February 2024 E-commerce Insights End-of-Month News Review

As February draws to a close, the ecommerce and tech sectors have once again showcased their dynamic nature through various developments. From strategic expansions and technological innovations to significant financial milestones, businesses across the globe continue to adapt and thrive amidst evolving market demands. This month’s news review highlights key movements within the industry, offering a glimpse into the strategies companies are employing to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

Wish Announces Trade-In Service in Europe

Wish is launching a trade-in service in Europe, allowing customers to exchange used tech devices for money. This initiative, in partnership with Remarketed, starts in the Netherlands and will expand to other European countries. The service covers various gadgets, offering instant valuations and free shipping for customers. This move is aimed at reducing e-waste and complements Wish’s expanded range of refurbished electronics. It represents a significant step for the company in the booming recommerce market, amidst a backdrop of increasing consumer demand for second-hand goods.

Ecommerce Aggregator Thrasio Sees a Better Life After Bankruptcy

Thrasio, an ecommerce aggregator, has announced a restructuring plan following Chapter 11 bankruptcy, aiming to eliminate approximately $495 million in debt. The company has secured commitments for up to $90 million in new financing to support its ongoing operations. Founded in 2018, Thrasio has acquired over 200 brands, spending more than $500 million. The restructuring aims to support the company’s brands, scale infrastructure, and enable future opportunities. Thrasio’s diverse product categories include Home, Kids Activities, and Culinary, among others, showcasing its expansive reach in the ecommerce sector.

Amazon Germany: Turnover 34 Billion Euros in 2023

Amazon Germany achieved a remarkable turnover of 34 billion euros in 2023, marking a 12% growth from the previous year. This figure encompasses sales from products, services, Prime subscriptions, cloud services, and marketing revenue. The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for was estimated at 46.5 billion euros, with a 4.8% increase in sales both from Amazon itself and its partner sellers on the marketplace, highlighting the significant impact of ecommerce growth in Germany.

U.S. Ecommerce Sales in Q4 2023 Hit New High Despite Slow Growth

In Q4 2023, U.S. ecommerce sales reached a record $324.82 billion, growing by 7.2% from the previous year, though this growth rate marks the slowest Q4 increase to date. Ecommerce now accounts for 23.5% of total retail sales. The full year’s online sales surpassed $1.118 trillion, highlighting the continued penetration of ecommerce into the retail sector. Despite economic uncertainties, holiday shopping and online deals contributed to this growth, capping off a year of steady ecommerce expansion amidst a more cautious consumer spending environment.

DHL is Testing Shipping Without Labels

DHL in Germany is piloting a label-free shipping service, allowing parcels to be sent with just a handwritten ID. This service, aimed at simplifying the shipping process, enables customers to purchase a package ID online, which they then write directly on the package. The initiative, named ‘Taken without a printer,’ allows for parcels to be picked up from a predetermined location at the customer’s property, further enhancing convenience by removing the need to visit drop-off points or print labels.

eBay Sales, GMV, and Revenue Growth in Q4 2023 Despite Challenges

eBay reported revenue growth in its fourth quarter and the full fiscal year of 2023, with a slight increase in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) for the quarter but a slight decrease for the year. The company highlighted improvements in organic GMV growth year-over-year for each quarter, despite navigating a challenging macroeconomic environment. eBay continues to adapt by focusing on more profitable sectors, leveraging generative AI for product listings, and expanding its authentication centers, demonstrating resilience and innovation in a competitive market.

Wix Launches Localized Features

Wix has introduced new localized features for its ecommerce platform through a partnership with Global-e. This collaboration enables sellers to offer localized checkout experiences, accept multiple currencies, and adjust pricing for specific markets. The enhancements aim to simplify cross-border ecommerce by providing pricing and payments in over 100 currencies, along with market-specific payment methods, checkout processes, shipping options, and language translation. This strategic move is designed to help merchants expand their global reach, streamline international sales, and compete more effectively in the growing cross-border ecommerce market.

Amazon Looks to Improve Inbound Fulfillment Processes in 2024

Amazon is focusing on enhancing its inbound fulfillment processes and inventory positioning in 2024 to reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency. Leveraging generative AI for inventory forecasting, the company aims to streamline the entry of products into its facilities, aligning inventory with regional customer demands. This approach is part of a broader shift to a regional fulfillment model, which has already led to cost savings and faster delivery times for Prime members. Amazon also plans to expand its same-day delivery service, increasing its reach and product availability.

Fressnapf is Launching New Warehouse

Fressnapf, a leading European pet store chain, is setting up its ninth logistics center in Europe to boost its ecommerce operations. Spanning nearly 72,000 square meters, this facility aims to enhance online customer experience by improving delivery speeds, including next-day deliveries. Highlighting a significant growth, Fressnapf reported a 20% increase in online sales and overall sales growth of €475 million from the previous year. The company’s expansion and modernization efforts reflect its commitment to an omnichannel ecosystem, showcasing resilience and strategic growth in the competitive pet supplies market.

I can’t access the content from CNBC directly at the moment, but based on the URL, it seems to discuss Grab’s first profitable quarter and the announcement of a share buyback program. For specific details, I recommend checking the article directly on CNBC’s website.

Bol: Turnover of Almost 3 Billion Euros in 2023

Dutch online retailer Bol achieved a turnover of nearly 3 billion euros in 2023, reflecting a 7.3% growth compared to the previous year. This growth is accompanied by a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of 5.8 billion euros, a 4.9% increase. Bol’s success in 2023 represents a rebound, with both direct sales and sales through partner sellers contributing to its performance. The company’s EBITDA also saw a significant rise, indicating a strong financial health amidst a competitive ecommerce landscape.

Amazon Launches Product Safety Page in Europe

Amazon has rolled out a new page across its European marketplaces dedicated to recalls and product safety alerts, enhancing shopping confidence. This feature, first introduced in the United States, consolidates recall and safety information for items purchased, offering a personalized overview for customers. The initiative enables Amazon to directly notify customers of recalls or safety alerts, providing clear instructions on actions to take. This effort underscores Amazon’s commitment to a safe and reliable shopping experience, prioritizing customer awareness and response to potential product issues.


Concluding this month’s review, it’s clear that the pace of change within the ecommerce and tech industries shows no signs of slowing down. As companies like Amazon, eBay, and Wix chart new paths forward, the landscape is ripe with innovation and growth. These developments not only reflect the resilience and agility of businesses in response to consumer needs and market trends but also underscore the ongoing transformation of the digital economy. As we move into the next month, it will be fascinating to see how these trends evolve and what new stories emerge from the world of ecommerce and technology.