Live shopping: the shining star of e-commerce

Online shopping is our everyday life for most of us, and in recent months it is even the basic form of purchasing products. Many people at that time found out that online shopping has many advantages, although it does not replace live contact with the product or the seller.

In some industries, this is quite important. What is the power of live shopping and in which industries is it best to use it?

How does live shopping work

Live shopping is nothing more than presenting the company’s offer live, during live coverage on social media. 

During live broadcasts, brands talk about trends, but above all present their offer in detail, the features of individual products, and advise on how to combine things and how to match them. In the fashion industry, the additionally discussed styles will be shown on models.

During live shopping, it will also be possible to ask questions in the chat, to which brand representatives can answer real-time. The presented products can often be purchased directly and take advantage of discounts available only during the event, which is live shopping.

The potential of live shopping

A conversation about a product and advice that customers can count on every day in showrooms is an element that is certainly missing when shopping in online stores. Live shopping with experts is an attempt to transfer these aspects to the virtual world and smuggle the element of entertainment, but also a great help for many people!

Although a shopping trip is a favorite pastime for most women, now this kind of entertainment can be easily transferred to the online world. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, meetings with fashion take on a new dimension and we do not have to limit them.

More and more often it is enough to sit comfortably on the couch and click start to make the adventure with fashion last.

Have you heard about live shopping? Expert commentary

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many different companies have been forced to go outside of their comfort zones and try something completely new. 

At Stronger, we decided right away that we would try out something totally new for the European e-commerce market: live shopping. Live shopping had been a trend in China for quite some time, but had, at this point, not yet been used much in the European market.

Live shopping is a unique experience, both for the customers and companies involved. The main difference is in the direct interaction with customers. Influencers can show customers products in more detail and customers can ask whatever they want to know directly in the chat. 

If we look at live shopping as influencer marketing 2.0, it becomes very natural for us at Stronger to jump on this at an early stage. We decided to try it out and to offer our customers something completely new, both for us as a company and for them as consumers. 

Our first live shopping session lasted 30 minutes, during which time we reached 3.5k viewers. By the next day, another 2.5k had viewed the saved video of the livestreamed shopping event. In addition to bringing in a good number of views, our sales exceeded our expectations by more than 300 percent. 

So far, we’ve hosted live shopping sessions in The Netherlands, Germany, and our home market of Sweden. However, this is only the beginning, and we’re planning on going even more international with this to reach customers all over the world on a more natural and personal level. 
Juri Gendelman – Head of Growth and Co-Founder at Stronger

To wrap up

Live Shopping is nothing but a trend that will stay with us for a long time now. It provides options, interaction, engagement, and massive value to the customers. However, it can be extremely beneficial for various brands who decide to leverage it in their strategies.

We already have evidence that the market is growing, so it’s best to stay on top of the trend.