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Best WooCommerce Tips To Make Your Website More Effective

Setting up an online store is no longer a difficult task. Where WordPress offers the ease to start a website, the WooCommerce plugin makes it easier for the offline store owners to take their business online and set up a store. Even startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have their way when planning to test their career in the eCommerce industry. 

Sign up on the WordPress website, download the plugin, add products and get started. True that this might seem pretty easy to most of us, in reality, there is a lot more to be done. Simply setting up or creating the website won’t do any good. It is important that the store is created in the best possible way. In simple terms, the website needs to be effective enough to drive traffic and generate profits. 

Wondering how? 

Well, that’s the reason we are here. This article is designed to highlight some of the best WooCommerce tips which when applied tend to enhance and optimize the overall functionality of the site, increasing the profit for your business. With the WordPress guest post plugin, you can make your site more interesting and engaging. The quick entry form allows readers to share their thoughts in an easy way that will get them back on board with what’s going around town.

10 Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Site Effective

Optimize Your Site for Speed 

The time taken to load the website is influential when it comes to the success of a WooCommerce website and hence it is really important to optimize and speed up your Woocommerce site. It is noted that users tend to abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. This implies that if your site loads in more than 3 seconds, it would hardly see the light of the day.

Not to mention the fact that being abandoned increases the bounce rate of the website, disrupting the SEO rankings. Hence, it is important that you have optimized your website in terms of speed.

First things first, you need to install a cache plugin to aid caching of static content. This reduces the time taken to load static parts of the website, increasing the speed. Further, make sure the images are well compressed and do not cost the quality. Also, the themes that you have installed within the website must not increase the load time of the site. 

Above all, make sure the chosen host provides a 99.9% uptime and can easily scale your WooCommerce store when needed.

Excel in Terms of UI/UX 

It is not what the user sees but how. The design and the appearance of a website have a dramatic impact on the success of a WooCommerce website. It is noted that websites that have a well-designed interface experience 200% more conversions. This rate can extend as high up to 400%. Whether it is in terms of navigation or checkout, the user interface and the experience holds tremendous importance. 

Websites that have multiple menus and page-long forms to interact, customers are bound to leave the same and make a switch. This is definitely not accepted and hence, optimization is needed. When designing the page of the WooCommerce website, ensure that there are no unnecessary icons or buttons. You can prefer creating flat navigation. This reduces the number of menus a user needs to operate to finally placing an order. 

Seamless and frictionless navigation enhances the user experience accounting for better sales and higher revenue. 

Add Categories and Subcategories Smartly 

In the pointer above, we mentioned creating lesser menus but that doesn’t mean having single ones. Designing is one of the most important parts while creating a website. True that the presence of plugins eases the task of setting up an online store, however designing is something that doesn’t happen automatically. 

Even though the plugin would offer a basic template and design modifying and optimizing it, is needed. Specifically for an eCommerce store, segmenting products in different categories makes it easier for your customers to search for the same. This saves a great deal of time, as in the absence of product categories, they would need to go to scour through thousands of items, to finally trace the one they ought to purchase. 

Now, creating subcategories have twofold benefits. For one, the present-day customers are highly impatient. Meaning that the longer it takes to trace a product, the faster they are to leave the page. Segmenting products into a range of options saves them the effort and time. 

Secondly, creating a separate page for different products allows you to add long-tail keywords which increases the visibility of the site, enhancing it’s SEO rankings. In a way, your website turns more efficient and all set to increase your sales. 

Strategize For Holidays

Whether a festive season or a seasonal holiday, eCommerce sales are expected to rise in either case. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity for store managers to increase their sales. 

Creating promotional offers, notifying users with festive discounts and promoting product exchanges are some ways proven to increase the effectiveness of the website. There are a lot of free plugins like Woocommerce dynamic pricing plugin which can help you set up bulk discounts easily. When your store is festive ready, customers are more likely to get attracted and engage with it. Not to mention, this would increase sales, inching more and more profits. 

Watch Your Words 

Are you aware of the fact that the words you use have an impact on how customers react? Well, if you aren’t sure, this is time to test the same. 

It is seen that words or phrases such as “first 100 buyers get additional 10% discount” or ” Be the first to grab the clearance sale* have a greater impact on the minds of the customer. It grabs their attention, forcing them to visit your store and make a purchase. 

Use Sign up Bonuses or Rewards On Every Purchase

Now, this might seem to be a little expensive but not when you see the bigger picture ahead. Discount coupons for the first time users have been one of the most successful forms of marketing. It is not just a path to start the first purchase but also acts wonderfully in terms of customer attraction and retention. 

Offering bonus points on every purchase compels customers to revisit your store and enter into buying activities. This, in fact, is a long process and continues as long as your services satisfy the users. 

Enable Faster Checkout

Do you know what the most painful thing is? Cart abandonment. Yes, that’s right. Having your visitors reach the checkout page and then quit is really heart wrenching. Ever wondered why? 

One of the prominent reasons behind cart abandonment is the tedious checkout process. Starting with the need to sign up, fill forms and pay using the app, there are several reasons that compel users to quit the buying process. It is important that you have your checkout page optimized enabling seamless transactions. There are some good free plugins like Woocommerce checkout field editor plugin which can help you manage the checkout fields easily and make it more user-friendly.

You can start by allowing guest purchases and reducing the need to fill details prior to purchase. Also, make sure your website has ample payment options making it easier for the user to initiate the purchase. 

Customer Live Chat 

Definitely, the perks of buying a product online are many. Yet there are criticisms attached that prevent a user from online shopping. One of these is the inability to touch or see the product in real. Often, customers doubt about the quality of the product rendered and might have certain questions related to the same. 

To deal with this, your woocommerce store must have live chat support giving customers the ease to talk and clear their doubts before making a purchase. While manual support is limited by time and effort, employing Chatbots to do the job ensures that your business never stops. Whether it is 2 pm on a Sunday or 2 am on a weekday, your business is up and active. There are many good live chat services available in the market, which can be activated by just adding a simple code to the website. 

Work For SEO 

No matter how efficient your website is, if it isn’t visible to the users, it won’t fetch any traffic, let alone drive profits. It is advised that your website products are well described and optimized in terms of keywords. The images, too, need to be optimized and indexed for the right set of keywords. 


The last and most important is having a return policy. Imagine a customer buying a product from your site. Upon receiving the product, he/she doesn’t find it ideal and plans to return. He opens the website only to find a no return policy. This is fatal considering the fact that the user might not revisit your site and even share this experience with peers. It is advised to always have a hassle-free return policy winning customer trust and etching higher revenue. 

The Final Word

WooCommerce has loads of features, each designed to enhance the functionality of the site. It can help your business grow super fast in the online environment, which is full of opportunities. All you need to do is implement them right and see your store grow exponentially.