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Answer the Call for Papers: Ignite Your Ideas and Elevate Your Brand

The Call for Papers can act as a gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you’re a service provider rep, an e-commerce professional, or someone with a groundbreaking idea, our CFP offers you the platform to share your insights and make your mark. 

Next year’s edition of our renowned conference will be the next opportunity for you to showcase your expertise. Want to contribute to a dialogue that shapes the future? Check out our article for inspiration for your submission.

Why Participate in a CFP?

#1 Exposure and Networking

Stepping onto that stage isn’t just about the 20 minutes you get to share your knowledge. it’s about the connections you make and the doors that open for you – both before and thereafter. Speaking at a conference can significantly broaden your network and introduce you to like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. 

The ripple effect of your presentation could extend far beyond the conference hall. You never know who might be in the audience, ready to offer you your next big opportunity.

#2 Brand Awareness

Participating in a CFP is a great way to promote yourself or your organization.

It positions you as a thought leader in your field and gives you a platform to share your expertise on a larger scale. Your presentation could be the talk of the conference, earning you both recognition and respect. 

The content you present can also be repurposed for articles, webinars, or future talks – or be used for your social selling activities. 

#3 Free Participation

One of the best parts about this CFP is that it’s entirely free to participate. 

Even if you don’t top the voting charts, you still have a chance to grace the stage and share your insights, making it a win-win situation for all. This democratizes the platform, ensuring diverse voices are heard. It also lowers the barrier to entry. This makes the conference more accessible to a wider audience.

#4 Prime Time Spots

In past editions, those who won the CFP were given prime time spots in the conference schedule. This is a golden opportunity for maximum visibility and impact, making your participation all the more rewarding. 

The prime slots are often attended by industry leaders and decision-makers, offering you a chance to make a lasting impression. Your message could resonate WAY long after the conference is over! 

Finding Inspiration for Your Submission

YouTube Conference Playlist

If you’re looking for inspiration, our YouTube playlist is a treasure trove of ideas. 

Featuring talks from previous editions, it can help you gauge what topics resonate with our audience and how to structure your own presentation. Watching these talks can also help you identify gaps or areas that haven’t been covered yet. 

This could be your chance to fill that void with your unique perspective.

Spotlight on Last Year’s Winners

Last year’s conference was a treasure trove of insights, thanks to our exceptional speakers. 

  • Dr. Anamika Datta, Senior Product Manager at Zalando, captivated the audience with her talk on “From Clothes to Goals: How to Sell Intention in Fashion,” exploring the psychology behind fashion choices and how to leverage it in marketing. 
  • Florian Nottorf, CEO at ADFERENCE, and Johannes Kliesch, CEO & Founder at SNOCKS, shared their success story in “Mit smarten Amazon Ads zur Socken-Million: die SNOCKS X ADFERENCE Story,” detailing how smart advertising strategies can lead to exponential growth.
  • Jöran Eitel and Ralph Cibis from Thomann.io discussed “How We Are Creating the Most Inspiring Online Shopping Experience for Musicians,” offering a behind-the-scenes look at their user-centric approach to e-commerce. 
  • Elias Klemm from SumUp and Filippo Conforti, Founder at Commerce Layer, talked about “How SumUp Used Composable Commerce to Power 35 International Markets,” revealing how modular commerce solutions can drive global expansion.
  • Casimir Rob, Co-Founder at Every Foods, discussed achieving a double-digit conversion rate increase with sustainable same-day delivery, demonstrating how eco-friendly practices can boost sales. 
  • Kristina Kierner, Director Sales & Marketing at EVO Payments International, explored the positive impact on conversion rates with international acquiring and local payment methods, emphasizing the importance of payment flexibility.

These talks not only provided actionable insights but also served as a testament to the caliber of speakers our CFP attracts.

Selecting Topics That Resonate

When choosing a topic, think about what excites you and what you believe will add value to the conference. A topic that aligns with both your passion and the conference theme is likely to make for a compelling submission. 

Remember, the best presentations are those that offer a fresh take on existing issues or introduce new, groundbreaking ideas. Your topic should aim to do one or both.

How to Submit

Submitting your paper is a straightforward process. Simply follow the guidelines provided on our submission portal, ensuring you meet all deadlines and format requirements. 

A well-prepared submission not only increases your chances of being selected but also sets the tone for your presentation. 

Take your time to craft a submission that truly reflects the essence of your topic.

The stage is set; all it needs is you!

From networking and brand building to sharing your insights, the benefits or participating in CFP are many. This is your chance to be a part of something bigger, to contribute to a narrative that could shape the future of your field. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.