Marketplace Series: Scayle – Is It a Rising Star in The Sky Full of Platforms?

In IT, there is more often the problem that software developers cannot perfectly respond to the wishes and needs of customers because they lack knowledge of operational processes. Scayle Commerce Technology, therefore, has a huge advantage over other shopping platforms. It is being created in the B2B unit of the online fashion retailer About You, which is contributing its know-how to Scayle. With this approach, numerous well-known new customers were again acquired in 2022.

About You CEO Tarek Müller

These include shoe specialist Deichmann, optician chain Fielmann, a clothing manufacturer s.Oliver, urban fashion retailer DefShop, sports club FC Bayern, and Kapten & Son, a D2C provider of lifestyle products and accessories. According to About You, a total technology contract volume of 100 million euros was added. In the future, Scayle will continue to focus primarily on the enterprise B2C lifestyle segment, which is why it plans to win additional companies from the fashion, beauty, home & living sectors with annual sales of more than 100 million euros on a significant scale over the next few years. The cloud-based and modular system is ideally equipped for these, but not (yet) always for complex business models in other sectors.

B2C in focus

As About You CEO Tarek Müller explains, the customers acquired so far are recording an average of 40 percent more sales and even 50 percent more profit directly after the migration – which of course speaks for a clear competitive advantage. Users are said to benefit from drastically reduced overall IT expenses, easier internationalization, marketplace capabilities and improved customer experience, among other benefits. Scayle will also handle marketing on demand and provide its pan-European logistics network with global shipping options. About You currently wants to focus its unit primarily on the B2C sector in order to create the best possible experience precisely there.

At least in part, it is already succeeding in doing so. “No (other, d.R.) market provider can create such synergies so quickly for a multi-brand like we are,” explains Maurice Taake, Head of Digital Delivery at s.Oliver Group, for example. s.Oliver uses Scayle to manage its brands s.Oliver, comma and Liebeskind Berlin by means of a unified e-commerce platform. This plays out the centrally created product data individually via the front ends of the brand stores and the respective localized country stores.

Want to know more?

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