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The 10+ speakers you cannot miss at the e-commerce Berlin EXPO

​For the third time, the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 has the entire e-commerce ecosystem in one place for you: attendees to meet, exhibitors to network with, and speakers to learn from.

February 15, 2018 is D-Day for anyone willing to see what is now going on in e-commerce. If discovering what is hot this year, learning from other’s successes and mishaps, and growing your business is what you’re after, you must be there.

Each stage is a knowledge session led by e-commerce industry professionals covering a healthy mix of topics for you to choose from. So, to help you see how diverse these talks are going to be, we’ve listed 10+ speakers you just cannot miss.

But before we get on with it, make sure you register online and grab your free online ticket.



Ben Harmanus – Marketing Director

“Rise of the Marketing Machines: When will your marketing job become obsolete?”

For online marketers, marketing automation and machine learning may be especially helpful in getting the right product in front of the right prospects at the right time, rather than adding to the constant noise that modern advertising is. Despite the positive impact on the online marketing field, there are questions about job security. Will marketing become so automated that professional marketers become obsolete? Are marketing machines friend or foe? These questions get to the heart of what the future of marketing will look like — and what role marketers will play in it.

Dr Pascal Volz – Managing Director

(ex. Air Berlin)
“#HireUsAsATeam – a viral campaign”

If you haven’t heard of #HireUsAsATeam, you must have lived under a rock. Air Berlin’s insolvency raised a massive number of industry and customer eyebrows in 2017, being a professional apocalypse for the airlines’ employees. Yet, Dr. Pascal Volz and his team managed to turn the tide in 72 hours. During his talk, you will learn how the values of true leadership and team spirit fuelled the viral success of their campaign – and how they secured a professional happy end for everyone involved.

Erik Meierhoff – Head of B2B Business

„Data based overview of the German e-commerce market”

With over 1 million visits per day, idealo is Germany’s biggest intermediary in the E-Commerce sector and thus has access to an extensive pool of data. idealo’s over 330 million offers from 50.000 merchants receive over 2 billion updates daily. Erik Meierhoff, Head of B2B at idealo and longstanding e-commerce platform expert, will dive into this data pool to showcase the current status of the German e-commerce market and sketch opportunities for merchants to ensure growth in 2018.

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Victoria Chirita – Founder

“The transformation from an idea into a recognised e-commerce brand in 12 Years.”

In 2006 Victoria founded, together with Manuel and Kyan Noack, Today, DeinDesign is European market leader for customized consumer electronics accessories. The company was acquired in 2015 by the Cewe Stiftung & Co. KGaA. Victoria is also the founder of AlphaBambi GmbH, with which she developed several products reaching from Water to pet Bowls. Together with her brother, founder of the award winning company, she actively monitors the development of the medical legalization of cannabis in Germany for the past couple of years. Today, Hortilab runs a legal Cannabis clone plantation in Austria.

Tina Nord – Teamlead Content Marketing Strategy

“Voice & Visual: How the current trends revolutionise search”

Your content is as good as the team that creates it. These straightforward-but-true words come from the very source of great content: Zalando and its Teamlead Content Marketing Strategy Tina Nord. During her virtuoso talk at the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2018, you will learn how Zalando empowers their customers to find the right content in every micro moment – and how you can start doing this, too.

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Stephan Grad – CEO

“Crowd Shop Testing … because only humans act like real customers”

Usability and Customer Centricity are keys in our E-Commerce ecosystem – those two parameters decide if you are a successful merchant who is building up a long lasting company or if you just have one time buyers who won´t ever come back. Both parameters are essential and also quite easy to improve on a day by day basis – Stephan Grad, Managing Director of A-COMMERCE will show you the best way on becoming a successful and customer oriented Merchant in no time with Userbrain and Crowd UX Testing.

Kaspar Szymanski – CEO

„Google Manual Penalties Explained by Ex-Googler”

Seeing competitors spam Google and get away with it? Been penalized by Google? Wishing to avoid a manual penalties? Join former Google employee to learn all about how penalties work. Walk away understanding why penalties are issued, how to recover from them, how to prevent them from happening. And how to submit spam reports Google can take action on. Having penalized countless offending websites during his tenure at Google Kaspar is the world’s leading expert on the topic of Google penalties.

Chris Boaz – Head of Marketing

„New Study: How much does dirty data cost your business?”

As discovered in a recent study by Addressy, almost 20% of failed deliveries are due to inaccurate delivery address details provided by customers. In his presentation, Chris Boaz will highlight key findings from this study conducted by Addressy and Octopus Group which reveals the impact data quality can have on the retail industry. Preliminary results show how a staggering 48% of online shoppers have experienced address-related issues in the past.

Deniz Macura – Strategic Partner Lead E-Commerce

„How to create an ancillary revenue stream and drive core retail sales”

As customers spend increasingly more time online, we are presented with a huge opportunity for both brands and retailers to reach them in more targeted and innovative ways not possible in the offline world. By improving customer experience and offering value-add for the shopper, retailers adopting new techniques such as digital trade marketing are seeing improved engagement and metrics. How can brands use data to improve customer experience online to drive core sales and create an ancillary revenue stream? Join Google’s Deniz Macura as he shares insights on trade marketing.

Rowan Merewood – Developer Advocate

„From AMP to PWA: A Modern Web User Journey”

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML delivers outstanding page-load performance for users browsing content on the mobile web, which is hugely important on limited or flaky networks. Progressive Web Apps deliver reliable performance for re-visits to sites thanks to Service Workers and allows unprecedented engagement via push notifications and Add To Homescreen. AMP gets content in front of users fast – PWAs enable rich experiences and engagement. What if I told you there’s a way to utilize the unique power of both? To build a web experience that loads in an instant and upgrades you to maximum interactivity and engagement? We’re making it happen. Come to learn how.

Rob Cassedy – General Manager

eBay Kleinanzeigen
„Rethinking E-Commerce”

The frontiers between online and offline are becoming blurred. Trading starts online but is completed increasingly often locally. It’s the return to traditional virtues. With that local aspect in combination with a platform that should address every generation, it’s necessary that we start rethinking e-commerce. Rob will give insights and tell how to shift an old business into a new e-commerce era.

Sven Gruhl – Director Global Sales

„The Opportunity and How to Optimize Payments in Emerging Markets”

The e-commerce market is booming, with sales worldwide predicted to amount 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021. As an e-commerce business, you surely want to ride this wave too! In this interview, Sven Gruhl from PayU paints a complete landscape of online payments both in Europe and worldwide for you to consider before selling internationally or planning your future expansions. If you want even more details, you cannot miss this talk.

Stefan Blumenthal – Head of Data Advertising

Scout24 Media
​„Data Driven Advertising – 1st Party Data for precise Audience Targeting”

We are aggregating all information users leave on our portals in a DMP to create customized audiences and use our 1st party data to run precise audience based advertising campaigns for our clients. The case study I would like to present shows how we improved the campaign performance of our client Interhyp significantly by reaching the right user at the right moment within the customer journey.

Darko Atijas – Sales Director Europe

​Neopost Shipping
​„Progress or Perish: the technology flywheel”

Every aspect of commerce, AI and automation in Supply Chain is being disrupted. The pace of change is increasing because of AI, and only businesses willing to take calculated and regular risk will survive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Consumer technology is driving increased consumer expectations. Commerce is becoming more and more fragmented and fueled by huge investment in ecommerce, supply chain, and in-store technology innovation. This is not the future – this is NOW.

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The E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 will take place on Thursday, February 15th at STATION, Berlin. Doors will open at 10AM. Visitors may enter the expo by registering for a free ticket before the event. ​For information to the full agenda and all 31 speakers see below.


For more information visit the official E-Commerce Berlin Expo website or contact PR-Manager, Charlene Pham at [email protected]