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How to rock your Amazon sales? Statistics and tips for 2020.

How to rock your Amazon sales?

You’re active on Amazon, and you sell a thing or two, but… you’d like more. 

You are not active on Amazon anymore: you sold products in the past and got put off back then, but now you feel like you would like to be ready for rumble again.

You think about entering Amazon just now, but you need to know more about Amazon sales.

No matter which scenario applies to you, our article may come in handy if you are thinking of delivering results from your Amazon sale.

Amazon statistics for 2020

If you still don’t know whether you should enter Amazon, then some data from FinancesOnline should help you make up your mind:

  • As of July 2019, Amazon’s market value had reached $993 billion. (Bloomberg, 2019)
  • Amazon will control over 50% of the US eCommerce market by 2019. (Statista, 2019)
  • According to statistics, books, services, and wine excluded, Amazon has a catalogue with 12 million products (RetailTouchPoint)
  • For every eCommerce dollar spent by a US consumer, Amazon earns a whopping 49 cents. (Techjury)
  • Amazon is present in 14 countries, but it ships products to more than 100 countries. (Techjury)

Amazon will continue to grow – no doubt about that. However, if you want to grow them as well, you need to stand out of the competition. And, to be fair, the competition is more than fierce, with more than 2,5 million sellers currently actively selling on the marketplace (Marketplacepulse, 2019). And every year more than a million new sellers join Amazon. What can you do to sell more, sell quicker, sell better? Keep reading to find out.

Amazon tips for 2020

How can you start selling on Amazon? Keep reading to make everything clear.

Offering a free shipping

Including shipping costs at the product price always works better than providing separate delivery costs. You can also start offering free deliveries above a specific price limit. It is an excellent facilitation for customers. Remember, that price is one of the primary decision-making factors. Right now, 59% of cross-border sellers offer free-shipping. Be one of them!

Providing the right shipping time

Amazon’s customers know well FBA express shipping. Regardless of whether you fulfil orders and do the delivery process yourself or you use FBA services, your shipping time shouldn’t be longer than two days. It will make you a serious competitor on Amazon.

Factors with the most significant impact on BuyBox

When it comes to the final shopping decision, orders fulfilling and price have the most considerable influence on customers. According to Amazon’s guidelines, fulfilling orders needs to be done by FBM or FBA model. But when it comes to price – the cheaper, the better. Shipping time close the podium. Amazon says it shouldn’t be longer than 14 days to deliver the order to the customer.

Amazon Brand registration is a convenience which should encourage sellers to sell on Amazon. It allows the seller to protect not only account but also products cards against dishonest other sellers. Besides, Amazon offers additional support in the case when another seller is trying to impersonate a brand.

Graphic layout

Thanks to registration your brand on Amazon, you can create your own, personalized online store. It helps you stand out and have a higher sell on Amazon. Amazon also allows you to make a product card with some graphics and additional descriptions. Products usually sell better when they look decent and have proper descriptions.

SEO on Amazon

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular ways of online marketing, and you can use it now on Amazon too. SEO helps your products to show up at the beginning of any Amazon’s listing. Needless to say that it is likely to boost your sales. 9 out of 10 people check prices on Amazon. What do you need to take into consideration to hit Amazon listing?

  • Keywords – placement and selection of keywords are one of the most important decisions to make. Not quite sure how to make it work? Seo Management may be the right solution here.
  • Products’ pictures – high quality and resolution are often decision-making factors. Most of us are visuals, no surprise we usually buy whatever looks nice at first glance. Take care of professional, good-looking photos of your products – CTR will be higher than ever.
  • Customers review – what can assure customer better than other customer’s words? Nothing. That’s why it is a good practice to highlight customer review on your product’s page. Of course, only good reviews can increase your sells, so think twice about what you offer. 
  • Q&A section – despite an extensive description, some customer may have some unclear issues about your product. Ask yourself for questions, don’t let unanswered ones. They will be annotation to the product description, and they will be valuable content for your future customers. 

Amazon Advertising

This kind of ads is sometimes called Amazon Sponsored Product. The whole process is based on auctioning (the same way as Google Ads). Seller bid amount of money for the keyword in which he wants his ad to appear. Directly speaking, the product with the highest bid will appear in the first position in the search results, and so on. It is essential to say that you pay only when a client clicks in your ad (CPC). It seems easy, but it takes time and some involvement to find the best way to spend your ad budget. If you want your sale on Amazon to skyrocket, but you don’t feel like doing it alone, you should partner up with some reliable Amazon vendors – for example, AmzTeam


PPC (pay per click) ads are nothing new when it comes to Google or Facebook. Now, it is time for Amazon. They are very successful in the case of external traffic generation. When the user clicks on your ad, they go directly to the product offered on your site. So, this is a unique opportunity to reach customers who are looking for products everywhere but not on Amazon. Also, it raises you in Amazon’s listing. 


Oldie but goldie. These days newsletter is a little neglected, but it still fulfils its role. If your e-mail included a direct link to your Amazon page, your customer would buy products most conveniently. It also generates more traffic on your page. 

Amazon is not rocket since but sometimes it is hard to breakthrough. We hope that with all these tips above you will take over Amazon with your product and your sell will be higher than ever. Let 2020 be yours!