Tradebyte x Allegro: Collaboration – Transforming Ecommerce in CEE

What happens when two giants of e-commerce join forces? 

Tradebyte and Allegro are about to show us. Revealed at ECD Munich on June 12, 2024, their partnership promises to shake up online shopping in Central Eastern Europe.

Collaboration drives success in any industry, and e-commerce is no exception. Tradebyte and Allegro’s partnership can maximize this.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to discover how Tradebyte and Allegro are going to lead the charge in e-commerce.

Background Information

About Allegro

Allegro stands as the leading e-commerce platform in Poland, commanding the market with impressive statistics. With 19.9 million active buyers, Allegro holds a dominant position. In the fashion sector, Allegro leads in recognition and customer preference, offering millions of active listings. 

The platform’s diverse categories and robust brand partnerships drive continuous growth, particularly in sportswear, athleisure, and kids’ fashion.

About Tradebyte

Tradebyte is a major e-commerce integrator, as it acts as a bridge between retailers and online marketplaces. Tradebyte connects brands with major marketplaces and platforms – like now, Allegro. Brands can expand their reach and facilitate their operations with Tradebyte’s expertise in e-commerce integration. With Tradebyte, brands can connect seamlessly with millions of potential customers.

Details of the Collaboration

During the ECD Munich event on June 12, 2024, which attracted over 500 participants, Allegro saw great interest from multiple brands.The event highlighted Central Eastern Europe’s growing importance in future expansion plans. 

And the collaboration between Allegro and Tradebyte reflects exactly that.

E-commerce in Central Eastern Europe is set to be redefined by Tradebyte and Allegro’s collaboration. The main objective is to ease the integration process, making it easier for (at first) fashion, sports, home&living, health&beauty, as well as baby&kids’ brands to access Allegro’s vast marketplace. 

The partnership will benefit both sides by increasing efficiency and expanding user bases. Brands will gain access to Allegro’s 19.9 million active buyers across the whole region, with dedicated Allegro marketplaces in Poland, Czechia (, and Slovakia (, opening up new growth opportunities. And there is still more to come for Allegro – as it expands to new markets within Central and Eastern Europe.

Allegro is already a top destination for online shoppers, particularly in fashion. According to the latest Gemius Panel in 2023, Allegro Fashion ranks first in both spontaneous recognition (36%) and top-of-mind recognition (24%), surpassing platforms like Zalando. This leadership is driven by Allegro’s extensive selection and partnerships with major brands, with over 120 million active fashion offers.

The Fashion category on Allegro is experiencing healthy growth in all segments, especially in Sportswear, Athleisure, Underwear, Fashion, Home&Living, Health&Beauty, Kids, and Accessories, with double-digit growth recorded. This collaboration promises to further amplify these dynamics, offering even greater opportunities for brands to thrive in the CEE market.

The technical and operational framework is designed for smooth data exchange and efficient operations. In August, new brands will start onboarding on the platform.

Brands can rely on easy access to Allegro’s extensive customer base, benefiting from enhanced support and streamlined entry processes. And, on top of that, Allegro’s One Fulfillment solution ensures fast delivery, with next-day service within Poland and two-day delivery to Czechia and Slovakia. 

Due to the integration, brands will be able to tap into Allegro’s large customer base shortly – with minimal hassle, backed by strong support from both platforms.

Benefits for Sellers and Buyers

#1 Special Welcome Program  

New sellers can take advantage of Allegro’s comprehensive Welcome Program, which includes commission discounts and an array of benefits valued at 2,200 EUR. Through this program, new sellers can get a very strong start on the platform – with a plethora of extra powerful tools and resources.

More benefits for sellers include free promotional tools to improve the visibility of their listings – giving them a competitive edge right from the beginning. On top of that, new sellers receive complimentary access to Allegro’s subscription service for 90 days. This subscription includes access to Allegro Analytics (covered below), giving even more valuable insights into market trends and performance metrics for Allegro sellers. 

These resources and tools help new sellers establish a strong presence on the platform and boost their sales from day one. As part of Allegro’s Welcome Program, new sellers are provided with everything they need to succeed and grow their business.

#2 Access to powerful Allegro Analytics

Why struggle with manual data analysis when Allegro Analytics offers comprehensive insights at your fingertips? Now, new sellers can access that free of charge for their first few months! Allegro Analytics is a powerful tool designed to help sellers on Allegro optimize their assortment, pricing, and promotional strategies. Since it provides real-time sales statistics, it allows sellers to adapt to market trends and outperform competitors. With detailed reports on market pricing, sales trends, and competitor activities, all sellers can make informed decisions to improve their sales performance. Gain full control over your business with Allegro Analytics!

#3 Educational Resources and Allegro Academy

You won’t be left in the dark! Learn more about e-commerce with Allegro Academy

The Allegro Academy offers free resources and courses to help sellers succeed in e-commerce. These tools and knowledge give sellers a sense of independence and allow them to grow their businesses efficiently.

Access free webinars, courses, and articles on sales, marketing, logistics, and more. Allegro’s expertise helps you excel in e-commerce’s competitive landscape, equipping you with the skills and tools you need.

#4 Zero-Cost Seller Account

Start selling on Allegro with no upfront costs. Get a seller account for 0 EUR per month and enjoy a 0% sales commission fee for the first 90 days. Test the platform and establish your business without financial risk. Take advantage of this offer to reach millions of customers and grow your sales from day one.

#5 Access to International Markets

Expand your reach effortlessly with Allegro! Sell in Poland and other international markets like Czechia and Slovakia (with more to come). No need to worry about language barriers – listings and messages can be automatically translated for smooth communication.

#6 Simplified Listing Management

List once, sell anywhere! Manage your listings easily across multiple markets. You don’t need to create new listings for each market. Pick and choose the target market for each offer, and Allegro helps convert prices into local currencies. As a result, your products are priced correctly for each market and the selling process becomes faster and more efficient.

#7 Sales Acceleration Tools

Increase your sales on the spot using Allegro’s powerful tools. Allegro SMART! offers buyers free shipping with a yearly fee, which is proved to encourage more purchases. With the help of these tools, you can establish a loyal customer base quickly, providing a bespoke shopping experience that will make it easier for customers to make repeat purchases. All that support puts sellers in the right hands and on the right path to make more sales as a result.

Learn more about how to start selling on Allegro and why it’s more effective to leverage marketplaces than localized e-shops.

Impact on the Ecommerce Landscape

Central Eastern Europe (CEE) is blossoming in e-commerce. And numbers speak for themselves here. 

With a rapid annual growth rate (14% y/y – exceeding rates in the Western Europe), the region has become a major hub for online businesses. 

But if you want to succeed in CEE, partnering with the best is essential. 

Allegro, the leading platform, and Tradebyte, a top integrator, provide a powerful gateway to this market.

It goes without saying that the CEE market offers vast opportunities. Business will be able to easily enter and thrive in this region with Allegro’s extensive reach combined with Tradebyte’s seamless integration. Sellers will be able to connect with millions of active buyers without the usual challenges of logistics, listings, and language barriers.

The collaboration between Tradebyte and Allegro is going to create opportunities for many e-commerce businesses looking to expand in CEE. It provides a solid foundation for growth, with strong support and simplified operations. 

For businesses aiming to make an impact in this vibrant region, working with industry leaders like Allegro and Tradebyte will definitely be the key to success.


While many retailers struggle to break into new markets, the Tradebyte and Allegro collaboration offers a seamless solution. This partnership simplifies the entry process, making it easier than ever to reach millions of potential customers in Central Eastern Europe.

So… why wait? This integration will open amazing doors that were previously hard to access. Retailers will be able to easily tap into a growing market and connect with millions of buyers. Head to Allegro to learn more and sign up. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your business and increase your sales!