Zooplus Gears Up to Launch Its Own Marketplace This November

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Zooplus, the renowned German online pet supply store, is set to revolutionize its platform by launching its own marketplace this November. 

This strategic move aims to expand Zooplus’ product range, offering pet owners a wider selection of pet toys, food, and other supplies.

Expanding Product Range and Subscription Model

Zooplus has been a go-to destination for pet supplies, known for its extensive range of products that cater to various pet needs. Earlier this year, Zooplus made headlines by expanding its subscription model to eight markets. This service allows customers to automate repeat purchases, such as pet food, with customized shipping frequencies. 

CEO’s Vision for the Marketplace

Geoffroy Lefebvre, CEO of Zooplus, recently confirmed the news about the upcoming marketplace launch. While the exact availability across all markets remains unclear, Lefebvre emphasized that the primary goal is to enhance customer options. By introducing the marketplace, Zooplus aims to quickly broaden its product offerings, ensuring pet owners have access to an even greater variety of high-quality products.