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A New Chapter in E-commerce: Meet the Winners of the 2023/2024 Call for Papers Contest

The 2023-2024 Call for Papers contest has come to a close, and the results are nothing short of inspiring. With an array of topics that spanned seven categories, the contest has once again proven to be a platform for innovation and thought leadership in the e-commerce industry. 

Year by year, it comes as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of the e-commerce industry and its potential to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. It is an honor to recognize the winners of the 2023-2024 Call for Papers contest – and you’ll find them below, along with special info from the Organizers. 

What is Call for Papers?

A Call for Papers is an invitation for individuals to submit their presentations, work use cases, or case studies on specific topics within a given field – all-things-e-commerce. 

The submissions were first voted for in the public voting stage, and then reviewed by a panel of experts, known as the Advisory Board, who select the most impactful and relevant entries. 

These chosen entries are then presented at the E-commerce Berlin Expo, providing a platform for sharing innovative ideas and contributing to the advancement of the industry.

Who won, who selected, and what’s new and special about this edition? Read further to find out. 

Hundreds of Voices, Thousands of Votes

The numbers do speak volumes about the contest’s reach and impact. With over 20,000 votes cast, more than 50 case studies submitted, and a total of more than 400 entries, this year’s contest was a hive of ideas and solutions.

It’s not our first rodeo, but every single year we are pleasingly surprised by the sheer depth and range of innovation.

The diversity of topics, the quality of research, and the passion behind each submission never cease to amaze us! Whether it’s a groundbreaking case study in Analytics and conversion or a novel approach to Crossborder and international Expansion, each entry adds a unique layer to the e-commerce narrative. 

The contest has become more than just a competition. It’s now a vibrant community where e-commerce professionals from various sectors come together to share, learn, and inspire. The enthusiasm and engagement from both the participants and the voters make each edition of the Call for Papers contest a unique and enriching experience – for us, for them, and for everyone involved. 

The Advisory Board’s Role

Our esteemed Advisory Board played a crucial role in shaping the contest’s outcome. Like every single year, we truly believe that the Advisory Board’s curation adds immense value to the contest, and takes it to new heights of excellence. 

Their collective industry experience ensure that only the most impactful and innovative ideas get the spotlight they deserve

The 2023/2024 board was composed of industry leaders, including Efe von Thenen (Head of the Advisory Board) from ePages, Kai Herzberger from Meta, Matthias Genz from MediaMarktSaturn, Alexander Holzknecht from Matsmart – Motatos, Olga Spaet from Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Ficht from MYTOYS, Anna Graf from Arvato Systems, and Robert Hein from Olution. 

Each member lent their unique expertise to ensure the highest quality of entries, making the contest a benchmark for excellence in the e-commerce industry.

But that’s not the end of value – and surprise – in this year’s edition, as you’ll read later on. 

But First, Meet the CFP Winners

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the stars of the show. The winners of the Call for Papers contest truly stood out with their innovative ideas, and we can’t wait to reveal who they are:

This Year’s Special Note from the Organizers

This year, we did something new to make sure everyone might get a chance to share their ideas – regardless of the voting process. 

Along with our expert Advisory Board, we also invited speakers who didn’t win the public vote but have really good tips and insights to share. 

Yes – we’ve extended invitations to speakers who may not have won in the open voting but have invaluable insights to share. 

We think this makes the contest even better – as it gives us a fuller picture of what’s going on in the e-commerce world. 

We’re excited to hear from these speakers and know they’ll add a lot to our discussions. We hope it’s a step forward towards more submissions, too, as this gives a chance for more people to get their ideas and opinions heard. We look forward to seeing the results, and we’re always extremely happy to receive any feedback you might have. 

“At the heart of our mission at the E-Commerce Berlin EXPO is the belief that every voice, regardless of the company’s stature or revenue, carries the potential to introduce groundbreaking concepts and innovative strategies. We stand out by fostering a perfect mix of leading, successful brands as well as being a platform for emerging leaders and companies that bring fresh perspectives to the table. Our unique voting system is testament to this, emphasizing practical case studies and collaborations that resonate with our community instead of mundane sales pitches. In creating the powerful line-up for our February 2024 event, we have prioritized themes like AI and Digital Transformation, focusing on presentations that address real-time challenges, offer actionable solutions” 

— Efe von Thenen, Chairman of the Advisory Board, E-Commerce Berlin EXPO

We’ll See You – and Watch You – in Berlin

As we wrap up this year’s Call for Papers contest, the excitement is far from over. 

The winners will be taking the stage at the upcoming E-commerce Berlin Expo. And you can come and watch their presentations! It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to share their groundbreaking ideas with a wider audience. So mark your calendars and get ready – we’ll see you, and watch you, make waves in Berlin!