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E-commerce Folks: Meet Tina Nord

Tina Nord

Time for Tina Nord from EyeEm in our “E-commerce Folks” series!

In “E-commerce Folks” we introduce e-commerce professionals to our readers through a short questionnaire with all the same 15 short sentences to finish.

Short & sweet: no facts and figures, no case studies, no company’s strategies. Just them and their quick insights about e-commerce.

My adventure with e-commerce started… in November 2010 with my job as a student trainee at (back then) start-up in the content & PR department.

…But when I was a child, I wanted to… sell ice cream.

The most overrated things in e-commerce are… free lemonade and a soccer table as employee benefits.

The most underrated thing in e-commerce is… customer feedback, especially in marketing.

The biggest success I had working in e-commerce was… the development of my previous team and the challenges & projects we accomplished together. I am pleased and proud about our achievements.

The biggest mistake I made in ecommerce (and how I dealt with it) was… underestimating customer feedback. I believed that figures and KPIs show all I need to know, but I did not consider the WHY behind a certain performance. I solved that by making customer feedback a requirement for every major marketing project.

This year’s hottest trend in e-commerce is… automation through machine learning.

In 10 years, e-commerce will be… faster, more intuitive, voice first, user centric and the way users handle their data has changed.

When I hire people, I care most about the candidate’s… motivation for a specific position and their work attitude.

An e-commerce business/venture that inspires me most is… my current employer EyeEm.


An e-commerce (or related) website that I read most often is…

My favourite online shop is… – I actually do not have a favorite. I do use Amazon a lot, due to the convenience. But I would not associate Amazon with something I favour.

I can’t imagine my work without… my team and colleagues. (And my daily cup of black tea with ginger and honey.)

To motivate myself, I… focus on the unknown that worth discovering. It’s always part of my work somehow.

The advice I would give to my younger self is… your doing just fine – trust in yourself.

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