The Innovative Journey of Flix: Insights from Flix’s VP of Marketing and Customer Product

In a recent episode of the EGN Podcast our host sat down with Alexander Schlüter, VP of Marketing and Customer Product at Flix, to delve into the remarkable growth and innovative strategies of this global travel tech company. Are you curious what sets Flix apart in the competitive travel industry? Keep reading, we’ll give you a glimpse of the conversation below.

First interesting thing about Flix, that many people might not realize, is that it operates on a platform model akin to Uber or Airbnb. Unlike traditional bus companies, this one does not own any buses. Instead, Flix partners with third-party bus businesses, offering them a comprehensive suite of services that includes marketing, pricing, network planning and customer service. This model allows Flix to scale efficiently and maintain flexibility in its operations.

Rapid Growth and Strategic Expansion

Founded in 2013, Flix has rapidly grown to become a powerhouse in the travel tech sector, with a presence in over 40 countries and a revenue of 2 billion euros in 2023. Our guest emphasizes that one of the significant milestones in the company’s expansion was the acquisition of Greyhound during the pandemic. This integration has allowed for seamless interconnectivity and resource sharing between the two brands.

Tailoring Services to Local Markets

Later Alexander Schlüter talked about Flix’s strategy which involves adapting its business model to meet the specific needs of different markets. For instance, in the US, where long-distance travel is common, Flix adjusted its system to allow multiple interconnections. In India, recognizing cultural norms, the company introduced gender-specific seating arrangements. Additionally, in markets like India and Latin America, Flix offers sleeper buses, a type of service not common in Europe.

Understanding and Serving Diverse Customer Demographics

Moreover, the interview made it clear that Flix aims to be a mobility provider for everyone, serving a diverse demographic that includes both younger travelers and those over 60. Alexander Schlüter added that customer feedback is crucial for the company, guiding improvements in service quality and overall customer satisfaction. 

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

What sets Flix apart from similar companies may also be the fact that despite its significant growth, this travel tech giant maintains a startup-like culture that values innovation and data-driven decision-making. It is especially visible in an anecdote shared with us by Alexander Schlüter about how a board game he brought to the office became a regular activity, reflecting the company’s fun and collaborative atmosphere. This certainly proves that Flix’s culture supports a work environment where employees are encouraged to experiment and innovate.

Of course, that’s not all. There are many more things to learn about Flix and a special treat – key takeaways for entrepreneurs which our guest shared with us during the interview. Are you interested in what they might be? If the answer is yes, make sure to watch the whole interview here:

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