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Awesome speakers are waiting for your votes [LAST DAYS]

The Call For Papers contest of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 attracted more than 250 great submissions. Now there are 15+ presentations taking the lead, but open public voting lasts until 21 October 2018, so your vote can really change the game in those last days!

More than 250 speakers have been submitted presentations in 8 different categories: website conversion rate, marketing in e-commerce, e-logistics, international expansion, e-payments, online store case study, IT for e-commerce, and new developments in e-commerce.

Until Sunday, 21 October 2018, everyone can vote once in each of the 8 categories and choose the final speakers. Presentations with the highest number of votes will win a spot in the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 agenda. You vote, you choose – they win or loose!

Here are some of the most intersting submissions:


1. Dr. Peter Gentsch from diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH

Title: From data chaos to happy customers via AI – The magic key of algorithmics business

Description: This expert interview reports on the potential of artificial intelligence and its impact on the digital business, for example in the areas of marketing, sales and services with interesting insights into the field. Interview partner is Jacqueline Els from Business Consulting diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 134

Vote for Dr. Peter Gentsch’s presentation here.


2. Sabrina Janßen from Nosto

Title: Smart commerce – How to increase your sales through AI-based shopping experiences

Description: Today’s consumer values a completely personalized shopping experience, almost more than the purchase itself. But as a shop owner, how can you meet and maintain that expectation in ways that are both scalable and profitable for your business? Sabrina Janßen, Head of Business Development DACH at Nosto, shows you how KI-based personalization paves the way to customized customer journeys.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 94

Vote for Sabrina Janßen’s presentation here.


3. Sven Tissen from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Title: From PoS to Point of Experience

Description: How to stop or take best advantage of the trend towards platforms such as Amazon? What is the best way to avoid being a loser in digitization in 10 years? Let the trade of the future be shaped together.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 50

Vote for Sven Tissen’s presentation here.


4. Charles Barton from SAP

Title: The future of eCommerce and Digital transformation – Customer Experience with Personalization, Subscription services, Conversational Commerce, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence

Description: As companies seek to exploit ‘Digital’ with new technologies and devices, new Commerce are models being rapidly deployed leveraging subscription services, Bots, IoT and Artificial Intelligence geared towards enhancing the customer experience. In this engaging presentation, Charles will explore the future of Commerce and its implications for marketing and merchandising. The presentation will also highlight the technologies that brands need in order to drive digital transformation and offer the best customer experience, while retaining customers in a competitive landscape.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 149

Vote for Charles Barton’s presentation here.


5. Fernando Angulo from SEMrush

Title: Content Marketing Challenges for E-commerces in 2019

Description: As an ecommerce marketer or entrepreneur you are always looking for new ways to drive traffic and sales to your store. Content marketing for e-commerce, is not only a way to help you rank better your site in search engines (organic results) or increase traffic on your pages, it’s also a way to make your brand more human through your profiles of social media networks. Most of the e commerces today are struggling with it and content marketing works if the content distribution channels are ready to receive and deal with the public. During this session Fernando will be sharing the solutions for the most common challenges content marketers all over the world are facing during the next 2019.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 85

Vote for Fernando Angulo’s presentation here.


6. Dustin Coates from Algolia

Title: “50% by 2020: Preparing for the Future with Voice Search”

Description: A year ago, there was a trickle. Now there’s a torrent. Tomorrow, it will be commonplace. Voice search is going from a differentiator to a feature that every e-commerce business will need, as users increasingly expect to search through voice. You’ve probably seen the statistics and the think-pieces, so this presentation will give you actionable information. You should walk away from this talk eager and ready to add voice search to your business.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 158

Vote for Dustin Coates’ presentation here.


7. Dominik Dreyer from Groupon

Title: Location-based marketing for the SME-making of cross-border relevance through the marketplace approach

Description:Today, we hear a lot about location-based marketing. Much of this is a challenge even for large companies. But how do small and micro enterprises face this challenge? Despite limited relevance, knowledge about the possibilities and low budget, they can take advantage of this opportunity. Mr. Dreyer, CEO of Groupon Germany, will tell us how Groupon’s approach helps these companies with location-based marketing.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 27

Vote for Dustin Coates’ presentation here.


8. Scott Galvao and Jesse Wragg from InterCultural Elements

Title: Eggs & Baskets – Expanding into marketplaces beyond Amazon

Description: Diversification is key to fortifying your business. This presentation aims to help online sellers to take advantage of diversifying your marketplace presence by selling on marketplaces beyond Amazon – i.e. not putting all of your eggs into the one proverbial basket. We’ll introduce a few international and domestic marketplaces which our clients have had great success with, and why they could be suitable expansion targets for your business.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 77

Vote for Scott Galvao and Jesse Wragg’s presentation here.


9. Thorsten Hermes from Google

Title: Connecting with Customers in the Age of Assistance

Description: Connecting with Customers in the Age of Assistance As conversational interfaces grow in popularity and customers increasingly crave both immediate and authentic communication, how can businesses adapt to best serve their needs? In this session, join to hear how brands can connect with customers directly through the Google Assistant.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 23

Vote for Thorsten Hermes’ presentation here.


10. Rafal Wasyluk from Saatchi & Saatchi IS

Title: eMerchandising in a nutshell: How to go beyond basic product presentation across eRetailers

Description: I will talk about eMerchandising – securing the best possible position for brands on a virtual shelf. Let me cover end-end delivery process including automation, do’s and do not’s with retailers, hyperlocal approach both from customer and retailer perspective. Also: winning search, the importance of combined basic and rich content and challenges for eCommerce coming from China market.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 21

Vote for Rafal Wasyluk’s presentation here.


11. Wolfgang Jung from IBM

Title: IBM 6 real-world working examples how AI is boosting your ecommerce results

Description: The subject ‘AI in ecommerce’ is already discussed heavily media and press. In opposite, our presentation will cover 6 real-world examples of AI already in “real!” active use. We show and demonstrate with these examples how AI is impacting and drive positive results in several ecommerce activities. Examples from clients and only already existing solutions will be covered and explained in detail.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 105

Vote for Wolfgang Jung’s presentation here.


12. Judit Pal from OptiMonk

Title: How AVON’s 3-step on-site messaging strategy boosted its sales by 150%

Description: Although AVON spends a lot of time and money on visitor acquisition, they face the same problem as most online stores: 98% of visitors leave without buying. Their biggest challenge is to treat every visitor in a unique way and help them find the most relevant offer. Get to know AVON’s easy-to-copy 3-step strategy allowing them to track the ever-changing visitor behaviour and display the right offer at the right time that resulted in 16,5% decrease in cart abandonment and 150% increase in sales.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 124

Vote for Judit Pal’s presentation here.


13. Kylie Fletcher from Sooqr Search

Title: Site search: the hidden gem of conversion optimization

Description: Only a small percentage of online visitors use site search. Yet these visitors could generate up to 50% of your revenue. Searchers buy up to 5 times more, lookup more products, content & pages, compared to visitors that don’t use search. Up to 80% of e-commerce can’t be bothered to look any further than their default search. Such a shame! Especially when you realize optimized search could skyrocket your conversion rate (within search) up to 400%. Site search: the hidden gem of e-commerce.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 171

Vote for Kylie Fletcher’s presentation here.


14. Kathleen Jaedtke and Tina Nord from HubSpot

Title: Man & Machines: The dream team for your intelligent marketing strategy

Description: Machine learning enables customized conversations between man and machine that can result in buying decisions. Marketing experts should include artificial intelligence purposefully in their strategic thinking. It is important to build a bridge for the customer from the source of inspiration to your own content. Kathleen Jaedtke and Tina Nord explain how this can be achieved through the use of dialogue-oriented technologies.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 130

Vote for Kathleen Jaedtke and Tina Nord’s presentation here.


15. Nuno Batista from Swatch Group Switzerland

Title: Understanding Data Science: the basis of a successful AI and Machine Learning strategy

Description: A lot has been said about AI / Machine learning but an overview of the tactics to put in place is still hard to find. This presentation tries to contribute with an overview on the basis of Data Science and how there are different steps that should be put followed before thinking about AI / Machine learning in an e-commerce platform.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 101

Vote for Nuno Batista’s presentation here.


There are also a few more speakers that went the extra mile and produced teasers to fight for their spot in the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 agenda!

Here they are:


16. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Hünermann from odoscope GmbH

Title: How the Streetwear Shop DefShop uses situationalization

Description: Understand your customers and increase revenue: How the Streetwear Shop DefShop uses situationalization to recognize the wishes of anonymous users and generate conversion rate uplifts of 20% and more, fully automated and absolutely DSGVO compliant.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 18

Vote for Ralph Hünermann’s presentation here.


17. Petr Svoboda from Shopsys

Title: The evolution of B2B commerce – Looking to the future

Description: The B2B sector is often more isolated from the effects of new trends. However, once the meaningful innovation is introduced the whole industry tends to adapt quickly because the revenue lost on a single customer is significantly higher compared to B2C sector. By reading the particular trends in B2C, we can easily foresee how the B2B is going to evolve regarding data-driven management, IT landscape, or user interfaces.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 55

Vote for Petr Svoboda’s presentation here.


18. Felix Schlenther from zenloop GmbH

Title: How to boost your customer retention with NPS

Descritpion: In our presentation we share all our knowledge of 10 years practical NPS experience. You will learn how NPS measures customer loyalty, why NPS is much more than collecting customer feedback and how to perfectly close the feedback loop. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become the standard KPI for measuring customer retention in the US. Its popularity has developed NPS from a metric to a whole Net Promoter System. NPS is new way of doing CRM business and requires every level to be rigorously, consistently focused on the quality of customer relationships first.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 61

Vote for Felix Schlenther’s presentation here.


19. Saksham Sharda from Outgrow

Title: To buy or not to buy: How to cure your customers’ choice paralysis in today’s overcrowded eCommerce markets

Description: “The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about”, says Seth Godin, “is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” It is no wonder then that price wars have led today’s online markets to a state of peak saturation. Customers have so many things to choose from that they end up with choice paralysis and buy nothing. How do you cure this paralysis? How do you do justice not only to your customers’ unique needs, but also to the complexity of your products? Find out.

Number of votes as of 18 October 2018: 118

Vote for Saksham Sharda’s presentation here.



Interested in checking all submissions? Here’s a complete list of all speakers participating in the Call for Papers contest of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019.

Remember, you have 8 votes to cast – one per each category. Vote and pick the agenda of the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019!