Over 50% of Germany’s Online Sales Were Achieved Through Marketplaces

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In a significant ecommerce milestone, over 50% of Germany’s online sales last year were conducted through various marketplaces. The Online Monitor 2024, released by Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), highlights this trend, noting that smartphones were the device of choice for these transactions, representing 55% of online sales.

The report revises previous estimates by HDE, now stating that online revenue for 2023 reached 85 billion euros, a modest increase of 1% from 2022. A significant portion of this revenue—almost 47 billion euros—was generated through mobile commerce, emphasizing the growing reliance on smartphones for online shopping.

Marketplaces See a 10% Increase in Sales

What is more, according to the data, in 2023 marketplace sales notably surged by 10%, accounting for more than half of all online transactions in Germany, setting a new record for the sector. This growth underscores the critical role of online marketplaces in the German ecommerce ecosystem.

Future Outlook: Steady Growth Anticipated in German Ecommerce

What will happen next? Looking ahead, HDE predicts a 3.4% growth in sales for the current year, with the online share of total retail in Germany expected to increase to 13.1%. This projection reflects a continuing trend towards digital shopping and the integral role of ecommerce in the retail landscape. 

By focusing on the robust growth of marketplaces and the pivotal shift towards mobile commerce, Germany’s retail sector remains a vibrant component of the national economy, adapting to new consumer behaviors and technological advancements.