Why are Top e-commerce Stores Switching to THIS?

What if I told you there is a channel you haven’t taped it yet,  that it will be your highest performing yet. While everyone’s talking about the latest digital marketing trends, some are tapping into the simple yet powerful world of SMS marketing.

Don’t overlook SMS marketing as it is becoming one of the most profitable sales channels. SMS marketing is a direct and personal channel of communication between the retailer and his customers and subscribers. With an open rate of 98% (compared to 20% for emails), SMS is a powerful tool for reaching your target audience. At the same time, SMS messages allow you to stand out from the crowd (especially in times of jam-packed email inboxes where most messages go unnoticed) and will get you ahead of the competition.


– online stores have an average of
70% abandoned carts.

– marketing campaigns where retailers include SMS marketing have a 429% higher likelihood of conversion compared to those without SMS messages.

– 55% of customers said they prefer to receive retailer’s notifications via SMS than email.

– the unsubscribe rate from receiving SMS messages is only around 1% for our users.

– the SMS channel is the one that can reach the customer at exactly the right time with the right offer, which is key to successful marketing.

Why SMS might be your Ecommerce Game-Changer? 

Let’s dive deep into the power-packed world of SMS Marketing.

  • Superior Open Rates: While emails hover between a 28% to 33% open rate, guess where SMS stands? A whopping 99%! Plus, 97% of these messages are read within the first 15 minutes of delivery. Your message, quite literally, is in your customer’s pocket.

  • Feels Personal & Trusted: Remember the last time you ignored a text from a friend? Rare, right? SMS has that personal charm. When customers get a text from your brand, it’s akin to receiving one from a close buddy. This close-knit connection fosters trust, loyalty, and better engagement.

  • High Click-Through Rates: Email marketing has a CTR of about 6-7%. But SMS? Hold onto your hats – it’s around 36%. Why? Because the modern world is ‘always on’, and mobile engagement is skyrocketing. This means your offers, updates, and news reach customers immediately and are acted upon faster.

  • Less Is More: With SMS marketing, there’s no need to bombard your customers. It thrives on exclusivity. While emails might need frequent nudges, with SMS, 4-6 strategic campaigns a month can seal the deal.

Now, how can we help? We recommend to all European eCommerce stores FREE SMS marketing plugin Cartfox which was created as a result of several years of experience in digital marketing and online sales.

Cartfox is an optimized solution that will increase your sales and turn leaving visitors into customers.

You can send SMS text messages to visitors, subscribers, and customers of your store. There are various sending options available to you, such as: SMS notifications about abandoned carts, post-purchase SMS reminders, and SMS campaigns for your subscriber lists.

Why Cartfox?

CartFox is turnkey solution for automated sales boosting and recovering abandoned carts on autopilot! Here are some benefits:

– Pre-configured and translated cart recovery messages

– Pre-configured and translated post-purchase messages

– Easy SMS campaign creation, with recipient list selection and date scheduling

– Easy setup of discount %, free shipping or custom promotional codes

– Automatic setting of DND (silent) hours during which you do not want to send messages

– Custom SMS time delay (set the time delay for sending messages )

– Unlimited number of custom messages

– Unlimited number of sites added

– Legally required unsubscribe link (STOP SMS) in each message for easy unsubscribing of subscribers

– Branding option (personalized sender name and customized shortened URL) for increased effectiveness and recognition

– No subscription fee, pay as you go only for SMSes

– Customer support and assistance with integration and SMS setup

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