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Vote in the Call for Papers Contest and Help Select the Best Line-Up!

We are excited to announce another edition of our Call for Papers contest! 

This is your chance to help select the best presentations for our E-commerce Berlin Expo stage. Every year, we have amazing speakers who share their insights and knowledge with us. 

Although, we want to make sure that we include presentations from experts from every corner of the industry. You can help us by voting for the best presentations in the CFP contest. Below, you’ll find all info about it!

What is Call for Papers Contest

E-commerce Berlin Expo is always on the lookout for new and innovative presentations from experts all over the world. Call of Papers is our chance to open up the floor and find the best and brightest minds in the industry. 

While there are always some speakers that we’d love to see again, we believe there are many amazing presenters and presentations that deserve to be shown to the world. Anyone could submit a proposal for a presentation and eventually be selected to present it on stage. And public voting plays a crucial role in the selection process!

And, of course, every vote counts! So be sure to cast your vote for your favorite presentation. Who knows? Your vote could be the one that determines who takes the stage next year.

Benefits of voting in Call for Papers 2022

#1 You can help us keep redefining E-commerce Berlin Expo

EBE is always striving to exceed expectations and deliver top-quality presentations. 

Our Call for Papers allows us to identify key players in the ecommerce industry who can shape the future of the festival with us. We want your votes to help us choose the best presentations for EBE 2023! With your help, we can make sure that EBE remains the premier event for ecommerce professionals worldwide.

#2 You can be a part of the best EBE ever

Have you been to a really great conference before? 

One where the sessions were all interesting, the atmosphere was sensational, and the venue was just perfect? 

We want to make our in-person event one of those for everyone attending. 

That’s why we’re carefully reviewing each Call for Papers presentation to choose the best of the best – and we’re giving them for public voting so that attendees can help us out.

You can be a very important part of it!

#3 Your vote REALLY matters and can decide who makes it

Have you ever been in a close tie situation? Where it seems like one vote couldn’t make a difference but it does? Well the same goes for our E-commerce Berlin Expo’s CFP CONTEST. In the first stage of the CFP, there have been ties where one vote was the deciding factor of who moves on.

Imagine if you didn’t vote or share this information with others and your preferred company didn’t make it to the next stage because they were one vote short!

It is super easy to take part in the voting process. Make your voice heard and help decide which companies get to showcase their innovation and speak at E-commerce Berlin Expo. It REALLY matters!

After the public casts their votes, a few companies are chosen for each category. E-commerce Berlin Expo’s Advisory Board then evaluates these selections and decides who the winners are. 

Submissions will be evaluated by:

  • Dominique Leikauf, Transformation Manager Culture & Diversity @DKB Service
  • Ben Harmanus, International Brand Strategy Lead @Hubspot
  • Max Melching, Director Online Marketing @PARFÜMERIE DOUGLAS
  • Thomas Ficht, Head of payment @MYTOYS GROUP
  • Matthias Genz, Chief Administrative Officer @5 Retail Stores @MediaMarktSaturn
  • Olga Spaet, E-Commerce Lead Region Overseas @Mercedes-Benz Cars
  • Kai Herzberger, Group Director DACH & EMEA @Meta
  • Efe Acunaz, Head of Marketing @ePages

And then, these winners are given the opportunity to speak at our event!

#4 You can pick your favourite case studies…

One of the aims of the Ecommerce Berlin Expo is to deliver more case studies to our audience.

This year, we received more than 400 submissions for our annual Call for Papers contest. This is a huge increase from previous years, and we’re very excited about the quality and quantity of submissions. We believe that this is indicative of a trend towards more practical knowledge being presented at events like ours.

It is clear once again from the Call for Papers contest that the market is hungry for practical, actionable knowledge. With your votes, you can help us to make sure that the best case studies are recognized and awarded by our Advisory Board.

Now it’s up to you to help us choose which case studies deserve a spot on stage. Our Advisory Board will be watching closely for the most relevant submissions, so make your voice heard and vote today! 

Together, let’s make sure that this year’s Expo is full of informative, inspiring case studies that will help everyone in attendance take their business to the next level.

#5 …or another topic of your choice

Want to attend a conference where everyone will be speaking exactly about what you want to hear? You can contribute to that by voting in the Call for Papers contest!

We’re always impressed by the range of topics our potential speakers are interested in covering. We’ve got a wide variety of fascinating topic submissions to choose from, and now it’s your turn to help us narrow down the field. 

With your help, we’ll be able to put together a conference program that’s tailored to the specific needs and interests of our attendees – including you (register for free today)!

We’ve received submissions on a range of topics, including AI, chatbots, AR + VR, CSR, live shopping, blockchain & cryptocurrency. It’s exciting to see such a diversity of interests and perspectives represented in the submissions. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what our speakers have to say on these topics – but for now, we’re looking forward more to your votes!

#6 You can support women participation

We’re thrilled to see so many women participating in our contest and can’t wait to see who comes out on top. These women are all incredibly talented and have a lot to share with the world! 

We hope that their participation will inspire other women to get involved in eCommerce and help level the playing field. It’s time for women to get the recognition they deserve in this industry, and we’re honoured to be able to give them a platform to showcase their skills. More than 25% of submissions came from female industry experts!

By voting for women in our contest – and then watching them in Berlin – you can support women participation!

We need your vote!

We’re currently running a Call for Papers contest – and to ensure that the best submissions are selected, we need your help!

The submissions are in and now it’s time for you to vote for your favourites. We’ll be taking your votes into account when making our final decisions, so make sure to have your say. Click the link below to view the submissions and cast your vote!