Beyond the Desktop: How German Businesses are Embracing Portable Tech

The German-speaking IT industry is experiencing a significant shift, as ITscope’s analysis reveals a growing preference for tablet PCs and notebooks among B2B customers in the DACH-region. This trend is reshaping the market, indicating a move away from traditional desktops towards more flexible, mobile solutions. As businesses seek technologies that adapt to diverse work scenarios, these changes in hardware preferences are not just altering the IT product landscape but are also revolutionizing work environments. As one of the leading platforms for IT procurement and sales in the B2B sector, ITscope provides valuable insights into current market movements and sales trends. The data from does more than just track current demand; it provides a glimpse into the future of office technology, suggesting a move towards workspaces that prioritize efficiency, adaptability, and innovation. This evolution reflects a broader trend in the business world towards embracing technological advancements that enhance productivity and redefine the conventional office setup.

Mobility redefined: How tablets and notebooks are transforming workspaces

The ITscope data clearly shows that the trend towards flexible workspace solutions is gaining momentum. Tablet PCs have established themselves as favorites and are leading the click charts on ITscope. Particularly, the Apple iPads are hard to miss as they dominate the tablet category with their combination of user-friendliness, performance, and design. At the top of the list is the Apple iPad Wi-Fi, 10.2″, which has emerged as a favorite among the ITscope community due to its intuitive operation and versatility. However, notebooks have also seen a significant rise in popularity among users. Devices like the Lenovo ThinkPad L15 Gen 3 have proven themselves with an impressive 20,000 clicks per quarter, showing that they are on par with tablets in terms of performance and flexibility. These developments underline a clear trend: flexibility in the workplace is in demand, and modern companies are opting for devices that are both powerful and stylish.

The statistics for 2023 were analyzed based on the click numbers from the first three quarters of 2023 and Q4 2022 for the top ten most-clicked products in the tablet PCs, notebooks, and PC desktop systems categories on the ITscope platform.

Adaptive tech at the forefront

The expanding popularity of tablets and notebooks reflects the changing landscape of office technology. With the increasing need for mobility and agile work environments, businesses are seeking versatile devices that can adapt to different work scenarios. Tablets offer the convenience of portability and touch-screen functionality, making them ideal for on-the-go professionals who need to access information and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere. On the other hand, notebooks provide the power and performance required for more demanding tasks, such as video editing or data analysis, while still offering the flexibility to work remotely.

The rise of flexible workspaces has been driven by various factors. The advancement of cloud computing and remote collaboration tools has made it easier for employees to work from anywhere, reducing the reliance on traditional desktop PCs. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work policies, pushing organizations to invest in devices that enable seamless communication and productivity, regardless of location.

Shrinking in popularity: Full PC systems lose appeal

In addition to tablets and notebooks, other IT products have also seen a shift in popularity. Traditional desktop PCs, for instance, have experienced a decline in interest compared to the previous year. This can be attributed to the rise of hybrid work models, where PC desktop systems seem like relics from a bygone era. Instead, mini-PCs have gained traction in the market. These compact devices can be discreetly mounted behind the monitor, taking up minimal space and even accompanying users to their home offices. The most popular product in the PC desktop systems category is also a mini-PC: the HP Pro Mini 400 G9 with an Intel i5 processor. The popularity of mini-PCs demonstrates a shift in mindset within the IT industry, where size is no longer synonymous with performance. These mini-PCs showcase that powerful technology can come in a small form factor, confirming the trend towards more efficient and space-conscious solutions in the office environment. While traditional desktop PCs may be losing ground, they still have a place in specific work environments that require their specific capabilities.

Networking technology on the rise: Unlocking the potential of the modern office

Another area experiencing an upswing in demand is network technology. The return to the office has triggered a noticeable surge in the world of network devices. The product category includes routers, repeaters, transceivers, and other essential products for reliable network connectivity, and it experienced significant growth on the ITscope platform in 2023. The most viewed product in this category was the UbiQuiti UniFi U6-PRO, an access point that can be ceiling-mounted to ensure Wi-Fi reception in large offices. The top ten products in 2023 garnered so much attention that network devices, after tablets, became the second most popular product category on ITscope. This suggests that the back-to-office trend in the DACH region has led to increased demand for efficient network technology. A stable and secure Wi-Fi connection in the office is no longer just a convenience; it is a critical factor for daily business operations. This trend indicates that companies are increasingly investing in high-quality network solutions to meet the challenges of the modern workplace and ensure smooth communication and data transfer.

ITscope users have access to a detailed price and availability history, as well as a product click history. This can be seen in the example of the UbiQuiti UniFi U6-PRO access point. 

The IT landscape is undergoing a transformation

The ITscope analysis provides a glimpse into the changing landscape of the IT industry in German-speaking regions. It suggests a shift towards more flexible IT solutions in German offices, away from bulky PC desktop systems and towards portable devices and notebooks that can be used in both traditional office spaces and home offices. In the near future, we may witness significant innovations in the IT field that will fundamentally change the way we work. Some of these innovations could include the integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the workplace to enable collaborative and immersive experiences. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is also expected to increase, creating a more efficient and intelligent office environment. Furthermore, advanced networking technologies like 5G could further enhance connectivity and collaboration in offices.

Navigating the digtial future with ITscope

From small yet formidable companies to medium-sized powerhouses, many outsource their IT challenges to external service providers. Conversely, large corporations often have their in-house IT departments. What unites these diverse entities? The answer lies with ITscope. This platform stands as a central hub for IT procurement, catering to the evolving needs of the B2B sector. ITscope is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, providing an all-encompassing solution for system houses, resellers, distributors, and manufacturers. It functions as a pivotal tool, accurately tracking popular products and categories within the IT landscape, particularly in the German-speaking DACH region. With access to pricing and availability for over 7 million products from more than 400 suppliers, ITscope facilitates swift comparisons and efficient organization. Businesses can explore customized shops, integrating their procurement processes seamlessly with ITscope, thereby maximizing their e-commerce potential and satisfying customer demands. As B2B customer needs continue to shift, partnering with a reliable technology provider like ITscope becomes increasingly crucial for navigating the dynamic IT market.”

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