016, chatbots were all the rage. But while it might seem exciting to outsource customer care to a bot, right now it is also very challenging. Right now there is a great risk to create a frustrating experience for your users. A bot would be able to display some FAQs, but when it comes to answering individual requests it would probably fail, simply because the technology is not there yet.

Talk to your customers inside your product

Instead of having a bot providing customer care you could also have a messenger inside your product. That’s where Alpaca comes in.

This year we will be part of the Expo Berlin and will present Alpaca, a customer care messenger, which lets you talk to your customers inside your product or on your website.
The idea is to provide customer care where your customers already are: on your website.

One reason why customer care is so expensive is that it takes multiple emails to solve a simple problem.

Alpaca lets you communicate with your customers with screenshots so they can show you their problems instead of explaining them.
Why is that important?

Alpaca is a product of Usersnap, a visual communication company. At Usersnap we are proud to have banks and airlines among our customer base.

Now, imagine you are booking a flight and something goes wrong. Instead of sending a lengthy email you could just send a screenshot and help the airline solve your problem.

Get in touch here and meet us at the Expo Berlin!

Source: Usersnap