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E-commerce Germany Awards Interviews: Pickware

Welcome to our interview series featuring the winners of the recent E-commerce Germany Awards. This event is a grand celebration that recognizes excellence, commitment and remarkable achievements in the e-commerce sector. It provides an opportunity to commend the trailblazers who are propelling the industry forward with their innovative solutions.

Today, we gladly share with you our conversation with Marvin Schneemann from Business Development at Pickware. Let’s read about their winning solution – Pickware which is a comprehensive e-commerce ERP system, specially developed to meet the needs of online retailers.

EGN: Could you describe your company in a few words?

Marvin Schneemann: When we were founded in 2011, we laid the foundation for our success story in e-commerce. At that time, we were operating as a software agency. Even back then, our focus was always clearly on individual customer needs. We quickly developed expertise in the efficient automation of the most important processes in e-commerce. 

Even today, as a now established software manufacturer, it is this customer focus that drives us and forms the basis of everything we do. We have set ourselves the goal of making ERP and all associated processes as simple as possible in line with our motto “E-commerce made easy”. Right now our team consists of more than 60 individuals, we have over 1100 customers and collaborate with more than one hundred partner agencies.

EGN: What was the solution you decided to put in for our competition? 

Marvin Schneemann: It was Pickware, our comprehensive e-commerce ERP system that has been specially developed to meet the requirements of online retailers. This software enables the centralized management of products, orders and stock from various sales channels such as online stores, marketplaces and offline stores. The integration of shipping service providers and barcode scanners in the warehouse automates the shipping process, returns processing and inventory. Other functions include invoicing, DATEV integration and supplier management.

EGN: What makes your system unique?

Marvin Schneemann: Many different things. It has a feature that we call “centralized management” which helps in easy management of products, orders and inventory across various sales channels, streamlining operations. There’s also shipping optimization which integrates shipping providers and automates shipping with mobile barcode scanners, speeding up order processing and reducing errors. Of course I can’t forget about warehouse management meaning precise inventory control using mobile barcode scanners.

Pickware is also helpful in returns management and invoicing. It efficiently handles returns for a seamless customer experience and automates invoice creation, sending and management. Additionally, among its key features there is the possibility of simplified accounting with DATEV integration which reduces manual effort and errors. Last but not least, Pickaware helps with supplier and purchasing management, optimizing procurement processes for smoother operations.

EGN: How can your solution help e-commerce business owners? Is it for everyone or do you aim for specific industries?

Marvin Schneemann: Pickware simplifies the daily business of online retailers by addressing their key challenges like, for example, enhanced efficiency. Pickware’s automation and centralized management saves time and resources. Another key challenge is error reduction but our system’s automation minimizes human errors in shipping and warehousing. The solution also responds to the need for improved customer experience as its efficient order and returns processing boosts customer loyalty. Furthermore, Pickware meets the need for scalability as it’s suitable for both small and growing e-commerce businesses.

However, whoever wants to try out Pickware has to be aware that it is only available for Shopware and Shopify shop systems.

EGN: What if we would like to use it? How does the process work?

Marvin Schneemann: Anyone interested in our solution can experience Pickware live in a demo and get all their questions answered or test it for 30 days free of charge. Of course, they can also start directly with Pickware by simply creating an account and then being guided through the next steps.

EGN: If you were asked to name three key advantages of your solution in comparison with your brand’s competitors, what would they be?

Marvin Schneemann: I have to start with a combination of all-in-one ERP and automation as Pickware is not only a simple ERP and a powerful automation solution, but also covers other important functions related to invoicing, DATEV integration and supplier management. This means that online retailers only need one system to cover the most important areas of their business and save time and resources thanks to the high level of automation.

Then I must put emphasis on its simple onboarding and user-friendliness. We have attached great importance to ensuring that Pickware is easy to implement and user-friendly. This means that companies can start using it within 24 hours and users can quickly find their way around.

The last aspect which sets us apart from the competition is best support. We pride ourselves on offering first-class support that is always available to our customers in case of questions or problems.

EGN: What are your plans for the future? Will your solution keep evolving?

Marvin Schneemann: Definitely. We are still developing new features for our solution and are in constant communication with customers and partners to make Pickware even better.

EGN: What is your current goal?

Marvin Schneemann: To continuously improve Pickware on the basis of customer feedback to make the daily work of retailers as easy as possible.

EGN: What are your predictions for the future concerning your area of expertise?

Marvin Schneemann: I foresee that competition in e-commerce will become increasingly intense and it will be more and more important to use the right tools.

EGN: Why did you decide to take part in the E-commerce Germany Awards 2024?

Marvin Schneemann: As a long-time exhibitor and fan of the E-Commerce Berlin Expo, there was no question of taking part in the E-commerce Germany Awards 2024.

EGN: We are very glad to hear that. Thank you for your kind words and this enlightening conversation.

In the interview Marvin Schneemann, from Business Development at Pickware, detailed their excellent ERP system designed to streamline e-commerce operations. With features that automate and integrate everything from inventory to invoicing across multiple platforms, Pickware simplifies the complex—making it an essential tool for online retailers looking to boost efficiency and scalability in the competitive e-commerce space. Be sure to check it out!


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