EU Demands Urgent Clarification from Temu and Shein

The European Commission has issued a request to Temu and Shein for comprehensive details regarding their services for European consumers. This follows complaints from several consumer organizations. 

As Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs), both companies are required to adhere to the stringent regulations of the Digital Services Act, which aims to address illegal and harmful content.

Recently added to the VLOP list, the Chinese platforms must demonstrate their efforts in enabling users to report illegal products. Additionally, the EU tech regulators are seeking information on measures to prevent dark patterns, protect minors, ensure transparency in recommender systems, trace traders, and ensure compliance by design.

Temu and Shein have until July 12 to submit the requested information. The European Commission will evaluate the responses to decide on subsequent actions. Failure to provide accurate, complete, and truthful information could result in fines and more severe penalties, as outlined by the Commission.