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Meet Poland’s most loved marketplace – how to sell on

Perhaps you want to become an online retailer in Poland but don’t know where to start? The global development of e-commerce – including in Poland – is making this market increasingly attractive. In this article, you will learn more about Allegro – the excellent e-commerce platform that will help you achieve your goals.

If you already have a business, but you don’t know how to transfer it from offline to online, or maybe you have an online store, but you want to expand your sales and enter the marketplace in Poland, you should meet Allegro as it’s a powerful marketplace. After reading this article, you may wonder how Allegro, in comparison to Amazon, looks. Is it a better e-commerce player than Allegro? We probably will surprise you! Find the answer in this article. If you want to reach a new market – the way is right here!

Also, we have an insightful report about the top Polish online marketplace. Clearly, it shows Allegro as a favorite online marketplace for those looking for all their items in one place.

Most loved marketplace

The Allegro platform is Poland’s biggest and most trusted trading platform, which offers over 120 million products. Since its founding in 1999, initially as a C2C auction site, Allegro has evolved into a marketplace trading platform focused on new products, mainly B2C. Allegro’s offer includes various product categories: home and garden, automotive, electronics, sports, health and beauty, children’s supplies, fashion, books and media, and a grocery supermarket. Shoppers appreciate the large selection of products, attractive prices, and ease of shopping. Allegro is happy to be the most trusted brand in Poland as it gets the Superbrands 2021 title.

When buying online, consumers in Poland primarily interact with Allegro. Each month, this platform is visited by about 20 million users. This is the vast majority of all online users in Poland. What’s more, Allegro’s active buyer base in Poland grew for the sixth consecutive quarter – at the end of Q3 2023, it reached 14.5 million. The average GMV per active buyer was 7.3% higher than last year, 2022, at PLN 3,699 per year.

GMV from Polish operations grew by 10.5% YoY in Q3 as a result of over 400 million attractively priced offers from 140k merchants. More than a third of the GMV growth comes from high-frequency categories like supermarkets and health & beauty. This is significantly faster than the country’s overall nominal retail sales.

In 2023, revenue from Polish operations on the platform rose 19.9% YoY to PLN 1.95 billion in Q3. This was driven by monetization initiatives improving the usage rate, as well as a 38% increase in ad sales. In addition, the marketplace in the Czech Republic has quickly attracted 800,000 active buyers. The group’s three key brands (, MALL, and CZC) generate the most traffic among Czech e-commerce players, thanks to having by far the widest selection in this market.

Due to Allegro’s extensive listing of over 140,000 sellers, many customers find it convenient as they rate the platform’s efforts highly. Resellers who proliferate achieve impressive results. Allegro in Poland is currently the leader and one of the most recognized ecommerce platforms.

That makes Allegro the best place to start your online business adventure in Poland.

Over the past two decades, this platform has helped entrepreneurs and consumers trade online and promote top sellers. However, if you are new to selling online, the easiest way is to use the Internet platform. What’s the reason? Because people appreciate the convenience of ordering, fast and reliable deliveries, and the quality of service. In addition, Allegro offers several amenities and provides excellent customer service, contributing to generating traffic.

Benefits & amenities

Selling on Allegro provides your company a lot of possibilities, as you’ve already noticed. It isn’t only access to a vast customer base. However, it contains tools for managing a variety of operations, such as logistics and marketing. Furthermore, an additional advantage is the intuitive account registration process. Therefore, there are such amenities as:

  • no high initial costs,
  • an extensive selection of product categories, or suppliers,
  • ease of use,
  • many options for promoting the offer,
  • welcome packages.

In addition, you can put up for sale offers for free in specific categories where fees are charged as standard and take advantage of free promotion cycles for your offers. Therefore, it is worth using Allegro because it’s a springboard to the success of entrepreneurs who are starting their adventure with online sales.

Aside from the amenities, there are other benefits of selling on this platform. Also, Allegro itself has many advantages:

  • Allegro is the most popular marketplace in Poland – a leader in its category,
  • It provides you easy start of sales and numerous amenities,
  • It also gives you access to a vast customer base,
  • It has complete infrastructure to handle online orders and returns,
  • It has tools that support customer service and sales,
  • It will free your business from operations and administration management,
  • Allegro promotes the best Super Sellers,
  • It gives you a welcome pack so you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by our offer and boost your sales on Allegro,
  • It has free delivery Allegro Smart! that grabs new clients already in Poland, The Czech Republic, and Germany.
  • Allegro has no limits as to the number of accounts, so if you sell shoes and bikes simultaneously, there is nothing to prevent you – if you want – from setting up two separate accounts for this purpose.

Also, meet Allegro Smart!, already a byword for convenient and fuss-free e-shopping in Poland. It’s there for your comfort, no matter if you’re a seller or buyer. Thanks to Allegro Smart!, you get free deliveries, free returns, you can pay for purchases the way you like, and you can share it with your family in Allegro Family’s program!

As you see, multiple types of goods at one location, easy comparison, comfort and convenience of shopping, secure payments, and loyalty programs – all of these are features that an ideal marketplace contains. Allegro has these features.

Dare to sell!

Here you can find a guide that has been prepared to explain how to create an account on Allegro and take the first steps to become a Super Seller!

  1. Register an account online at To do this, complete the registration form. Then you will receive an email to the mailbox you entered. There you will find an account activation link that you must click. Later, make a verification transfer, which will be returned to you after a few days.
  2. Define the product category in which you want to sell. This is necessary to match the offer to buyers properly. 
  3. Take care of the visual aspect of your offers – good photos, reliable descriptions, appropriate headlines. You can also persuade clients to submit feedback and opinions. It will make you more attractive from the other sellers. You can now list the item for sale.
  4. Receive the payment for sold items quickly and safely, thanks to Allegro Finance.
  5. Manage the orders and ship them in one place with Allegro.

You may be interested in listing offers as it’s even easier than before! When you choose a product from the Catalog, some parameters will be automatically completed – thanks to this, you will prepare your offer faster. The products available in the Catalog are based on the parameters that you indicate. If you place offers on Allegro, you enter product features – these are the so-called parameters. They make it possible to distinguish one item from another. They are also used to determine variants of the same product. Thanks to the correct parameters, you will catalog the item from your offer with the right product. Buyers will find what they are looking for faster because the same parameters can be selected in the offer search engine. You can catalog multiple offers at the same time using the “connect with product” option, so you don’t have to assign each item separately.

Convenient finances

What’s more, Allegro is available in three languages – English, Polish, and Ukrainian for your comfort. But this e-commerce platform also gives you various payment methods like:

  • Allegro Pay,
  • Credit card,
  • BLIK,
  • Pay later,
  • Fast transfer,
  • Payment in installments.

Want to decide on your payout method also? Sure! Choose one of two options:

  • Automatic payouts – you can choose the payouts to occur automatically, on every business day, once a week, or once a month. Then, select what day of the week or month the funds will be transferred to your bank account. The minimum payout amount is 20 PLN. When you edit the payout amount and frequency, click activate payouts.
  • Payouts on request – if you want to pay out the funds whenever you want, choose the payouts on request option and click activate payouts. Remember – you cannot order payouts on request if you have started payouts by a postal order or to the foreign bank account.

When you pay out the funds for the first time, activate PayU with a verification transfer. Your bank account details must be the same as the Allegro account details for the verification to be successful. Apart from PayU, you can enable Przelewy24 as a payment option for your buyers – to do so, activate Przelewy24. The funds should be transferred no later than at the end of the next business day. Allegro offers you these two options as they are the most popular payment variants in Poland. They’re also market leaders in this country. Additionally, the seller’s receivables are charged ongoing and presented for payment for subsequent billing periods (the calendar month is the billing period).

Allegro Pay is a novelty. This option allows you to pay for purchases up to 30 days later for free! How it’s working? It’s easy. You are shopping at Allegro. You choose Allegro Pay as the payment method and select when you want to pay for your purchases. You have several options to choose from – depending on your needs and the value of your purchases. You pay in one installment within 30 days, break down payments into three parts within three months, or divide costs into more parts within 5, 10, or 20 months.

As you can see – it’s nothing complex to be a seller on this platform!

Last words

The majority of us have changed the way we buy, as we have moved to sell online. We can now buy faster, more conveniently, in every hour. Therefore, being present on the Allegro platform gives you a lot of possibilities. It has many product categories, numerous options to promote your offers, and ease of use. It is an ideal place to spread your wings in business and increase sales because the platform offers us a vast customer base, excellent operational, logistics, marketing infrastructure, and many, many more!