How to Embrace eCommerce Fulfillment in 2024 with Allegro

E-commerce owners are on the constant lookout for ways to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Fulfillment is their golden ticket, promising faster delivery and seamless service. Why is fulfillment a solution that ecommerce owners can benefit from, and how can they start using it?

What is Fulfillment in E-commerce?

Fulfillment in e-commerce means handling and shipping orders directly to customers. 

This process includes storing inventory, picking items, packing boxes, and shipping orders. With fulfillment, businesses can improve their customer experience and operational efficiency.

The Importance of Fulfillment in E-commerce

Fulfillment became crucial in e-commerce for a few solid reasons. 

  • First, it speeds up delivery. Customers get their orders fast, which keeps them coming back. 
  • Efficient inventory management means you’re never out of stock or overstocked. 
  • Happy customers are the result of the reliable service you provide. 
  • As your business grows, a good fulfillment process means you can handle more orders without sacrificing quality. 

Fulfillment is about keeping things moving smoothly, no matter how busy it gets.

And numbers speak for themselves here. 

Almost 80 percent of 3PL warehouse professionals in 2023 stated their orders were for other companies (B2B). However, e-commerce orders made up 65 percent of fulfillment cases.


What’s the Challenge Here? 

Fulfillment is not just about sending packages. It’s about managing stock, dealing with returns, and keeping customers happy. All this takes time, effort, and a lot of organization.

Without the right tools and support, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Mistakes happen, and when they do, it’s your reputation on the line.

That’s where One Fulfillment by Allegro comes in. 

It’s designed to make the complex simple. From inventory management to shipping, they’ve got it covered. Less stress for you, better experiences for your customers. 

With One Fulfillment by Allegro, you’re set up for success from day one. Not convinced yet? See how One Fulfillment by Allegro makes e-commerce easy.

What is One Fulfillment by Allegro?

One Fulfillment by Allegro puts logistics in expert hands, offering a service that cuts order lead times and improves the shopping experience for customers. 

Without the need for agreements with carriers, it provides a wide range of delivery options across Poland, so that orders are delivered the same or next day. 

Moreover, it supports expansion into the Czech and Slovak markets, guaranteeing parcels reach customers within two working days. A strategic move like this helps businesses reach a wider client base and increase sales. 

Isn’t that what e-commerce businesses are after?

The benefits are clear:

  • 80% of offers achieve Purchase Value (PV) in the first month on the fulfillment account, as opposed to those on a regular account.
  • Offers on the fulfillment account see a 534% surge in page views compared to the same sellers’ offers on a regular account.

With One Fulfillment by Allegro, businesses aren’t just expediting shipping or making it easier for all parties involved. They’re accelerating growth.

One Fulfillment is for You if You Want To…

Cut Logistics Costs and Grow Your Business in Poland

Struggling with high logistics costs? You’re not the only one. One Fulfillment by Allegro streamlines your operations, letting you focus on growth. Benefit from reduced overheads and invest more in marketing and product development. Scale in Poland efficiently!

Expand Without the Extra Storage Space

No room for more inventory? With One Fulfillment by Allegro, expand your offerings without worrying about storage. They provide the warehousing so you can keep growing your product line. No more limitations of physical space.

Seamless Expansion Beyond Poland

Looking to reach new markets without the hassle? One Fulfillment by Allegro handles logistics, making international expansion easy. Tap into the Czech and Slovak markets with ease – without getting trapped by logistics contracts. It’s a direct route to more markets.

Provide Same-Day Delivery to Delight Customers

Want to offer lightning-fast delivery? One Fulfillment by Allegro makes same-day delivery possible, so your customer satisfaction skyrockets. Impress your customers with unmatched speed and reliability, and set your business apart in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

All Benefits of One Fulfillment by Allegro

Comprehensive Order Management

Allegro One Fulfillment takes charge of storing and managing orders, taking full responsibility for the process. This means less work for you and more focus on growing your business. You can trust them to handle the complexities of order fulfillment, while you can concentrate on strategic decisions and customer engagement.

Diverse Delivery Options Without the Hassle

They offer a wide range of delivery options without the need for you to negotiate or sign agreements with carriers. Simplifying logistics lets you offer better service to your customers. With this flexibility, your products reach your customers through the most efficient and cost-effective means.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Using recycled packaging, including secure cardboard boxes with filling and paper tape, Allegro One Fulfillment demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. In addition to reducing environmental impact, this approach appeals to eco-conscious consumers, boosting your brand’s reputation.

Guaranteed Fast Delivery

Parcels are dispatched on the day of purchase or within 24 hours, so your customers receive their orders promptly. A high level of efficiency can result in a more satisfying customer experience, bringing repeat business on a regular basis. 

Exceptional Customer Service

They professionally handle customer inquiries about orders or product availability, providing support from 7:00 am to midnight, seven days a week, including service in English. Your customers will always have access to the help they need with this comprehensive support system.

Hassle-Free Returns

Allegro One Fulfillment manages returns, accepting full-value products for resale, which simplifies the process for you and your customers. Such a streamlined returns process can reduce the operational burden on your business, so you can keep clients… happy.

International Sales Support

They facilitate selling in other countries by providing logistics services, helping you expand your reach and grow your customer base. This opens up new markets for your products, so that you can tap into the potential of cross-border e-commerce without the logistical nightmares.

Access to a Massive Customer Base

With over 22 million users visiting Allegro every month, you gain access to Poland’s largest e-commerce platform. Your online visibility can skyrocket, driving more traffic to your listings and potentially boosting your sales.

Robust Logistics and Warehouse Management

Offering late shipping hours for same-day delivery extends your sales window, and a professional warehouse management system gives you real-time insights into your inventory and sales dynamics. With this comprehensive approach to inventory and logistics, even during peak sales you can meet customer demand efficiently.

How does Fulfillment work on Allegro?

There’s nothing complicated about it. If you are interested in finding out if you are eligible, how to start, and how much it costs, take a look at the steps below. 

How to Start?

  • Create a New Seller Account: Start by setting up a new One Fulfillment seller account on Allegro.
  • Prepare Your Offers: Decide on the offers you want to sell using One Fulfillment.
  • Send Products to Allegro Warehouse: Ship your inventory to the Allegro Warehouse, where they handle all logistics.

Conditions of Use

  • VAT Registration: Must be a registered and active VAT taxpayer in Poland, with a NIP listed on the White List of VAT payers.
  • Sell New Products: Items must be new and have a valid GTIN number.
  • New Account Requirement: Requires creating a new One Fulfillment seller account, even for existing Allegro sellers.

Costs of One Fulfillment

Service price varies based on the products sold and storage duration. Excludes transport costs to/from the warehouse.


  • Product acceptance at the warehouse.
  • Storage for 30 days.
  • Order picking.
  • Packing in recycled material packaging.
  • Export delivery.
  • 24/7 support for buyer queries related to order fulfillment.

Success Stories

Success stories often resonate more powerfully than any promotional text. They provide real-world proof of how services like One Fulfillment by Allegro can transform businesses.

Check the success story of 

Check the success story of Naxez

Unique Offers for You

Get Started with a Special Offer

  • 30 Days Free: Enjoy 30 days without additional fees, including discrepancies.
  • 250 Features: Grab a package of 250, 10-day features valid for one month to boost your visibility.
  • 75% Off Sales Commission: Cut your sales commission on featured offers by 75%.

This offer stands until 30th April 2024.

“Small and Cheap Products” Program

  • Lower Base Fees: Enjoy reduced fees on handling products up to 15 liters or up to PLN 25 gross.
  • Expand Your Range: Increase your average cart value by diversifying your product portfolio.
  • Fixed Subscription Fee: Benefit from a fixed subscription fee of PLN 499* net, and unlock further discounts.

These initiatives are designed to make your entry or expansion in e-commerce as smooth and profitable as possible. 

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to grow your business with Allegro’s innovative fulfillment solutions!

Over to You

Taking full advantage of fulfillment is the future, but it can be challenging if it’s not done correctly. Hence, it is important to work with trusted partners throughout this process to ensure it is hassle-free.

One Fulfillment by Allegro offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help your e-commerce business. From seamless logistics to expanding your product range and tapping into new markets, the benefits are clear. 

With special offers to get you started and programs designed for small and affordable products, there’s never been a better time to streamline your operations and boost your sales.

Ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? 

Don’t wait. 

Try One Fulfillment by Allegro today and experience the difference it can make for your business. Join the success stories and let Allegro help you achieve your goals!


What is fulfilment in ecommerce?

Fulfillment in ecommerce involves receiving, processing, packing, and shipping orders to customers.

How do you fulfill an ecommerce order?

To fulfill an ecommerce order, store inventory, process the order, package the product, and arrange for its delivery to the customer.

What is self fulfillment in ecommerce?

Self-fulfillment in ecommerce refers to the seller handling all aspects of order fulfillment in-house, without using third-party services.

What is website fulfillment?

Website fulfillment refers to the end-to-end process of handling orders placed on a website, including storage, packing, shipping, and delivery to customers.