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How to start selling on Allegro?

It is quite obvious that most of us changed our shopping habits; e-commerce has developed dynamically over the world. It was inevitable since technology is developing so fast and most of the day we spend online. 

Do you want to transfer your store to digital? Or are you fresh on the market and just want to start selling online? No matter why you are considering it, it may be the right choice. And we will tell you how to start.

Have you ever thought about Allegro?

The advantages of selling on Allegro are huge. Especially for new sellers. First of all, it gives you access to an enormous customer base. But it is not all, it also offers tools for managing operations, logistics, and marketing. No need to add – easy-peasy registration process. And the biggest pros of all – welcome packages. 

Are you in?

Why is it worth selling on Allegro?

Here is a list of reasons why you should be here. Just to encourage you a little more.

  1. Allegro is the most popular marketplace in Poland, so if you are aiming at this target, you should be here; it gives you access to a huge customer base.
  2. Allegro is ranked TOP 10 online platforms in terms of global recognition, so it is a great place for global companies, too.
  3. It is very easy to sign up and use it. Also, there are no big initial costs. 
  4. Allegro offers complete infrastructure for online orders and returns. 
  5. This platform offers numerous facilities and marketing tools for promotion.
  6. Allegro offers welcome packages and promotes the best ones from Super Sellers.

Doesn’t it sound encouraging? E-commerce is a great tool for growing a business today, and it will continue to play an important role in your business performance in the future. 

How to start selling on Allegro in practice?

Selling on Allegro begins with the account registration. The business account is dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to start selling products via Allegro. So how to start?

First things first – fill out the registration form. What you need to do is enter data such as e-mail address or phone number. You need to establish a login and password. Also, info about the company, country, and tax identification number (eg. VAT EU number) would be needed. And then it is time to read and accept the Allegro regulations with one click. 

Now it is time to activate your email address. After correctly entering the data, you need to click on the link in the message received from Allegro. It has to be done 24 hours, otherwise, you won’t be registered successfully. 

And now make a verification transfer. You have to send a verification transfer after clicking the activation link. It is how your data will be verified. But do not worry it will be returned in a few days. The data on the bank account from which the verification transfer is made should be the same as the data in the registration form.

What happens next? Now you need to define the product categories that you want to sell. In order to improve the relevance of Allegro results, take a closer look at the “My Sales Quality” tab. You can find here information on what should be improved in order to display your offers more often so you can make some adjustments.

Key factors to consider when creating an offer on Allegro

Below you will find some crucial aspects that are important in order to present your offer well. 

  • Photos. People often buy what looks nice. Therefore, you should make sure that the photos or graphics that are included in the description are clearly visible and professionally made. It could be also nice photos if photos are taken in various arrangements. Preferably on a white background, without any caption on them. Customers have to see the products in its all class. 
  • Headlines. The headline should be consistent with the photo and product description. Use keywords that describe the product, e.g. hairbrush. It is also worth adding its big pros, e.g. A curly hairbrush that does not pull out the hair. 
  • Texts. Descriptions are crucial for the customer’s decision-making. If they are in clients’ native language – brilliant. Do not provide long stories, just tell why they should buy it and which needs would be met. That is basically all
  • The price. Do the research and check competitors’ prices. Remember that it should not be too high. This way your product will automatically falls on other pages. Particularly when a customer compares the same category of products and sorts them based on price.
  • Special offers. For example, joining Allegro Smart. Allegro Smart is a service that enables unlimited and free delivery. But unfortunately, it is available only in the motherland area of Allegro – Poland. 
  • Clients’ opinions. Feedback is what influences the way new users perceive sellers. Imagine, if you do not know what to buy you ask others. And with online shopping, it is the same rule. If the client hesitates, they read the opinion section and make a choice. 

Before publishing your offer on Allegro, do a quick check with this list. It would help you for sure.

To wrap up

Allegro is a great player in the Polish market with global potential. If you are about to enter Poland you should definitely be there, otherwise, it could be hard to get to your target audience. 

Entering Allegro is not rocket science. If you are present at other marketplaces like eBay or Amazon it would take you a second to get familiar with the platform. Give it a try, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, but instead, it may bring some coins to it.