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E-commerce Berlin Expo Announces Call for Papers Contest for 2024

The E-commerce Berlin Expo, one of the most anticipated events in the e-commerce industry, is thrilled to announce its Call for Papers (CFP) contest for the upcoming 2024 edition. The event, scheduled for the 22nd of February 2024, promises to be a grand gathering with over 10,000 visitors, representing a diverse range of retailers and brands.

What is the Call for Papers Contest?

The Call for Papers contest is an integral part of E-commerce Berlin Expo. It aims to invite industry professionals to share their presentation ideas – and then, get the chance to share them live in February 2024, on one of the EBE24 stages in Berlin.

Whether it’s a well-executed project, a case study that you take pride in, or unique tips and strategies for the e-commerce community, this platform is for you.

Why case studies? Because they capture the essence of real-life challenges, opportunities, strategies, and successes. Through them, the audience gains insight into the practical aspects of the industry. You stand a much better chance of winning the contest if you come up with a case study!

Participants can submit their proposals under seven distinct categories. There are two voting phases, and the winners have the opportunity to present their idea on one of the stages of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024.

Array of Categories to Showcase Expertise

The CFP contest invites submissions across seven unique categories this year:

  • FinTech: Delving into payments, tax operations, security, and fraud.
  • Marketing in E-commerce: Highlighting successful marketing campaigns, SEO analytics, and future trends.
  • Analytics and Conversion: Focusing on business intelligence, analytics, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Crossborder and International Expansion: Exploring global expansion opportunities and challenges in e-commerce.
  • Logistics: Discussing automation, logistics optimization, and sustainability in supply chain operations.
  • Software and Platforms: Covering e-commerce platforms, CRM, SaaS, and ERP solutions.
  • FutureTech and Innovations: Offering insights into emerging technologies like AI, VR, blockchain, NFTs, and machine learning.

CFP Numbers Speak for Themselves

The E-commerce Berlin Expo’s Call for Papers (CFP) is more than just a contest; it’s a testament to excellence in the e-commerce field. Let’s take a look at what makes this so special:

  • 5 conference stages open throughout the day, allowing a diverse array of topics and speakers, in front of expected 10,000+ visitors. 
  • A remarkable 90% of conference sessions were fully attended, reflecting the quality and relevance of the content.
  • With over 400 contest entries received last year, the competition will be even fiercer this year, but it also highlights the vast pool of talent and innovation in the industry.
  • Last year’s winners were nothing short of esteemed professionals, including names like Jöran Eitel from Thomann.io, Dr. Florian Nottorf from ADFERENCE, Dr. Anamika Datta from Zalando, and Dr. Ralph Hünermann from ODOSCOPE.

These numbers and names don’t just quantify the event; they qualify it, underlining the Expo’s reputation as a premier gathering for the e-commerce industry.

If you’re thinking about participating, these figures should inspire confidence and excitement about what awaits at the upcoming edition of Call for Papers. In case you aren’t convinced yet, let us do that with the next point.

Advisory Board with Excellence at Its Core

Ever wondered who will be looking at your ideas in the Call for Papers contest? 

The Call for Papers contest at the E-commerce Berlin Expo isn’t just a competition; it’s a collaboration judged by some of the top experts in the industry. This year’s Advisory Board is a testament to that excellence, and here’s who they are:

When you submit your proposal, you not only have the chance to compete for recognition but also have your work evaluated by these industry experts.

Now Accepting Submissions

Your expertise could resonate with thousands, and your story could be the spark that ignites new ideas, connections, and business. Take inspiration from the presentations from previous editions of EBE to cook your own recipe for success.

The organizers are waiting for your submission right here.