Boost Your Sales in CEE: Why Allegro is a Must

If you’re into e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, you simply have to consider Allegro as your go-to platform. 

It’s not just another marketplace – but a proven accelerator for your business growth. 

Curious about what makes Allegro so special? 

In the article below, you’ll discover the top reasons for this.

The Heart of E-commerce Growth

Allegro stands at the forefront of e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe – as it’s driving undeniable growth and market leadership. With an 11% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to 54.8 billion and a 19.7% surge in revenue (reaching nearly PLN 8 billion) Allegro’s Polish operations highlight its unmatched position and successful monetization strategies.

This platform is a dynamic ecosystem attracting nearly 150.000 merchants and 19.6 million active buyers. Such impressive numbers aren’t just statistics – they’re proof of a thriving community where each merchant’s success draws more consumers. 

The result is a cycle of growth and opportunity that creates a flywheel.

Allegro’s comprehensive ecosystem, integrating advertising, fintech, and logistics solutions, doesn’t just support businesses – it propels them forward. 

These strategic growth engines are tailored to improve both the merchant and consumer experiences. All these efforts make Allegro the indispensable partner for e-commerce expansion in the CEE region.


Strategic Expansion via Charting New Territories

Allegro secures its spot as Poland’s top e-commerce platform and the largest of European origin. 

But now, it also targets high-potential, underserved markets across Central and Eastern Europe, promising vast consumer bases for retailers and acquiring established brands like MALL, WE|DO, and CZC (Czech Republic), as well as Mimovrste (Slovenia).  As a result, Allegro is able to collaborate closely with legacy brands launching fully localized Allegro marketplaces with competitive value propositions.

The expansion also introduces a unique e-commerce portal in Slovakia, boasting 100 million listings. This is ten times more than any competitor locally (10 times more products than in any e-shop in Slovakia, 87% of the 140 thousands best-selling products on are cheaper or at the same price compared to 69 popular Slovak e-shops as of 29 February 2024). The approach allows sellers to list their products once and sell across every market where Allegro operates.

Notably, in Czechia has seen active buyers double to the fourth quarter of 2023 alone – to 1.6 million. The launch of in Slovakia marks another milestone in Allegro’s regional strategy.

Allegro’s sustainable growth strategy and efficient playbook for CEE expansion make it an appealing and ever-growing platform for retailers. It speaks volumes about its scalable model and adaptability – making it even more attractive to businesses interested in the CEE market.

Step by Step, Elevating Merchant Success

Allegro stands out as the top choice for merchants aiming to scale their businesses. In FY23, it showcased its might with access to 19.6 million customers, demonstrating its market reach and exposure.

Trust forms the foundation of Allegro’s merchant relationships, bolstered by the Allegro Protect Buyers Protection Program and a suite of delivery options that prioritize speed and affordability. 

In addition to boosting client loyalty, these initiatives boost merchants’ sales potential too!

Driving demand, Allegro employs its Smart! loyalty program, mobile app, and events like Allegro Days and Smart! Week to engage customers actively and drive traffic. 

This approach, coupled with competitive rates and comprehensive support through Allegro Academy, provides merchants with everything from sales analytics to legal advice, ensuring they’re well-equipped to thrive.


  • nearly 150.000 merchants benefiting from its unique value proposition, 
  • 13% of GMV financed via Allegro Pay, 
  • over 100 educational courses, videos, and podcasts, 
  • and over 50 sales events and campaigns annually,

Allegro solidifies its role as a pivotal growth partner.


Allegro Smart! for Customer Loyalty Revolution

We already mentioned that Allegro’s Smart! program sets the standard for customer engagement and loyalty in the e-commerce space. Introducing this loyalty program has helped Allegro achieve a 7th consecutive quarterly increase in active buyers, now boasting 14.6 million customers in Poland only.

The essence of the Smart! program lies in its unmatched focus on selection, price, and convenience – all creating an irresistible value proposition for customers

The strategy has strengthened customer loyalty as well as increased shopping frequency on the platform.

Key benefits of the Smart! program include: 

  • unlimited deliveries and free returns, 
  • exclusive access to best deals during shopping events, 
  • pre-sales, 
  • and product premieres. 

A strict selection of merchants eligible for Smart! (only those with a recommendation rate of at least 98% and 5 positive reviews in the last twelve months can participate) underscores Allegro’s commitment to quality.

The results are clear: Smart! merchants experience up to 5 times the growth in popularity compared to others on the platform, with Smart! offers becoming approximately 3 times more popular. 

Allegro’s Logistics: Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective

Allegro takes e-commerce logistics to the next level with its commitment to fast, reliable, and affordable delivery across Europe. Partnering with InPost, DPD, DHL, Packeta, WEIDO, and international Allegro Delivery and leveraging an asset-light expansion strategy showcases Allegro’s prowess in strategic planning and cost management. As a result, merchants and customers benefit from scalable solutions.

The delivery experience at Allegro rests on three core pillars: speed, affordability, and convenience. And numbers speak for themselves.

Over 85% of orders land on customers’ doorsteps within 1-2 days, with more than 45% arriving the next day. This commitment to prompt delivery meets a 90-95% accuracy rate, setting a high standard in customer satisfaction.

As part of the Smart! program,  Allegro offers free delivery options, while maintaining competitive rates for non-Smart! customers. As part of its logistics infrastructure, the platform simplifies returns and is capable of handling heavy or bulky deliveries, offering value-added services like home installation.

A set of logistics solutions from Allegro meets immediate delivery expectations but also reinforce long-term customer loyalty and merchant success.

All-time Strong Financial Performance

Let’s talk about how well Allegro is doing with its money – and why that’s great news for sellers like you. Last year, Allegro made a big leap, boosting its earnings (we’re talking about adjusted EBITDA here) by 28% in Poland. They hit nearly PLN 3 billion. 

This isn’t just about big numbers. It means Allegro is on solid ground. They’re doing things right and growing fast, which is perfect for businesses looking to get bigger and better.

This means stability on the market, availability for the sellers, and ongoing innovation. It’s a safe and promising place for you to grow your business. 

So, if you’re looking to make your mark in e-commerce, Allegro’s got your back.

A Technological Edge At All Times

Allegro sets the standard for seamless e-commerce experiences through advanced technological solutions. The platform’s dedication to facilitating smooth transactions is evident with Allegro Pay Business – offering merchants swift payment processing and flexible payment options. 

Allegro, leveraging its Allegro Pay Business for payment and financing solutions, anticipates boosting both interest and conversion rates on its marketplace platform. 

As a result of this strategic move, the platform is expected to not only increase engagement but also increase the average order value for corporate baskets by a significant margin. It presents a substantial advantage for the sellers on Allegro’s platform. 

Through the mechanism of deferred payments, vendors who list their products on Allegro receive the transaction funds almost instantaneously following the successful verification of the buyer. 

The system eliminates the financial risk typically associated with cash on delivery, ensuring a smoother, more secure transaction.

Continual innovation is at the core of Allegro’s success. Allegro uses cutting-edge technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance online shopping. Technology advancements such as search optimization, swift delivery, and reliable fraud detection further improve the customer experience and help grow the platform. Additionally, Allegro platform can be easily integrated with your own e-shop through APIs and operators such as Baselinker.

Allegro Pay simplifies purchases for customers and integrates seamlessly into everyday life. Furthermore, initiatives like Allegro Cash and a comprehensive network of pick-up points clearly show the platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction and value.


Want to make a splash in Central and Eastern Europe? 

Allegro’s your go-to. 

It’s your launchpad into the CEE market – backed by awesome tech, great financials, and a vibe that keeps everyone coming back for more.

It’s where innovation meets opportunity, making it the perfect partner for anyone ready to take their business to the next level. With Allegro, you’re not just entering the market – you’re set to lead it, 100%. 

Create an account today and start making a difference!