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E-commerce Berlin Expo: Your Guide to the Star-Packed Schedule

Where the next big e-commerce ideas are discussed – and new ones are born?

Welcome to the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2024. 

Here, industry innovators and digital retail experts meet up to share their knowledge and insights. Get ready for an event of transformative ideas and strategies that will redefine your approach to online retail. 

February 22nd is the day when the future of e-commerce takes center stage – and when you could change how you think about e-commerce. You can expect a day packed with insightful talks, groundbreaking technology, and networking opportunities that will redefine your business. 

Now, we’re beyond thrilled to share an expanded sneak peek of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024 agenda.

The following are just a few of the All-Stars on our team:

Thomann Music – Dr. Christian Maaß – CDO & MD – “The forgotten foundations of E-Commerce”

Join Dr. Christian Maaß from Thomann Music for a fascinating talk. He will explore the basic yet crucial elements of e-commerce. Dr. Maaß will share key insights from his experience at Thomann Music. We recommend this session for anyone eager to learn about the core principles that drive online businesses – whether you’re just starting out or already established.

Universal Music – Ralf Kotthoff – Operations Officer E-Commerce / D2C – D2C E-Commerce von Personen Marken

The anticipation is building up! Imagine handling e-commerce for the biggest names in music – Taylor Swift, Metallica, Helene Fischer, Julien Bam, and more. Sounds thrilling, right? Ralf Kotthoff from Universal Music is living this reality. In his talk, he’ll take us behind the scenes of managing e-commerce for celebrity brands. He will give you a glimpse into the world of e-commerce for celebrity brands, backed by his 20 years of experience.

IKEA – Farzin Saber – Global VP Digital Project Office – Omnichannel Optimizing the Shopping Experience

Farzin Saber from IKEA will be guiding us through their innovative approach to omnichannel retailing. He will discuss IKEA’s approach to connecting online and offline shopping. How IKEA make every customer interaction enjoyable and easy? Join his presentation and learn from their strategies to make shopping seamless and comforting, just like being at home. We’re on the edge of our seats for it!

Refurbed – Kilian Kaminski – Founder – Opportunities for the circular economy – scaling a recommerce business

Meet Kilian Kaminski, the founder of Refurbed, 30 under 30 Europe, Capital Top 40 under 40, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, who will talk about the exciting world of recommerce. He’ll explain how the circular economy is creating new opportunities and ways to scale e-commerce businesses – and we can’t wait to hear it! This session is a must for anyone interested in sustainable business practices and how they can drive growth and innovation in the e-commerce sector.

TikTok – Sahra Al-Dujaili – Head of Brand Partnerships Retail, Ecommerce & Marketplace – DACH – “Impactful Entertainment on TikTok: Exploring Community Commerce, Brandformance & Trends for 2024”

In her engaging session, Sahra Al-Dujaili from TikTok will discuss the power of entertainment in e-commerce. She’ll explore how community commerce and ‘brandformance’ are shaping trends for 2024. There is no better talk for those looking to understand how to leverage TikTok’s unique platform for impactful and trend-setting e-commerce strategies!

Philips – Serkan Otles – Senior Director, Global Head of Business Development – “A Consumer-centric digital transformation journey”

Serkan Otles from Philips will share insights on creating a consumer-centric digital transformation. He’ll discuss adapting omnichannel strategies across in-store, online, and social platforms to offer the best retail experience. During this session, we will discuss how to tackle customer behavior across channels for targeted marketing as well as how to be authentic and inclusive on social media. Counting down the days!

OTTO – Jörg Heinemann – Innovation Evangelist – “Social Commerce – Innovation or Revolution?”

Jörg Heinemann from OTTO will take us through the exciting world of Social Commerce. Is it an innovation or a revolution? Discover how short videos are taking over social media and reshaping e-commerce. Jörg will discuss the integration of purchasing processes on social platforms and how e-commerce can leverage formats like live shopping for better consulting, inspiration, and interaction. And we can’t wait for it!

Schwarz IT (Lidl, & Kaufland) – Holger Koch – Team Lead Development Berlin – “Challenges and success factors for software engineering leads in the retail industry”

In this talk, Holger Koch from Schwarz IT will share insights into the challenges and rewards of leading software development in Europe’s largest retail sector. He’ll discuss the increasing complexity in software engineering and its impact on developer productivity. For those interested in leadership and team management in challenging environments – this talk is for you!

Transgourmet Deutschland – Jens Friedrich, Head of E-Commerce & 1xINTERNET – Baddý Sonja Breidert, CEO & co-founder – “Transgourmet / Selgros – a Multisite Solution based on Open Source”

Join Jens Friedrich from Transgourmet and Baddý Sonja Breidert from 1xINTERNET as they debate the digital transformation of Transgourmet, a leader in e-commerce platforms in Germany. They will reveal how their multisite platform improves the shopping experience for B2B customers, streamlines website management, and boosts competitiveness. Don’t miss this chance for an insightful exchange and to ask your burning questions!

Uber Direct – Moritz Bernhard, Head of Uber Direct – Germany – “How faster delivery impacts customer behavior”

In his unique presentation, Moritz Bernhard from Uber Direct discusses the importance of fast delivery in e-commerce. Based on a comprehensive survey with over 5,000 online shoppers, he will cover how express delivery under two hours influences customer behavior, from awareness to loyalty. Learn about Uber Direct’s innovative delivery solutions that enhance the shopping experience while keeping your brand front and center. Excitedly looking forward to it!

Motatos – Fredrik Glimskär, Creative Director – “It’s stupid being stupid – A creative platform cutting through the noise”

The unique approach Motatos uses to change customer behavior in food purchasing will be shared by Fredrik Glimskär in his talk in Berlin. Discover how Motatos, as an industry challenger, is forging a deep connection with customers through the bold and creative platform “It’s stupid being stupid.” Anyone interested in innovative marketing strategies and customer engagement will get an inside look at how to stand out in a crowded market in this session!

Let’s meet in Berlin!

Choosing only a few presentations to bring closer to you isn’t easy, but we believe that these are the ones you definitely don’t want to miss. So let’s meet in Berlin for this one-of-a-kind event! Learn from industry leaders, explore new technologies, and gain insights into what’s next – see you soon!