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Take Part in Call for Papers: Submit Your Proposal for the Upcoming E-commerce Berlin Expo!

Numbers of the E-commerce Berlin Expo speak for themselves here. 

  • 23rd of February 2023 is the date when the event will take place in Berlin
  • 9,000+ relevant visitors, 65% representing retailers & brands
  • 3,500+ CEOs, Directors, & Heads of Departments
  • 5 conference stages with 300-person capacity each
  • 90% of conference sessions fully attended

Be a part of this experience, rock EBE stages and submit your proposal for the upcoming E-commerce Berlin Expo! 

Within Call for Papers, we were accepting submissions from people who would like to contribute a talk or panel at the upcoming event. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure and share your knowledge with fellow e-commerce specialists. The Expo will cover many different topics, grouped in six categories, so there is something for everyone. Read more and get your proposal started now.

What is Call for Papers?

Our Call for Papers initiative gives you a chance to contribute a talk or panel to the upcoming E-commerce Berlin Expo. Experienced e-commerce specialists are encouraged to submit their proposals on any of the Expo topics, grouped in six categories.

If you have a great project under your sleeve, a case study you are proud of, or some tips & tricks to share with the e-commerce community – don’t hesitate and submit your proposal today!

Call for Papers 2022/2023 – Categories

Following the most recent trends in the e-commerce industry, we have updated the topics and categories for Call for Papers 2022/2023. You can now submit your proposal in any of the following categories:

  • New Developments
  • Marketing in E-commerce
  • IT for E-commerce
  • Website Conversoin Rate
  • Logistics / Delivery / International Expansion
  • ePayments

Public voting is the first step – last year, more than 15,000 people voted for some presentation ideas they liked the most. 

The five presentations with the most votes in each category go to the second round of voting.

Following this, a special Advisory Board selects the best presentations from those that received the most public votes. The Advisory Board finally pick six winners (one from each category) to show their proposals at the E-commerce Berlin Expo in February 2023, in front of hundreds of people.

Advisory Board members include:

  • Max Melching, Director Online Marketing @ PARFÜMERIE DOUGLAS
  • Matthias Genz, Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer @ MediaMarktSaturn
  • Dr. Christian Kahl, User Experience Lead @ CyberSolutions
  • Ben Harmanus, Principal Marketing Manager, EMEA @ Hubspot
  • Zoltan Maklary, Director Marketing @ heycar
  • Thomas Ficht, Head of payment @ MyToys
  • Victoria Chirita, Founder & CEO @ DeinDesign
  • Olga Spaet, E-Commerce Lead Region Overseas @ Mercedes-Benz Cars
  • Christina Keller , Director Creative Shop Central Europe @ Facebook
  • Claes Larrson, Senior Director Business Operations @ Market Logic Software

Case studies for the win

The thing that sets our conference apart is that we want to hear real-life stories from store owners and service providers. 

These are the people who know their business inside and out, and who can provide valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of a retail business. They can also offer unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that they face on a daily basis. As such, we believe that they are an essential part of our conference and we would like to encourage them to submit their proposals in our Call for Papers. 

Our Advisory Board prioritizes case studies over generic topics and puts emphasis on them.

Let us share a few case studies and topics that have been successful over the last few years as an inspiration for you:

  • korodrogerie.de Constantinos Calios Founder & CEO “Never run out of stock during KoRo(Na)! With ongoing supply chain disruptions, are you able to grow your business and optimize your supply chain? Learn strategic tips from superfood brand KoRo!
  • Henkel Peter Hartmann Global Digital Marketing Manager | Global SEO: Think Global, Act Local
  • MissPompadour Erik Reintjes Co-Founder/GF Content meets Commerce – MissPompadours Einkaufserlebnis für über 250.000 DIY- Begeisterte
  • Unzer GmbH Christoph Leixner Head of Sales Retail „Buy Now Pay Later” to go: Invoice and installment purchase at the Decathlon POS via smartphone (with Unzer)
  • Shopgate Ralf Haberich CEO Success Case in Fashion Industry: How Shoepassion exceeded expectations with Omnichannel

Why should you submit your idea?

E-commerce Berlin Expo is one of the most important e-commerce events in Europe. Getting on its stage presents a magnificent opportunity to gain exposure and show your company in the best light possible. This may be a great chance to attract new business partners and clients, just to name a few benefits.

#1 We care about diversity

We are committed to ensuring that our lineup is diverse, so that everyone can find a relatable speaker at our event.

We want to hear your story – no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your experience is.

#2 We promote actionable case studies

Our event is all about sharing knowledge and best practices. That’s why we are looking for case studies that our attendees can relate to and learn from.

If you have a great project or a case study to share, don’t hesitate to submit your proposal. We want to know how it worked, what steps you took, and what the results were. You may be given a chance to present it, solo or with your client, in front of thousands of attendees!

Only in the previous edition, we received more than 70 case studies. We’re waiting for yours now!

#3 We want your business to shine!

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative businesses that are shaking up the status quo. If your company is doing something unique in the e-commerce space, we want to hear from you!

Taking part in Call for Papers is a great way to get your company’s name out there and show off what you’re doing to an engaged and interested audience.

Who can submit their proposal?

We invite all e-commerce specialists who have experience in any of the Expo topics to submit their proposal.

Fathy Abdelmonam, for instance, had been a visitor to our Expo for a few years before he decided to participate in CFP. As soon as he did (and got advanced to EBE), the whole room listened to him! 

What’s more, you will have a chance to share your knowledge with other e-commerce specialists and learn from the best in the industry. Our stages have seen some of the most influential figures in e-commerce, so you will definitely have a lot to learn.

We can’t wait to hear your brilliant ideas!

About the previous CFP edition

Only in the 2021/2022 edition, we managed to get more than 310 submissions over the course of only a month! Out of all the submissions, our jury chose talks and panels which were presented at the E-commerce Berlin Expo in February 2022.

This year, we only want to make it better and larger. How about having you on board with us?