How AI tools can revolutionize your Amazon business

The digital revolution in e-commerce is well underway. Particularly for Amazon sellers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a multitude of opportunities to elevate their business.

Why AI matters

AI is set to handle most of the stuff sellers do on Amazon. It’s leveling the playing field between newbies and pros and making selling and advertising on Amazon much easier. 

Why? The information gap between newcomers and experienced sellers is on the verge of vanishing. With AI taking on the bulk of the work, a fresh-faced seller and an industry veteran can handle advertising with comparable finesse. 

Also, the line between native English speakers and international sellers will blur. Whether you’re a seller hailing from China or Germany, if AI handles content creation, crafting a flawless English listing becomes a breeze. 

Where AI comes into play

From listing generation to improving a product image for your next Sponsored Display Ad, there are various ways in which AI can make your seller and advertiser job much easier.

Here are some AI software and tools that should not be overlooked:

1. AI-based Product Listing Optimization

Your product listing must stand out in the competition, and AI tools are your best ally:

✅ Automatic Keyword Research

AI tools like AXOLIST or ChatGPT can analyze extensive data and propose the optimal keywords for your products.

✅ Content Optimization

AI software such as ChatGPT not only identifies suitable keywords but also generates tailor-made product descriptions that are appealing to both customers and Amazon algorithms.

To learn how to formulate the right prompts for ChatGPT to achieve the perfect result, tune in to the Vitamin A Podcast (in German language).

2. Top-tier Product Photos

With tools like Canva, exceptional product images become the standard. Even without prior design experience, you can achieve impressive results.

In the ‘Product Photos’ category, you can creatively stage simple images of your product.

Caution: Pay close attention to Amazon’s guidelines, especially concerning the main image, as there are various specifications in place.

3. AI-Based Amazon PPC: A Game Changer

The right AI-based Amazon PPC tool can make the difference between an average and outstanding PPC performance:

✅ Bid Optimization

AI tools in this domain can process numerous campaigns and make automatic bid adjustments to effectively tackle objectives such as reducing ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

For instance, ADFERENCE employs intelligent algorithms to automate and optimize bid management. The result? Increased ROI and more efficient campaigns.

PPC tools like ADFERENCE smartly optimize your bids.

✅ Images for Sponsored Brands

Midjourney, for example, enables the creation of brand-oriented images that stand out in Sponsored Brands.

✅ Easy Sponsored Brands Video Creation

Tools like Runway 2-Gen and Leiapix revolutionize video creation. Notably, Leiapix’s ability to generate product videos from existing images leaves no campaign type untapped!

The Significant Caveat

AI tools are superb and helpful for enhancing Amazon SEO and PPC, ensuring you don’t lag behind the competition. Nevertheless, remember to analyze the actions taken and rely on your common sense – an area where no machine can compete. 😉

Therefore, view AI tools primarily as time-savers and creativity enhancers rather than replacements for your expertise.


The presented tools are just a fraction of the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence offers to Amazon sellers. The adoption of AI may initially seem overwhelming, but with the right resources, it becomes a great ally. It’s not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about staying one step ahead. With these innovative technologies and the right expertise, the power of AI can be fully harnessed.

About the authors

ADFERENCE provides powerful PPC optimization for Amazon Advertising. ADFERENCE’s innovative PPC solution empowers advertisers to automatically create granular campaigns and to place the right bids for millions of products and keywords. We make the most of your campaigns on Amazon by using scientifically developed machine learning algorithms, bringing a complex set of factors together in an ideal campaign setup. Your gain: Better performance and less manual effort in optimizing your campaigns.