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Top 30 Shops in Germany 2020 

top 30 online stores in germany

Germany is one of the most populated countries in Europe and the second biggest e-commerce market. Forecast revenue in the e-commerce market is expected to reach 82,155m USD in 2020, which compared to the last years will be one percent higher. 

In 2019, the electronics sector accounted for 16.7% of the e-commerce market, while clothing 15.8%. Not surprisingly, there are many stores of these markets in the ranking of the best e-commerce stores.

The best of the bests

The top three have remained unchanged for a long time. –,, and, which together generate over 40% of total e-commerce sales. The fourth and fifth place belongs to the representatives of the electronics industry: and FMCG  and groceries can boast one of the highest growth rates – placed at 6th positions reached 10.2% of total growth revenue. Also, is doing well with 150m USD of growth revenue, placed at 45. is the first non-german e-commerce in the ranking- it has placed at 7th position.

Clothing sector for the win

Revenue in the fashion segment is expected to reach 20,414m USD in 2020. In the clothes sector, the situation is as follows: and are leaders. 

The German store was also included in the ranking among with Clothing store – closes the ranking with a score of 150m USD. 

Drugstores are aiming high

The pharmacy and the health sector are doing very well. Here rule doc.morris (500m USD), (300m USD) and (150m USD). The big surprise is with total growth revenue reached almost 13%.

Online and offline presence – does it pay off?

The trend to be present both online and offline does not subside. E-commerce is usually an addition to a brick and mortar store, it is a rare situation that an online store opens its branch in a city. It is worth looking at the giants included in the ranking – Media Markt, Saturn, H&M or IKEA. Each of them is present both online and offline. For smaller German brands, this solution also works. is ranked 24 and is 10th. 

German vs American

All data above show that on German market not only German e-commerce counts. Americans are also big players too. This proves how important the German market is for the global economy. Giants like Amazon have been at the top of German e-commerce rankings for years. Importantly, they persist there because, first of all, they have a German-language website ( is ranked 1st, – 31st). Secondly, they have a well recognizable brand. And as a large company with a well-known name, they gain the trust of customers. Even as distrustful as those of Germany.

Top 30 German e-commerce (according to ecommerceDB)

countryonline storeeCommerce net sales (mln US $)description
1DEamazon.de13,754.5well-known sales platform thanks to which you can sell almost every item from various category
2DEotto.de3,889.4giant in the fashion and lifestyle industry
3DEzalando.de1,788.2world-famous online store with clothes, shoes and accessories
4DEmediamarkt.de1,327.8online marketplace for technology and electronics lovers 
5DEnotebooksbillinger.de1,143.4an online store which achieves the most search at “Electronics and Media” category 
6DElidl.de989,7well know groceries and household products store
7USapple.com26,191.7 (overall)specialized at “Consumer Electronics” 
8DEsaturn.de750.1the younger brother of MediaMarkt, specialized at technology too
9DEbonprix.de717.4an online clothing store with a  wide range of sizes
10DEcyberport.de688.2technology marketplace where you can find perfect notebook or smartphone 
11DEalternate.de676.0here you can find items belong mostly to the “Lifestyle” category but the biggest sale is at “Electronics and Media” 
12DEhellofresh.de665.0specialized at category “Food and Beverages”
13DEconrad.de642.2the nationally-focused online store sells mainly “Electronics and Media” items
14DEhm.com3,738.9 (overall)clothing store which is well known both online and offline
15DEaboutyou.de593.5German fashion retailer belongs to Otto Group
16DEdocmorris.de559.3on online store launched in 2000, achieves the biggest sales at “Food&Personal Care” category
an all-round online store with items belong to many categories eg. “Fashion” or “Toys and Hobby”
18DEbaur.de490.7an online store which sells mainly items from the  “Lifestyle” category
19USikea.com2,508.7 (overall)Swedish furniture store, popular all over the world

20DEshop-apotehe.com474.3launched at 2002 store, sells mainly “Personal Care” products
21DEthomann.de1,079.1 (overall)the store specialized at “Hobby and Stationery” items, internationally focused
22DEqvc.de373.5sells not only in German but also Spain and France, specialized at “Toys and Hobby” category”
23DEzooplus.de374.9sells items from “Garden and Pets” category
24DEmytoys.de352.5the store sells products for children – toys and clothes
25DEesprit.de323.7fashion store, known all over the world 
26DEdouglas.de322.4drugstore which is popular not only online but also as a brick and mortar store
27DEklingel.de317.0a store offers products from different categories eg. “Fashion” or “Furniture”
28DEmindfactory.de314.7specialized at “Electronics and technology”
29DEbestsecret.com310.1clothing store, which is available as a stationery store only for club members
30DEbreuninger.com301.3clothing store both for men and women


What about 2020?

The present shows that it is worth switching to digital. At a time when most brick and mortar stores were closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, websites are the only ones keeping them alive. It is worth learning what fate brings us. 

No one can predict what trade will look like in 2020. We can say that it will probably be hard. For e-commerce, this means that stores have to take care of the clients so that they stay with them because the competition on the Internet will become much higher than ever.

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  1. My mother’s Aunt visited a Marks store and asked to see ceo. Her name was Rose Marks. She said that he knew of the Marks that settled in upstate New York. He pointed out to shelves filled with books and said that they were all his family’s records. I wondering if that sounds true? I am very interested in seeing such records and wondering if they have already been registered with or

  2. I used to live in Germany and I know there are a few famous shops, thanks for the article it helped me to know more about Germany

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