16 speakers you cannot miss at E-commerce Berlin Virtual 2021

E-commerce Berlin Virtual’s debut edition will feature a wide range of inspiring speakers from around the globe who will share valuable insights on our virtual stage. Today, we are recognizing a few of them, bringing them closer, and encouraging you to listen to them live in our event.

Fasten your seatbelt, we’re starting right now! 

#1 Matthias Genz


Chief Administrative Officer at MediaMarktsaturn. During the session, he will discuss the mysterious E-factor in E-commerce. The presentation will cover the different factors of what makes technology great but also how your employees are important in the successful implementation

#2 Max Melching


Online Marketing Director at Douglas.  Max will discuss the transition of Douglas from a brick-and-mortar retailer to becoming a digital company and emphasize the benefits of having a curated marketplace on all relevant KPIs, as well as assortment and online marketing channels (e.g. SEO).

#3 Claes Larsson 


Head of Enterprise Applications at Flaconi. The topic of Operational Excellence will be covered by Claes. This starts with a mindset and a holistic approach, something that many organizations miss in today’s fast-paced environment. Unfortunately, that speed often translates to slow, messy and manual processes. 

#4 Christian Kahl


User Experience Lead at CyberSolutions. It is intended that during this presentation, Christian will shed light on how we can seize the opportunities of this change as UX professionals, e-commerce experts, and decision makers, to create user experiences of the future. 

#5 Matthäus Michalik


Managing Director at Claneo. Throughout the session, he will teach how to analyze customer needs and build a content strategy to answer all questions and problems. He will show you how to adapt frameworks and what steps to take to boost your brand’s website’s organic search engine traffic.

#6 Efe Acunaz


The conscious consumer is driving brands to act in terms of sustainability and the environment. Throughout his presentation, Efe will discuss some of his insights from both consumers and brands and share best practices from companies that have successfully addressed the needs of this particular consumer segment.

#7 Corinna Hohenleitner


Country Director DACH at Criteo. Corinna explores the impact of such changes on retail; what concepts and strategies will retailers use to succeed online in 2021? How will offline retail add value? With the help of relevant statistics, she provides answers to these questions and more. 

#8 Sascha Völkel


Head of Sales and Client Growth at Ameo. He will cover the topics of programmatic advertising and DSP. In addition, he will demonstrate the capabilities of Amazon’s DSP using the Prime Day and Black Friday examples, as well as a case study with their long-term client ,De’Longhi Group

#9 Tom Maier


Account Executive at Channable. This session will present a practical use case from their client, Belgian marketing agency Semetis. They raised the interesting issue of ROI versus POAS campaign tracking and will show you how Channable assisted them in achieving the ideal campaign setup within three simple steps.  

#10 Kai Müller

Experience One 

CEO at Experience One. The topic of his presentation will be how the e-commerce platform for connected services will emerge as a scalable marketplace for Mercedes-Benz.  The factors of success include a personalized offering, seamless integration with the app family, and consistent user experiences across all channels.

#11 Julia Rittereiser


CEO at KORA MIKINO. Julia will speak about the real hot topic of sustainability in the ecommerce industry. In this presentation, she will cover 55 Marketing Mistakes that she and her team have made since launching their period underwear brand, KORA MIKINO, as well as the significance of the idea of sustainability. 

#12 Michael Renz

Lowell Group

Country Director at Lowell. During his presentation, he will discuss Lowell’s company philosophy, which is to put the client first and help them find the best possible solution. In addition, various aspects of artificial intelligence will be discussed.

#13 Aisha Khalid

Hugo Boss

Head of Global Ecommerce Operations HUGO BOSS. During this presentation, she will demonstrate how Hugo Boss has successfully expanded its online presence and grown its international business by offering customers a seamless shopping experience, tailored to local preferences, using advanced technology and a unique data-driven marketing model.

#14 Mikael Fristedt Westre

Box Inc

CEO of Box Inc. The presentation provides consumers’ perspectives on hot E-commerce topics, including buying local vs. global, transportation, returns and packaging. Additionally, they have examined consumer views on carbon offsetting to better understand how consumers perceive sustainability.

#15 Sami Turkie


Country Director at Thrasio. His presentation will focus on the top questions that a seller should be asking an Amazon buyer, as well as the questions that sellers should be asking themselves to determine if they are ready to proceed with the transaction.

16# Jan Żaba


Technical Lead at TIM SA. In his presentation, he would like to describe how to expand the product catalog by opening PIM to your partners using PimCore. He seeks to share the experience he has gained after building a new PIM as a replacement for the old one. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that the range of covered topics is nothing short of impressive. So, we look forward to seeing you very soon, albeit virtually, at E-commerce Berlin Virtual 2021! We hope you will get a chance to network, interact, and gain valuable insights during our event.  

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