Expo and Awards

E-commerce Germany Awards are back to business!

Despite a long break from physical events, we’re back and ready to go! We’re not only bringing back the E-commerce Berlin Expo in February 2022, but also all the events associated with it. E-commerce Germany Awards is, of course, one of them. There are exciting times ahead, so let’s find out what they will bring!

What are E-commerce Germany Awards?

A fifth edition of the E-commerce Germany Awards is coming in 2022. With a special gala to summarize and award the winners, the prestigious contest has become a jewel in the German e-commerce events calendar, attracting increasingly more participants submissions each year.

Who can participate in E-commerce Germany Awards?

Our awards have gained acclaim across the continent. Does anyone qualify for the competition, however?

Businesses, service providers, and agencies active in e-commerce may enter in any one of the twelve categories.

For the entry to be considered, the submitting company must meet a few requirements:

  • They must be present and active in the ever-changing German market
  • The company should play a role in e-commerce growth throughout the entire region
  • or/and they need to stand out with innovative solutions that benefit the whole industry

Does this sound like your company? Don’t hesitate to submit your entry today. In the following paragraph, we will highlight our upcoming categories for the 2022 edition of the E-commerce Germany Awards.

E-commerce Germany Awards 2022 categories

As a result of market feedback, we’ve responded to the demand to recognize the industry’s real innovators, who tackle new sectors each year.

As a result, we revamped our Awards categories, adding a few new ones as well as modifying some. 

In 2022, companies will be competing not in as many as 12 categories.

#1 Best Omnichannel Solution

#2 Best Product Content Creation Tool 

#3 Best Sales Generation Tool 

#4 Best Customer Communication Tool

#5 Best Solution for International Expansion

#6 Best Logistics Solution

#7 Best Platform / Shop software

#8 Best Payment Solution

#9 Best Analytics / BI solutions

#10 The Best Agency

#11 Best IT and infrastructural solution

#12 Best innovation / New development in E-commerce

Submissions from both the real revolutionaries in ecommerce solutions and those who help them thrive every day are welcome.

Among all the winners from last year, you can recognize Hubspot, Sendcloud, Infobip, and Fraugster.

Jurors of the E-commerce Germany Awards 2022

Who will evaluate the submissions?

You can be sure that our group of jurors will persuade you if our categories haven’t yet. Could you imagine the feeling of having your submission reviewed by industry giants?

Imagine no longer – just submit it straight away. Our contestants’ submissions will be scrutinized by representatives from companies such as:

and many, many more. There is a separate page for Jurors with all the details.  

There’s more to Awards: E-commerce Germany Awards Ceremony

Every year, we combine our ceremony of recognizing the winners with a huge networking party before the actual E-commerce Berlin Expo. At the ceremony, the winners are announced. During the event, you will also get the chance to meet Jury and other industry influencers and experts. A must-attend event. Let’s meet in person to celebrate, share joy, and talk about e-commerce!

Pencil the date – see you on the 8th of February in Berlin.