Amazon and Ikea Lead the European Online Furniture Market

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Post-pandemic effects have ignited a strong interest in the furniture market. From new sofas and garden furniture to redecorating and purchasing plants, the goal has been clear: upgrade homes and enhance comfort. This trend has significantly impacted the furniture market. Despite a continued preference for physical stores, Fox Intelligence observes a growing trend towards online furniture purchases in Western Europe.

According to Fox Intelligence’s latest quarterly update, while offline furniture purchases are the primary business model, marketplaces are gaining particular traction in Germany and Spain. However, except for Italy, they are growing in all analyzed countries, meaning Germany, Spain, France and UK.

Top Online Furniture Retailers in Europe

Fox Intelligence’s top five online furniture retailers in Europe include Amazon and Ikea, which dominate in France, Italy, and Spain. Amazon’s dominance is particularly notable in Spain, with a 45% market share. In the United Kingdom, DFS ranks second between Amazon and Ikea, while Otto leads the German market, outperforming both giants.

In France, La Redoute, Maisons du Monde, and Cdiscount are also in the top 5.