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Check Out Who’s Exhibiting at E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024!

It’s that time again – The E-commerce Berlin Expo doors are soon opening, and the organizers are ready to introduce some of those amazing exhibitors who are joining the event next year. EBE2024 won’t just be any event. It’s a gathering of the best in the e-commerce world, where ideas spark, and trends take shape.

Without further ado – check out the dozens of exhibitors you can meet in Berlin in February.


7Learnings specializes in optimizing retail pricing through predictive pricing software, leveraging advanced machine learning models for accurate demand forecasting at various price points. Their intuitive solution maximizes business goals by utilizing data and considering various marketing scenarios. 

Meet them at Booth D1.8 during the Ecommerce Berlin Expo. 

We’re excited to see how 7Learnings transforms pricing strategies and encourages you to explore their innovative solutions!

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Actindo AG, a global leader in DOP & ERP, boasts over 15 years of market expertise. Their Digital Operations Platform (DOP) unifies and streamlines digital business models, combining composable commerce elements. This API-first, MACH-certified technology features built-in data organization and distributed order management, enabling brands and retailers to extend the platform, integrate legacy IT, and deliver exceptional digital experiences across all channels. Renowned enterprises like Nintendo of Europe and ALDI Onlineshop rely on Actindo. Visit them at Booth C1.5 to explore their innovative solutions. 

We’re excited for you to experience Actindo’s innovative digital operations platform.

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Allegro.pl is Poland’s most popular shopping platform and a leading European ecommerce player, operating a marketplace model with over 135,000 merchants. They offer a wide range of products across key categories, catering to 22 million monthly customers. 

Discover Allegro’s dynamic marketplace at Booth C7.1. 

Don’t miss the chance to connect with this top ecommerce brand and learn about their expansive offerings!

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Amazon Freight

Amazon Freight, a branch of the renowned Amazon brand, offers comprehensive freight services. They provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions, leveraging Amazon’s extensive logistics network. Meet Amazon Freight at Booths B4.2 and B4.1, Stage B Patronage to learn more about their freight services. We encourage you to explore how Amazon Freight can streamline your logistics and shipping needs.

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Artefact is a global leader in data & AI consulting and data-driven marketing services, committed to transforming data into tangible business results. Their unique methodology and multidisciplinary teams have fueled their rapid growth. Artefact places consumers at the core of their strategy, offering a range of data-driven solutions built upon deep AI expertise. With 1300+ employees in 16 countries, they serve over 1000 clients globally. 

Meet Artefact at Booth D2.6, as well as their Premium Stage D, to discover their data consulting and marketing services. We look forward to showcasing their visionary approach to data and AI.

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Channel Pilot Solutions

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, a Hamburg-based E-Commerce SaaS provider, offers Channel Pilot Pro, an innovative cloud-based product data management tool. This tool enables online shops, agencies, and brands to export and comprehensively optimize their product data, significantly boosting sales. With 52% of Germany’s top 25 e-commerce companies using Channel Pilot Pro, it’s a proven leader in its field. 

Find them at Booth M6.5 at the Ecommerce Berlin Expo.

We’re excited to introduce you to their revolutionary product data management solutions.

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Cover Genius is a pioneering insurtech company offering embedded protection through XCover, their global distribution platform. They partner with the world’s largest digital companies, including Booking Holdings, Uber, and Amazon, to provide tailored, optimized protection in over 60 countries. XCover.com handles customer needs from sale to claims, offering an award-winning service design. 

Visit Cover Genius at Booth A9.3 and explore their innovative insurance solutions.

With their customer-centric approach, Cover Genius is transforming the insurance landscape – and you need to see it yourself!

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Descartes Pixi

Descartes, a global leader in logistics software solutions, offers pixi WMS, a top warehouse management software in eCommerce. Pixi WMS streamlines eCommerce and omnichannel backend processes, including order import, pick-pack-ship processes, and delivery. It’s a flexible, scalable solution for efficient order processing and robust logistics. 

Meet Descartes Pixi at Booth C1.3, and enjoy their Stage C Paronage.

Explore their innovative logistics solutions that are shaping the future of eCommerce!

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ePages, a leading provider of cloud-based online shop solutions, empowers over 100,000 merchants with its innovative and user-friendly platform. Specializing in supporting small to medium-sized businesses, ePages offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating responsive, SEO-optimized online stores in up to 15 languages. Their platform seamlessly integrates with various technology partners, ensuring a versatile and efficient e-commerce experience.

Visit them at Booth E4.8 at the Ecommerce Berlin Expo to explore their dynamic online shop solutions. We’re excited for you to see how ePages can revolutionize your online business!

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FedEx Express

FedEx Express, the world’s largest cargo airline and express transportation company, connects over 220 countries and territories globally. They support customers with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services. Their offerings include seamless online shop and marketplace integration, customs expertise, extensive tracking and delivery options, flexible delivery customization, and simplified, automated return processes.

Visit FedEx Express at Booth E1.6 to explore their comprehensive logistics solutions. We’re excited for you to experience their global reach and innovative logistics services.

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Ikas is a next-generation e-commerce platform designed for small businesses, aiming to be one of Europe’s leading platforms by 2030. They help SMBs create lightning-fast storefronts with great back-end features out-of-the-box. Supported by notable investors like 500 and Revo, Ikas is poised for significant growth. 

Visit Ikas at Booths E3.5 and E3.4 to explore their innovative e-commerce solutions. 

We’re excited for you to experience how Ikas is empowering small businesses with their user-friendly and efficient platform.

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JTL-Software-GmbH provides cutting-edge software for eCommerce businesses. With over 50,000 customers in the German-speaking region, they are a leading eCommerce software manufacturer. Their free ERP system, JTL-Wawi, integrates seamlessly with major marketplaces and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for successful multichannel commerce. 

Visit JTL at Booths F1.2 and F1.3 to discover how their software can revolutionize your eCommerce operations.

We look forward to seeing you there and exploring JTL’s innovative solutions.

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Kaufland Global Marketplace

Kaufland Global Marketplace offers an all-in-one solution for online sellers to market their products nationally and internationally on Kaufland’s platforms. This networked multi-marketplace technology enables centralized control of all offers, orders, and product data from a single portal. Kaufland Global Marketplace provides an ideal infrastructure for sellers to grow both nationally and internationally, avoiding the lengthy process of building up their own resources. 

Visit them at Booth F5.1 at the Ecommerce Berlin Expo. We’re excited for you to explore Kaufland’s vast marketplace and the opportunities it presents for global expansion.

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Nova Post

Nova Post, part of the international NOVA group, offers comprehensive logistics, financial, and IT services. With a strong presence in Ukraine and across Europe, Nova Post boasts the largest network in Ukraine and significant operations in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and other European countries. They specialize in express delivery services to, from, and within Ukraine, offering a range of logistics solutions. 

Find Nova Post at Booth A7.3 and discover their efficient and expansive delivery services. We encourage you to visit their booth to learn more about their extensive logistics network.

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Plenty One

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system that integrates stock management with a shop system and omni-channel sales. This cloud-based software offers a range of functions and interfaces for complete business automation and scaling. plentymarkets facilitates selling on numerous channels, providing an online store, interfaces to markets, payment and shipping services, and a point of sale system. 

Meet them at Booth M1.5 to explore how plentymarkets can streamline your e-commerce operations. 

We’re excited for you to experience their comprehensive and versatile e-commerce solutions.

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Rithum™ is a leading trade network, creating connected ecommerce experiences for brands, manufacturers, and retailers. Their platform accelerates growth, optimizes operations across channels, scales product offerings, and improves margins. With over 40,000 businesses trusting Rithum, they’re a significant force in ecommerce. 

Visit them at Booths C3.3 and C3.4. 

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with Rithum’s comprehensive trade and marketing solutions!

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Riverty is revolutionizing payment and financial flow management with flexible payment options, smarter accounting, and consumer-friendly debt collection. Their holistic approach empowers businesses and consumers to move at their own pace, offering deep integration into purchase journeys, post-purchase services, and insightful data analytics. Riverty’s services, including dunning and debt collection, are tailored to industry needs, ensuring fair and transparent solutions. 

Visit Riverty in the Networking Zone, and explore their innovative financial solutions. Their transformative approach to financial management will blow you away!

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Smarketer is a leading international performance marketing agency specializing in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Founded in 2011, they offer comprehensive, multilingual Google Ads consultations in areas like Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display Network, YouTube, Remarketing, Gmail, and Mobile Apps. With over 200 employees and 900 clients, Smarketer is Europe’s largest dedicated Google Ads agency. They are a Google Premier Partner, Google CSS-Premium-Partner, and the 2021 Microsoft Global Channel Partner of the Year. 

Meet Smarketer at Booth E5.2, as well as their Premium Stage E to discover their holistic strategic consulting for sustainable growth. We look forward to showcasing their expertise in search engine marketing and beyond.

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Solution 360

Solution360, a specialized e-commerce agency, excels in delivering high-quality online shop projects using JTL-Software, Shopware, Shopify, and Alexa Voice. Their services range from strategic consulting, concept and design, shop realization, to individual plugin development, with a focus on usability, SEO, and content. Since 2017, they have offered the easyTemplate360, an innovative combination of JTL-Template and Shop-CMS, allowing for easy customization of JTL online shops. 

Meet Solution360 at Booths F2.1 and F1.1 to discover their expert e-commerce solutions. 

We look forward to showcasing their unique and user-friendly e-commerce services.

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Stripe is a leading financial infrastructure platform for businesses, trusted by millions of companies worldwide, from startups to large enterprises. They specialize in accepting payments, growing revenue, and accelerating business opportunities. Based in San Francisco and Dublin, Stripe aims to boost the GDP of the internet. 

Visit them at Booth D2.5 to explore their comprehensive payment infrastructure. We’re excited for you to experience Stripe’s innovative solutions that are shaping the future of internet commerce.

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See you in Berlin, shall we?

That’s all for our partial exhibitor reveal for the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024! Be sure that the organizers are just getting started, and there’s so much more to come.

Stay tuned to ecommerceberlin.com for more exciting announcements.

EBE24 brings the best of e-commerce under one roof, and we can’t wait for you to join this incredible journey.

Berlin is calling, and the future of e-commerce is waiting.

See you at the Expo!